BlackBerry Desktop Software v7.0 B44 now available for PC's

BlackBerry Desktop Software
By Bla1ze on 14 Feb 2012 05:43 pm EST

We've known for a while now RIM was planning on getting BlackBerry Desktop Software v7.0 out the door for users with it having been already in the BlackBerry Beta Zone for a while. With the impending release of PlayBook OS 2.0, now is a good a time as any to get it onto PC's so with that in mind, RIM has made it available for download directly from their website. This version applies only to Windows users but a Mac update should be following shortly. If you're looking for more info on the changes, check out the RIM knowledge base articles for this release which are now public and available for viewing to all.

Download BlackBerry Desktop Software v7.0 B44

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BlackBerry Desktop Software v7.0 B44 now available for PC's


I downloaded via DM 6 and just uploaded the compressed file to MirrorCreator. Don't click on any of the "download" links at the top, those are garbage. Just scroll down to where it says "Fetching Download links" and when they load you should see links to all of the main file sharing sites:


I did a complete de-install of all RIM sw and then installed the new version. All's well. It apparently didn't like the installation over the older version.

im getting this message when i try to upgrade from DM: Blackberry Desktop Software requires that Microsoft Visual C ++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package is installed."

Could this have something to do with using a 64-bit OS? I use Windows 7 64-bit and I am also getting this same error. When I look at the install package I see that it has vcredist_x86.exe, but no x64 version packaged with the installer.

I went online and found the x64 version:

I re-ran the BB Desktop software and got the same result.

"Blackberry Desktop Software requires that Microsoft Visual C ++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package is installed."

Any other ideas?

Try looking for the 32-bit version of it (make sure it's Service Pack 1). These things are basically libraries of info. that programs need in specific to function properly.

Installing a 64-bit version doesn't do anything since the program requires what appears to be the 32-bit one specifically (the libraries do get that specific, which is why you may see multiple versions of these on your computer).

Most programs just install this alongside to prevent such issues, but I imagine since this was rolled out so quickly they might've forgotten to add it.

Hope that helps!

I uninstalled my older version after getting an unxpected error and reloaded it - it works fine now.

Rather than downgrade, if u are on a Windows machine see if you have a recent System Restore image, your files will be okay and it may remove everything new as far as the desktop manager is concerned.

Otherwise on the Blackberry site where you find DM, there is a link to get earlier versions.

Mine installed no probs on a Win7 x64 Pro; alas, still unable to back up most of my playbook.

Curve 8330 CDMA (eww, I know, u/g to Torch or BB10 soon (if and when!))
Winner of EA Mobile SE Playbook - rockin' it!

Just tried to find that link to older versions and got led back to multiple language versions of v7. Anyone else got the answer?

I'm getting this message during downloading ""Software requires that Microsoft Visual C ++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package is installed." and then the update fails and the window disappears. I've tried 3 time with 0 success..

Why is this so "Unbelievable!"?

Seriously, RIM can't even do this right? This is a rather trivial process, don't you think?

Come off it RIM, inpire a little bit of confidence. Please?

GIVE IT A BREAK. So what if the developer or one person in charge made a mistake. It happens. We aren't perfect, are we? Don't blame RIM for this one either. It's like winzip, or winrar, when packaging, sometimes it doesn't work. Maybe they missed a few lines of code?

GIVE IT A BREAK. So what if the developer or one person in charge made a mistake. It happens. We aren't perfect, are we? Don't blame RIM for this one either. It's like winzip, or winrar, when packaging, sometimes it doesn't work. Maybe they missed a few lines of code

I have a 50Down / 8Up internet connection and sometimes I could barely get to 8mbps on a download... It could be anything from (too many people accessing the same file, too many people downloading under my connection, I didn't pay my bill (lol)... Certain things we just need to deal with, it can't be perfect at all times... If you feel that RIM makes too many mistakes, walk away. Other platforms do exist!

This apologizing for RIM ineptitude is not helping RIM, they cannot afford any hitches. BB fans may enjoy working through the bugs with RIM, most of us are just trying to get through our workday.

"If you feel that RIM makes too many mistakes, walk away. Other platforms do exist!"

This is the problem, people and companies are walking away. If this ineptitude continues and we do walk away we will have long memories of the thousands of dollars we have invested in RIM. Hardware, training and de-bugging for RIM has cost us more than we care to think about right now. I'm not in the mood to listen to someone remind me that "Other platforms do exist!".

EDIT: Wasn't going to write this but this apologizing is getting carried away. We are the LAST company in our circle of associates that use RIM products exclusively. Everyone that we do business has started to migrate to other platforms, some slowly, some not so slowly.

I come to this site to try and learn how to use my RIM products to their fullest intended potential. RIM could probably do without you suggesting that more of their customers leave.

And your negative comments help the cause?

EDIT: if your company (which is the last one around your circle using BB) reads your comments, will they stay with RIM or go?

Had to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package and installed with no problems.

Good news. Just opened my desktop software ver 6.x.x and it prompted me to update. You can also click on the ? on top right and select check for updates. It downloaded and installed ver. without any issues.
The version looks exactly the same and no visible changes.

I too received the visual c++ requirement message. I downloaded and installed visiual c++ 2008 sp1 and installed new DM version. Now I get messages when trying to snyc with outlook2010 on XP stating;

COLTransbase::FillDefFolderInfo: Unable to get default folder for *

*= contact, tasks, memos, cal
whichever I try to sync up

Instaledl Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package successfully but still denied for the same reason. I can't get it installed I'm running win 7 ultimate. No LUCK..

Google: "Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package" and install software from Microsoft. Then go back and download DM

i downloaded and it installed fine. but now when i start DM it stops and windows closes the program. i guess i will uninstall it and try again. i will try and use windows to repair it before completely uninstalling it.

no go, so now to uninstall it completely and try again with a clean install.

I'm also getting the file not found error when trying to download from the website. But I launched DM and it picked up the update right away.

Try getting it from the blackberry website, or checking for updates within desktop manager. I'll update when I feel like it.

I am having the same issues as everyone else. I was successful in syncing and backing up my Torch 9850, but have the same old error message when try to backup my PlayBook. Anyone able to successfully backup their PB? I have done drag and drop of my important docs and media, but would like to have everything backed up so when 2.0 drops I don't have to waste time getting everything loaded. Ideas?

The engish only version is available to download
Its a smaller filesize with a 2011 date and installs v6.1 - wtf

my desktop also had the update available when I opened it. After download, I continue to get the same error listed above about MS Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistribution package.

I'll wait for RIM to find a way to get this update to run without all the additional work that doesn't seem necessary to the overall process.

i got it to install after installing the Visual C++ software but this download and installation are going to confound the average user. Again, it seems like poor execution on RIM's part

Downloaded the Visual C++ and installed it but of no avail. Cannot get the update to recognize it and proceed with its installation. I am not in the mood anymore to keep wasting my time with this. I will wait for a day or two until RIM puts order in his act. I'd rather keep any further comments to myself.

Updated and back up of my playbook app 1.5 G and 9900 went smooth. Working for me bundle 44. Using windows 7.

Can't they just hit the american consumer in the head with the playbook so that they realize its much harder then the ipad is. Start with hitting the pros on wall street and work there way through the bunch of them till they make there way back to canada where they're known and loved.

It downloaded fine (windows 7, 64bit) backed up ok but after syncing 9930 has frozen on "preparing sinc preview" now for almost an hour. First time after waiting 30 minutes I ended with task manager. Checked and no sync went through. Now waiting a couple of hours to see if it ever completes then will try to downgrade if it does not work. At least I have a couple of other computers with old DM to use. Did not complete and am unable to downgrade desktop manager. RIM does it again. Let's hear from you cheerleaders again.

Waited on mine for over 3 hours while watching "Preparing Sync Preview". Killed it and reconfigured to just sync task manager and notepad (my calendar is very large). It still just sits there "Preparing Sync Preview".

It also still won't backup my PlayBook which has NEVER had a successful backup since day one (and it's totally official, no sideloads, no rooting, nothing).

Am running Windows 7 Pro 64bit. This is not acceptable RIM. Test your programs before they are released.

I have the same problem here.. I dumped my phone in the DM and reconfigured everything.. nothing work.. Somebody found a way to solve this?

Wow, Wasn't this in beta??? doesn't work for me either...think i'm going to wait a few days after PB OS2 drops before i update it as well....GET IT TOGETHER RIM SHEESH!!!

Weird, I downloaded a PDF viewer for my PC earlier from another company and got a corrupt file too. I wonder if there's something going on with the zip or rar tool they're using.

no problem, indeed its better than the previous one, this is the first time that I am able to do back up for my playbook, I can't back up in previous version

still can't effin backup my playbook. what gives, damn it since day one i can't back it up.

besides that, i love it and my 9810 so don't think the above is a B$%#@# session towards the playbook and RIM, not at all. just would like to back up my playbook is all.

this new version allow me to back up my playbook, this is actually my first back up of my playbook, the previous version can't backup my playbook.

Very disappointing. Stuck on "preparing sync preview". Using Bold 9930. Uninstalled and downgraded to 6.02 to get sync capability back.

Well I removed the old version completely, reinstalled the last Beta, which then downloaded the new version. It all works except backup fails. This is with the last Beta 2.0 OS. Will wait till the new OS is released before trying again.

K tried it again and its working and backing up. It does install new device drivers for my playbook so maybe the old ones were still hanging around on my system for a bit. All is now fine and working well.

I have the "preparing to sync" message, and it hangs. Let's hope someone at RIM is taking notes and is working on getting a fix up for the morning.

Yep same here freezing at sync preview, had to do a system restore which restored all old DM but didn't have the sync software so I did a repair with a saved download of 6.1 then needed to reset up my sync settings for my organiser.
Not to worry I'll give it a couple of days then try again. At least it didn't reck my 9810

Hi there,

As stated by someone in the post,the best to do is go on BBerry download software site page and download the desktop software from there because it includes its own VC runtime SP1 in the .exe file.
I ran into all the VC++ errors reported above and finally go through that process and it worked.
After that i made a sync with the wired and also a wifi media sync! and all went perfectly.

I'm now going to try a backup and will let you know.


So this may have been asked but once this update works, is it conceivable to speculate that this could mean DM update> Bridge Update> 2.0? As in we could see this by the 17th? Just wondering...

will this fix the problem with me not being able to mount my volume? i can't access it as a mass storage device. I even tried to add media through desktop manager and that didn't help either.

anyone have any ideas?

p.s. whenever i reinstall desktop manager ( then the playbook drivers reinstall when i plug it in) the windows setup wizard fails to install "blackberry smartphone" and the reason being it was "unplugged" even though it has?

Solved - Preparing sync preview issue

Seems to be an issue with converting data previously passed through intelli sync using whatever RIM has now.

Solution: Do a one way sync first.

1. Back up your device data.
2. Delete your device data
3. Perform a one way sync from Outlook to device
4. Turn on two way sync

I went to backup my BB phone with Blackberry Desktop and it said there was an upgrade available. So I up graded (I think it was V 7.0.043) It backed up my phone like a charm! However I still can not do a full backup on my Playbook! I can do a custom backup as long as I uncheck the appdata! I was sure hoping they would get this fixed in an upgrade. I only hope that when Playbook OS v.2 comes out his is fixed.

Downloaded without issues and within seconds. Looks like things are good to go.
Also, is this the release that will lead to PB OS2.0 upgrade ? Looks like 2.0 coming out soon !!!

I'm on WinXP Pro 32 bit. Started DM and let it upgrade. Absolutely no prob. Synced to Torch 9800 no prob. Tried PB backup (OS 1.0.8) for the first time in anticipation of OS 2 and fail. Deleted PC Recipe box and rebooted PB. Still no go. So... no prob with DM for me, but maybe a PB re-install?

you guys are doesn't know how to download a file or what? -_- i just downloaded and installed! everything works perfect

What gripes me is the time I am constantly having to put into these devices. Hassles like this scare away the average consumer.l

Downloaded and installed with ZERO problems. No problems backing up or syncing my PB64 or my 9930. Perfect. Better than previous releases. Can't see what anyone else is grousing about, wonder if it could be a rooting or beta issue. I am running OS 1.0.8 on the PB and 7.1 on the 9930

This update did not work for me at all. Never had a problem before. It's telling me that I don't have a mail profile set up and then it crashes. Very frustrating.

Dear RIM, please stop us from downloading this upgrade until there is some resolution to the issues. This does not need to turn into a pr problem before it becomes one. Many thanks

Won't install for me - PC Windows 7 / 64 bit. I now have no versions at all on the computer. Anyone able to point me towards a download for Desktop Manager 6 so I can at least have something working until the RIM fix?

Installing the C++ package allowed me to do the update. Previously I haven't been able to backup my PB, but at least now it lets me backup my settings. Still no luck backing up the app data though... annoying and while I'm trying to be realistic about what is coming with 2.0 - this does not bode well. Come on RIM...

Update worked flawlessly from (Bundle 34) to this new one (Bundle 44) simply by clicking the question mark on the upper left hand side of Desktop Manager and scrolling down to "CHECK FOR UPDATES".

It found it, downloaded, asked me to close desktop manager and it installed version 7. Done! No Issue!

The frickin problem is....da da da dum....when I was finally looking so forward to backing up my playbook, (since it could never be backed up anymore on my PC and there's no way in hell I'm gonna do a complete wipe and redo all my games and apps just so that I can backup) the dreaded "THERE WAS AND ERROR BACKING UP. THERE COULD HAVE BEEN A PROBLEM WITH THE DEVICE OR CONNECTION DURING THE BACKUP. VERIFY THAT THE DEVICE IS TURNED ON AND CONNECTED" has again stopped me from backing up on my PC - Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.

I immediately disconnect and connect to my macbook pro-OSX Lion (BB Desktop Manager version 2.2.1 - Build 7) and what do you know???? It frickin' backs up on my MacBook Pro 13.3" laptop still using the current version for OSX.

Thanks goodness, I am fortunate enough to have my Mac laptop so that I have some reassurance that I have a backup.

What gives on Windows? C'mon RIM...I've been backing up since you first released the playbook back last spring (bought 64GB when launched for $699 plus taxes) up until the last two revisions previous to Version 7, I couldn't back up anymore so I just gave up. Yes, I did the complete OS wipe and rebuilt and it backed up but for 2 times only. After that...the dreaded "THERE WAS AS ERROR" dialogue box showed up so I said screw it. I just bought my MacBook Pro earlier this month and immediately downloaded and installed BB Desktop Manager. I have yet to encounter the "ERROR" crap that has been plaguing my ability to back up on my Win 7 machine.

Here's what finally worked for me:

I got the pop-up update notice when I opened the desktop software this evening. I tried to download and install it from the old Desktop software but got the Visual C++ 2008 SP1 notice that so many others received. .So I downloaded that file from Microsoft and installed it but the BB Desktop update didn't recognize it and I got the "You need Visual C++" notice again.

I decided to go to the Blackberry website and try to download the Desktop update from there. Found it and installed it.
The file I got from the Blackberry site included its own version of the Visual C++ 2008 file and I was able to install that at that time along with the Desktop file.

So far, this is working fine. Those who are getting that Visual C++ 2008 notice might want to try downloading from the Blackberry website. This is the page I used:

Good luck.

Interesting update. I did it via DM 6 notifyning me there was an update. Everything appeared to work perfectly. And I closed DM Then I reopened DM installed OS on my 9810. Went through the entire process till I got the box saying to disconnect the phone. Did that and closed DM. While I was waiting, I went to watch some TV. Twenty minutes later, I came back during a commercial and found that DM still hadn't closed. I had to use the Windows Task Manager to close it. We'll see if that's a one time glitch or a real issue.

Finally got it loaded on windows 7 ultimate I noticed 2 interesting things
1. The backup is half the size and is called BBB file as opposesed to IPD File on 6
2. It won't complete the sync which for me is just contacts to outlook, hangs up
on preview and won't finish


After uninstalling old version desktop and reinstalling new version fine, it won't sync.

Hanging on syncing my BB9650 with Outlook. Says "preparing Sync Preview" and just sits there.

Looks like we're back to the original version.

PS I got an older version from my Downloads folder.

I should know by now, after not updating to OS6 and glad I didn't, that I shouldn't have updated to the new desktop, especially at work. Talk about wasting time. Really, this does get aggravating and I'm a BB lover. I don't want a fix; I want it to work.

I had the same "Visual C++" issue. I d/l it myself and still did not work. I then downloaded direct from RIM and it pulled its own copy of Visual C. All is well now, and I had no issue syncing. It came up with a window that said DM no longer uses Intellisync and all contacts have been upgraded or whatever to the new format. It then insists that you recheck your sync settings, perform a sync and your good to go!

looks like I'm not the only one! i have a whole other problem! Installation does not Validate on Win 7 32-bit! this after it installed just fine on my office winxp laptop! EPIC!

esta vecion es un desastre no deja que se instale en mi pc me dice q tengo que isntalar paquete redistribuible de microsoft visual c++2008 spi pero ya lo isntale q puedo hacer ayuda

If you're having difficulty syncing your contacts after installing the new desktop version 7.0 BB44, with it freezing at the "Preparing sync preview" stage, reset your configuration to one way sync to device and delete all contacts/calendar off your handset. Perform a sync. Then reset the desktop configuration back to two way sync and everything should work fine.

One-way first worked for me on my 9800 after a couple of failures last night just like everyone else.
I don't think you have to delete device data first, just check the option to replace it.
I wonder if the backup file size shrinkage is due to the option to backup the media card or not??

Also - for the first time ever I successfully completed a PB backup!!

No. That is not a fix, it's a work-around. One that can loose contacts and/or calendar entries for people. This should have been thoroughly tested in beta before being released. Now that it has been released RIM needs to get off of their @ss and fix it with an updated release, that quite frankly should have been ready by Wed morning at the latest.

I'm well aware of how to backup and restore data, rebuild my phone after error 507s and what have you. The reason is because I have had to do these things. I'm actually quite good at it and when I feel like spending a couple of hours to load up OS 7.1 unofficial on my phone I do it. If that screws up, I have no-one to blame but myself. This was an official BlackBerry update. It's their turn to stay up until 4am putting everything back together to have working phones by morning.

No problems whatsoever for me...
Download and install (on Win7/64) were very smooth. Update/install of microsoft visual c++2008 redistributable was done from the DM installation.
I'm not using DM sync, because I'm on BES with OTA 2way sync enabled.
When I connected my 9700 it ran a backup and then told me that I needed to upgrade Wi-Fi Music Sync software on my device. Which it then did for me successfully.

So I'm a happy DM7 user.
Would be nice if more people posted their positive experiences also.

111mb compared to like 250 a few releases ago. nicely done rim. i always say, the smaller the better, tighter, and faster. not just girls but apps too, lol. ;)

Hi there,

As stated by someone in the post,the best to do is go on BBerry download software site page and download the desktop software from there because it includes its own VC runtime SP1 in the .exe file.
I ran into all the VC++ errors reported above and finally go through that process and it worked.
After that i made a sync with the wired and also a wifi media sync! and all went perfectly.

I'm now going to try a backup and will let you know.But i already had my folders listed for backup,let see.


Win 7/64 bit installed ok. It didn't at first but once I did a battery pull...oops, I mean restarted Windows, it installed without incident.

-Updated via DM
-tried to sync (i always do one way from PC to BB) got the frozen "sync preview" screen
-uninstalled DM7 went to BB site and downloaded from there
-now whenever I try to sync (via bluetooth or usb) my BB reboots and DM says it can't communicate with BB

Hasn't anyone else noted the changes in the bakup at least with mine
The backup is half the size and the file is called BBB file as opposesed to IPD File on DM 6

My new backup combined the previous .ipd and .cab files into one .bbb file which was about the same size as the backup I did prior to the update.

Frozen on the canceling portion of the sync, anyone know if I disconnect will it Brick my 9900? Finally unfroze no Brick.

I tried to upgrade through the prompt when I opened up the desktop manager on my pc. The upgrade went fine, no error messages. I connected my 9650 and it wanted to set up my sync preferences. I did this and it stared to read the phone, no issues, but then it got stuck in preparing the update list. It wouldn't cancel, so after a while I pulled the sync cable. Nothing happened to my BB, it was just the same as before. I tried closing and opening the software and the pc, too. Nothing helped, still got stuck in the same spot. I tried re installing from BB's page and doing a repair and then a complete reinstall, no change. Finally I gave up and downloaded an older version and that synced with no issues. Hope they figure this out soon.

Maybe people are having issues with their PC. Why so quick to blame RIM without first investigating potential issues on your own computer first? For one check you Windows event logs for any clues as to why this may be an issue. If the upgrade failed, remove it and grab a fresh full copy from RIM's site, don't download from some of these other public download sites, you have now idea if they have been tampered with. That's just asking for trouble. Several people have also reported successful installs. I also had a successful install. On my Windows 7 x64 Home Premium, I loaded DM 6, was notified of an upgrade, downloaded in several minutes, I restarted DM, connected my 2.0 beta PB performed a backup, then performed a sync, then used the files option to transfer other data to my PB, performed a second full backup and all operations occured without a hitch.

This is not a brag, but instead an indication that with the myriad of different PC hardware and software configurations out there, they cannot all be anticipated unless each one participated in the beta and reported their issues *before* is released.

Man.. wasted.
hardware? most of us are experiencing endless sync. lucky you then.

by the way, I did download fresh full copy also from RIM's site, not just from official update notification when I opened my old DM. but still no luck

Really...I don't think so I have 3 computers involved
Window 7 Ultimate 64 bit
Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit
Windows xp pro
All troubled with sync or something.

I have install latest Blackberry Desktop and then try do 32gb Playbook about 23 worth of data information backup to storage external drive. And there is error saying there is no such connection, please connection and try again. I have try (Forgot Device) and disconnect cable and wait few second and then connect usb cable and they find new device so I name new device under playbook32 and backup do not working function when data is 23 gb.

I think, it is time to call Rim on this problem. On other hand I have 16gb Playbook and isbrand new not much data only 97mb and then try backup data, behold they accept all data backup to any storage even USB stick (testing only).

Succesfull install here. Initially received the C++ message, but after the download of this file, DM updated flawlessly.

I am on BES so cannot report on syncing...

Installed last eve on 2 laptops, one Vista, one XP....both where working before and now not!

I've been a canadian crackhead for years but with all the short comings over the last year, Samsung and Android is looking more attractive.

I noticed in the release notes that it says the sync software no longer uses Intellisync.
"The BlackBerry Desktop Software uses new software to synchronize organizer data (calendars, contacts, tasks, and memos) between your BlackBerry smartphone and your computer. The organizer data configuration screens in the BlackBerry Desktop Software have been refreshed to improve the setup experience. "

Is it working better on the sync, especially with Outlook calendar.

What I have been very annoyed with has been the sync software wanting to delete stuff (recurring ones such as birthday reminders) from my Outlook. My settings are to only sync 30 days back and 90 days forward. My Outlook to be the "master" calendar and I don't want the sync to be arbitrarily deleting entries from my Outlook. Does anyone whether this new release allows me to have more control or not in that respect? I'm getting around this right now by doing 1-way sync from Outlook to device then a 2-way. (A 1-way from device to Outlook recently is giving me a 0x80040ff8 error that I haven't have time to investigate).

I just upgraded to the new version of desktop software, and I also reconfigured the folders because this version does not use intellisync. However, when i tell it to sync, it appears to be going through the motions, but has been Stuck (though the green bar is "moving" across the screen) on the Preparing Sync Preview section for quite some time like at least a half hour. How long should this take and what can i do to make sure it is working?

installed the program without problem. but there is no way i could sync my organisers stuff ie calendar contacts etc

So what I'm seeing to-date is NOT to install the Desktop OS7 till the program is fixed. I trust that this happens soon.

On a side note.... has anyone checked what kind of phone the programmer(s) is using? iSomething or another? Just asking.....

For those with freezing sync:
1. backup your phone data thru the desktop manager (custom backup, address book only)
2. set one-way sync (to device only, replace device data set to on)
3. do the sync
4. restore contacts from the backup
5. switch two-way sync in the desktop manager
6. do the sync

Rest of sync items should work in a similar way...

No. This is a software glitch. RIM needs to put out an update patch immediately to address the issue. The onus is not on the users to have to do a jig on one foot, while tapping their head, in order to make their software function like it is supposed to be.

The second thing that RIM needs to do is to update their own website. Remove the offending version of Desktop Manager to prevent disrupting more users. Update their site so that the link at the bottom of the page:

that specifically states "Download earlier versions of BlackBerry Desktop Software for PC" actually points to earlier versions, thus allowing those already screwed up by this mess to download and install a previous, working version if they so choose. Of course if RIM fixes the problem now, users won't have to do that but they should still have the option to do so.

yes, i agree, i am a sw developer myself ;) but someone maybe needs to sync the data.looks like the data compatibility between device and the new version of DM. backing up the data thru DM allows DM to work with it in "the proper way" is my guess...

Totally agree. Getting to be rediculous having to always find a workaround for RIM's shortcomings. Also getting tired of proofing files on 9930, Playbook and Outlook on 3 computers just to make sure the sinc or backup process did not screw something up.

Mr. tekware
About your first comment right on,right on,righton,right on,right on,right on,
As far as your second thing right on,right on, right on,right on,
Take the frigin program off the site. This whole RIM experience is nausiating and I'm tired of it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup, that's exactly what I came across. I have been patient with RIM through the years but this regression bug broke the proverbial camel's back. Instead of improving they are now screwing up things that worked for years. I really wonder whether the people that got layed off at RIM were the "non-team players" and whistle blowers with high salaries that knew what they were doing, leaving a bunch of inexperienced and timid code grinders that will put out any kind of crap to avoid confrontation. One only has to take a look at the lengthy "known issues" section in the release notes to realize that this "product" should have never been released from beta.

I have been a staunch supporter of RIM through the years but they keep raising the bar on incompetence higher every time they touch something for the last year. Enough is enough.

Question: Has RIM actually acknowledged this problem yet? Can we get some CrackBerry people on their backs? I get the forum but that's just users helping each other and that's been the problem all along.

updated to 7 from the 6 check for update button and no problems. Backed up two phones and my playbook with no problems. windows 7 64 bit

Updated to the new desktop on a Windows 7 PC, but every attempt at synching freezes and I have to abort via Task Manager. The synch settings in the new desktop look okay. They were preserved from the previous version. Tried just synching contacts. Nothing but freezes. I'm rolling back to previous desktop version if I can and switching to Droid when my Verizon 9930 contract expires in the distant future.

Installation via update went smothly BUT Organiser would not Sync ~ Had to revert back to V6. Wondering if its because I am running 64Bit Office 2010?

Downloaded desktop manager 7...froze while "preparing sync preview"...deleted software...downloaded again...sync'd tasks, memos and contacts (one at a time and in that order - one-way from computer)...each worked fine...changed sync to two-way...each worked fine (again)...added calendar to mix - froze while "preparing sync preview" (this time I was patient and waited over THREE HOURS)...FYI, AT&T Torch and Microsoft Outlook.

Installed this and it has been a headache! It just acts like it's going to sync then gets to the end and just stays on "Preparing sync preview"

I should have just stayed with the old version until the kinks get worked out.

Same problem with syncing. After uninstall and reinstall from web it took over half an hour to sync compared go a few minutes previously. At least I think it finally synced. And it may have been over half an hour. I had to walk away before I threw something through the window. Will drop back to previous version if this keeps up.

Unfortunately this is poor quality stuff from RIM. Seamless installations were invented in the stone ages of Computing and RIM is still having trouble with it? The stupid C++ redistributable error shows that proper Quality testing was not done on this release.

Same here in Italy ... frozen ! I had to go back to version 6.1 ... this is really annoing by RIM ... I lost three hours to find an old version and to restore everything and ... still no advise on CRACKBERRY about this ... shit !

Please tell me where you found I've spent
6 hours to no avail. Many of us would love to know that sight.

...amazingly you can still download this version from the blackberry website! I would imagine DM gets tested and retested before being released. How does this happen? Irresponsible.

Hey there,

I am also having a repeated problem with the latest update of BB Desktop software 7.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled it, there is no previous version on my PC and still it hangs everytime I sync with my Torch at the point of "preparing sync preview".

AND ~ I cannot find the previous version of desktop manager on the bb site to downgrade.

So I am very frustrated. The information that has been synced to my Torch is incomplete and therefore useless.

is anyone else having this same issue? What do you recommend?

Finally gave up and did system restore to before update dropping back to V6 due to syncing problem. Tried the one-way sync approach first although did not delete all contacts and calendar. One way went fine, but two way then again hung endlessly while syncing contacts.

Hopefully someone will let us know when this is fixed and we can again try V7.

BTW using 9930 phone. V7 didn't solve my inability to back up my Playbook either.

I am disappointed that Crackberry has not weighed in on this issue or have used their contacts at RIM to let them know of these problems.


I reverted back to V6 and out of curiosity, I clicked "Check for updates" and where it used to recommend update to V7, it now says "No Updates Available" Your version .... is the latest version.

I've spent hours upon hours dealing with this DM 7.0 update. I did not have any issues installing the update. However, while syncing I received the dreaded "Preparing Sync Preview" hangup more than once, which l allowed to go for well over an hour each time. I also rebooted my phone and my laptop (Windows 7 64 bit) numerous times. I then uninstalled 7.0 and reinstalled a previous DM version. My husband is a computer programmer, so I understand that newly released software often needs a work-around or more, so I'm not easily annoyed with an extra step or so. So, after reading a suggestion to delete my organization data from my phone and then perform a one way sync from my computer (Outlook) to my device, I reinstalled DM 7.0. All seemed well. I did not receive the "Preparing Sync Preview" hangup. I was elated! But to my absolute dismay after spending so much time on this horrible DM upgrade, all of my all-day calendar entries expanded by a day. Also, an additional entry was added for all of the recurring entries that I had modified for a particular occurrence (for example, modifying a recurring bill entry for the month of February as "Paid'). I am a BB lover. However, I am more and more inclined to move on to an Android (I would not be caught dead with an Iphone) due to less and less apps being developed for BB, but especially since I'm sick and tired of spending hours upon hours fixing problems after either a DM update or an OS update.

Torch 9800
OS 6.X

RIM really ticked me off with this update -- yes: broke down and created a CB account so I could vent!

-I understand they probably severed their relationship with Intellisync and have their hands tied. BUT: they shot themselves in the foot here (lots of bulletholes already).

I upgraded to DM 7.0 B44 from within DM 6.1 B38. Got the dreaded please wait issue described above.
-Cleared my data, tried a sync again. No please wait, but, now I just got the C++ crash.
-Uninstalled DM, pulled DM 7.0 B44 from RIM's website
-Reinstalled. Same issue (lots of time wasted here)

So, I'm working now, having had to uninstall again, re-install DM 6.1 from my local copy and restore my device.

The kicker! RIM pulled ALL other copies of DM from the website. ONLY 7.0 exists there. If I didn't happen to have a 6.x copy in-hand, I'd be completely unable to sync PIM data.

This is why my BB is my 2nd device & I don't depend on it for anything but business messaging when travelling (business device). Makes me wonder if they will grow-up in-time for BB10 or if this type of thing will keep happening. --> I get that they probably had to pull older DMs from their site, but, the fact that they didn't appear to do much DM PIM sync testing (based on the number of people having issues) is pretty weak.

Thanks to all of you at CB -- you helped me restore this tired old BB-Tour back to health.

If I may add my $.02 to this conversation on this otherwise joyous day. I really thought that I had resolved my issues with DM version 7, but I ran into the same situation that many people have already mentioned.

To make a long story short, I decided to just let things run for as long as they took (within reason). After what seemed like about ten minutes an error popped up telling me there were conflicts. Once I resolved the three conflicts the process was quickly completed.

Just for fun I decided to update a couple records on my desktop and then attempt another sync .

Surprising the process was completed in about 90 seconds without any errors.

I'm wondering if the initial sync is just really slow.

Anyway that is my story.

Good luck.

BTW I'm running Win 7 Pro 64, Office 2010, Torch 9800 & a PB 32gb

I have reloaded everything, replaced cables, updated everything and NOTHING. this is hard to believe that I am getting mad enough to consider another platform. someone tell us how to fix this error. anyone? oh yah, they have all been laid off.