BlackBerry Desktop Software v6.0.1.18 for Windows now available

By Bla1ze on 16 Dec 2010 12:55 am EST
BlackBerry Desktop Software v6.0.1.18 now available for Windows

Alright, we'll admit it. We did kind of miss this one previously. But that's only because we were busy playing with the new Desktop Software v2.0.0.64 for Mac. Luckily though, we have some community members who kindly let us know that the Windows version of BlackBerry Desktop Software also got a nice version bump up to v6.0.1.18. The only problem with this release is the fact that we do not have a change log to go with it. But hopefully some of you all out there can let us know what, if anything has changed in the comments. You can run the update manager for the desktop software or download it manually from the BlackBerry website. Thanks to Dave and Bandar for sending this in!

Download BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Windows

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BlackBerry Desktop Software v6.0.1.18 for Windows now available


While I was at work today (bell store) I saw the update but ignored it cause I could get in trouble for touching their software.

Blackberry. Leading the field in innovation 10 years ago, and now revolutionizing the Desktop/mobile communication field with


You're loosing me blackberry, its getting hard to defend you :(

I've not had any problems with this release.

lmayam, why defend BlackBerry. Just show your iPhone loving friends WIFI Music Sync (I have a Torch) or show them how you can sync your contacts, calendar, tasks, and notes via BlueTooth. iPhone can't do that.

Damn Straight!!!! I switched to droid twice and still went back to my berry!!!!! I love it.
I watch movies on my phone, listen to music (on my 32 gig card).... so suck it, iPhone!

I just don't get why people who dislike blackberry have to be disappointed, but berry users who have little, or no use for Android, Windows, or an iPhone don't feel the need to trash em. If you want to leave Imayam, then do it. You don't have to tell us...

because chances are that when your with your friend you'll be doing a battery pull ;-)

jk haha i love bb... couldnt resist =]

Synchronization – Improvements have been made for synchronizing your organizer data.
Microsoft® support – The 64-bit versions of Microsoft® Outlook® 2010 and Microsoft® Exchange 2010 are supported.
Pictures – You can select individual pictures to synchronize to your device.
Videos – You can synchronize videos to your device without converting the video file.
Wi-Fi® music sync – You can stream your music while you download it to your device and you can download music over an SSL connection.
Silent installation – As an administrator, you can silently install the BlackBerry Desktop Software on to users’ computers.

I get a Unknown error when trying to sync my calendar and contacts..... That's a pain!
Anyone else got this?

It did the same to me.
You have to uninstall desktop software from control panel, then re-install again the new one.
To me it worked perfectly!

Installed the update when it offered it to me this morning and, aside from what seemed to be a marginally faster Organizer (via Yahoo) sync and after a restart, corrected 'Last Backup' info (it had been stuck with a date in September since, well, September) I'm not feeling the love.

Past Media syncs have been problematic (multiple copies of files on my device), so not keen to go there, but maybe if I have some time to waste, I'll give it a try.

The only thing I've noticed thus far is that when I have my auto backup for my BB data set to daily, it actually seems to only be doing it once per day, as opposed to once each time it is connected.

Here Here TechBoy1980,

I tried the iPhone for 2 weeks and then the Torch came out. I sped down to AT&T made the switch and couldn't be happier. Glad to see someone finally speak out, because frankly I don't understand all the articles recently about how RIM is losing it, not keeping up, being passed by, etc. I couldn't be happier with my Torch.

This is probably old news, but does anyone know why RIM got rid of the Blackberry Desktop Redirector? This was a nice feature in v5, as some companies would not allow you to hook on to their enterprise server

Frustrating, none of the DM6 releases will work on my and this one won't either. Anyone else still getting the "appcrash" error? I don't know why it won't work, I have tried everyrhing

Did you uninstall you old version ? :) if yes then do a Cclean to you PC ;) it will work you have some bad registry in your PC left over from an Uninstall Try Cclean reg.

I've not been able to upgrade DM for quite a while. I keep getting a message that Windows Service Pack 1 needs to be installed. I have it installed. I am still using Windows XP. Maybe it's not compatible with XP. Helpful ideas are welcome and appreciated.

Wow, XP is okay, but you don't even have the first service pack? You are just asking for trouble. Windows update! ASAP!

Downloaded it but it doesn't work with my 9650, it just locks up mid way through a back-up and I have to go to task manager to shut it down. Now I can't back up by data. Not good.

I thought that maybe with this upgrade that they would FINALLY fix the Music Media Sync problem that I (and apparently alot of other people) have had since the upgrade to 6: "Music services failed to load An unexpected error occurred." error messages and I can no longer sync music with Windows Media Player - haven't been able to for months now.

In addition, the problem I have had ever since the original upgrade to OS 5.x is still ocurring: The software continues to think I need to upgrade to a higher version of OS 5 even though the most current is already installed. I can go ahead and let the software do it (again) and then recheck immediately after the "upgrade" and it indicates that the software is out of date. Irritating. I see nothing there that has improved.