BlackBerry Desktop Software v2.0.0.64 for Mac now available

By Adam Zeis on 15 Dec 2010 01:31 pm EST

BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac

It's been a while since we've seen an update for BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac, and while it's been in the Beta Zone for a few weeks, RIM has made it officially available today. The updates include support for OS 6 devices, ability to switch devices, media sync and Wifi music sync. While it still misses a few of the features of it's PC counterpart, Mac users should be happy with the upgrades. Grab it from the link below.

Download BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac

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BlackBerry Desktop Software v2.0.0.64 for Mac now available


I don't know, but 2 things that come to mind is that perhaps Apple would rather prefer iPhone/iTunes software running on their OS's. And 2nd, PC's are more prominent internationally, so it is more sense to support that platform. That is my 2cents.

I strongly disagree. iTunes, iPod, and iPhone on my PCs work the same way they do on my Macs. It's been like this since 2006 when I first got an iPod.

Apple doesn't care if you're on Windows. Having an iPod, iPhone, iPad, iTunes, and/or Safari on a Windows machine is a gateway to Macs/Mac OS.

So what is your point here. You're talking about Apple and Microsoft. No where in your reply does it mention RIM and Apple,or furthermore, about Desktop Manager.

Also, why wouldn't Apple put "their" product on a PC? It would be in "their" best interest to do so. But again, you are talking about Apple products on PC and not Blackberry (RIM) on a Mac.

that sucks -_-' I hate having to restart my mac just because the desktop manager doesn't detect my blackberry! it's just nonsense... I rarely even use the desktop manager now because of this..

Wifi Music Sync? Great, another feature that won't work correctly between my Blackberry and my Mac.

How about adding Office 2011 Support?
No, even better; how about just fixing and correcting the whole sync function within the Mac Desktop Manager?

After being a Mac + BlackBerry user since 2007, I thought they would've fixed all these sync-related issues by now.

Office 2011 support has to be added by Microsoft not RIM. Right now Microsoft only support Contact sync. Yell at them not RIM.

I would recommend to all of you mac user to shut up. You decided to use that trendy "alternative OS". You knew from day one that support was not perfect. I do use Ubuntu and BB sync is inexistant and I don't cry over it everyday. You can't have the butter, the money of the butter, and the farmer's wife.

I would recommend to all ubuntu users to shut up... Its funny how all ubuntu users have that "feeling of the underground" becaus they think when they are using linux, they are masters at all operating systems... I am a unix guy and I am using mac as well but I know this thread is about OSX DM so I don't understand why are you even replying and posting such nonsence post...

I would recommend to all ubuntu users to shut up... Its funny how all ubuntu users have that "feeling of the underground" becaus they think when they are using linux, they are masters at all operating systems... I am a unix guy and I am using mac as well but I know this thread is about OSX DM so I don't understand why are you even replying and posting such nonsence post...

RIM need to support Mac users. To say Mac users should use a PC or that Linux isn't supported either is just rubbish. Sorry folks Macs *are* mainstream computers for business and personal use, not some trendy choice for Apple zombies. If anything pushes me to the iPhone it's RIMs poor Mac support, not their handsets.

I do think that Rim should support Linux and Mac. don't get me wrong. My point is that mac user knew from day one that support was not 100% what it is on pc. You still made the choice of having a mac (and/or blackberry). One should assume its choices.

U sure sound like a sour pc user / mac hater lol. Using a mac should not confine u to restricted functionality on a bb device that serves millions of users around the world. To ignore even a small % of the overall bb user count, who potentially use a mac computer, could amount to ignoring tens of thousands of bb users.

It makes no business sense. Its a matter of them just carrying out r&d to sort this out.

Glad some progress has been made at least for now!p.s. 20% of all computers sold in the past 1 year was a mac.

ONLY to the latest Official carrier approved Firmware.
Applications can STILL be installed. If you're internet connected your Mac will find the update shortly after connection.

You always could before. I'm not sure why you had difficulty.

It doesn't offer any direct download in the form of a .dmg but you can download directly through the website.

We whine because two of our favorite devices -- Mac and BB -- don't play nice together. And apparently never really will.

I don't care much about syncing media, but could RIM just get the two to sync without contact/calendar/task/notes duplication or deletion? How about just an error-free calendar sync, eh, RIM?

Fix your data then. Get rid of your shitty Entourage and uninstall any third party sync and try again. Problem solved.

I'm a new iMac user and an "old" BB user. Just replaced my PC with an iMac, running Parallels with Windows7 as well as Microsoft Office for Mac 2011. Figured that I'd be able to sync my BB 9650 without problems with this setup---wrong!

I came up with a work-around, but I'm disappointed that a "work-around" was necessary. I installed Outlook 2003 (fortunately, I had kept an old Office 2003 disk) directly to the Windows7 partition and use that as my default e-mail account, calendar, and contacts/address book. I downloaded the PC-version of BB Desktop Manager. I used both in the Parallels coherence mode and I'm syncing my BB just like I was on my PC.

Maybe my fault for not doing enough research before buying the iMac---my first Apple product---but I'm very happy with the iMac overall. When and if the iPhone comes to Verizon I will seriously consider it as my next smartphone because I'm disappointed in RIM's lack of support for Mac users. My smartphone needs can be met by the iPhone; I'm finding that BB is meeting fewer of them as time marches on and my needs evolve. I've been a BB user for many years so I'll be sad to go, but I think it's time.

I'm also a Blackberry + Mac user and I only have one complaint. In the past Mac Desktop builds, I wasn't able to update the OS on my device. It would run partway through the update process and then crash my phone (sometimes it would brick it). My work around is my dual boot Macbook. I tried running the Windows desktop manager through VMFusion 3 but DM6 won't work right in a virtual system.

Instead of syncing (which worked fine with iCal and contacts) I now use GoogleSync to keep my phone and desktop computer wirelessly synced. So the only thing I use DM for is backing up the device. It works fine for that but I really wish I would actually update the OS with it. I'm eagerly waiting for OS 6 and feel that I shouldn't have to run Windows in order to do everything I need to do with my Blackberry.

However, I won't change phones just because of this. The Blackberry platform is still the most secure solution available. Androids and iPhones are great toys but I can't trust my data on those devices. Hopefully RIM will catch up with the user experience without sacrificing security.

You're LYING!

Desktop Manager for Mac was ALWAYS able to update to the current & latest Firmware for your BB approved by your carrier. The Library cache's the previous firmware and ALWAYS gave you a choice. I know because I've done this many times and its EVEN saved a 9700 on BB5 when WinXP/7 using BBDM6 or JL_CMDR 1.93 could not restore to factory with JVM 507 would NOT work! YES no other firmwares where installed on either PC, no I didn't forget to delete vendor.xml either.

Many Mac users complain - because their TOO DAMN LAZY to find a solution. I find this with long-time Mac users not us recent switchers.

WiFi Sync = WORKS in Build even with 9780; This is a 2nd BETA and I've used it for 3mths now.
Upload/Download entire Pictures/Videos form BB to your \User\Documents\BlackBerry folder or if selected to iPhoto or iTunes.
Playlists are superb!
^ I need to check if adding new tracks saved on Device/MicroSD will be allowed to add to existing playlist (if track is not sourced in that desktop iTunes playlists).

ISSUES with Office 2011 not synch'ing is NOT RIM's FAULT!! Get it in your head people its Microsoft's and RIM will need to find a coder at Micosoft to work with to resolve this. Contacts works if instructions are convoluted.

How were you able to get WiFi Sync to work?

I've managed to get WiFi sync to work with the Missing Sync software, but with the official desktop manager?

In the meantime, google is my friend ;-D

Not all Mac users are iphone fans.
I love my MacBooks. Been using one for 6 years now. Just got a new MacBook Air. Pure gold!
I just wish RIM would develop a better Destktop manager. I have to say though, this one is a definite improvement.

anyone get something called 'visuell talepost' downloaded into their torch with the DM for Mac? Any idea what 'visuell talepost' is?

having a lil trouble with this .. my icon on my doc has a ? over it... and it wont open im running mac os x 10.6.5 snow leopard

It's funny how many "seasoned" PC lovers are so anti-Mac. They clearly don't see that Macs have moved into every single market - business, home use, and education, and are now the preferred computer for ease of use, security, and overall "sleekness." Three universities in my area alone are no longer purchasing PCs because of virus threats, constant required updates, etc. They've made the "ballsy" choice to switch to Macs and the students and staff couldn't be happier. I've been on a Macbook for 5 years and will NEVER buy a PC again. My 3 year-old Macbook was still as fast and productive as the day I bought it when I sold it for $400. Try saying that about a Windows notebook.

<__< im having problems with this update . . .

1) the program has trouble ejecting my device
2) i cant quit the program normal i have to (Force Quit) the program =/

anyone else having these problems?

sounds like it's an issue with your Mac. The software (and any other software) that has an eject button for hardware just sends the unmount command to the OS. If that's not working then you're going to be looking at the OS in general.

" ... I would recommend to all of you mac user to shut up. You decided to use that trendy "alternative OS". You knew from day one that support was not perfect. ..."

Yeah, we know. Still, we decided to choose a RIM phone anyway, knowing that it was a "trendy alternative OS" that powered the phone and knowing that RIM's support would not be perfect.

There were always 3rd party desktop apps that did work with Blackberry and MacOS, and RIM had a site-licence for those apps so every BB Mac user got them for free. The difference? They worked. Two years later, and the official RIM replacement is still buggy, and it's not Beta SW.

Wouldn't have been much of a problem except installing Blackberry Desktop for MacOS required that you delete the (perfectly good) 3rd party app before you could install. A shame, really.

I don't think I'll be plugging into Desk Top Manager again. I lost all my calendar entries, and it has also screwed up my Memory Card saying it has 'errors' now. All since I plugged in... Never again..