BlackBerry Desktop Software updated with support for the BlackBerry PlayBook 4G

BlackBerry Desktop Software
By Bla1ze on 23 Jul 2012 10:59 pm EDT
With the rumored launch date of the BlackBerry PlayBook 4G only a few days away, a new piece of the puzzle has arrived directly from RIM themselves. The latest update to BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac and Windows is available for folks to download directly from the RIM site with the Mac version sitting 2.4.0 build 16 while it's Windows counterpart sits at version v7.1.0.33.

The Windows version was previously beta for those who had Dev Alpha devices but that's no longer the case and is available for all now. The updates both indicate support for mobile network enabled tablets, meaning the BlackBerry PlayBook 4G of course, so alas, that launch date is looking a little bit more solid. All that said, RIM actually already had support for the tablets built into some versions but with this release, they're now making it public.

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Via: Berry Review

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BlackBerry Desktop Software updated with support for the BlackBerry PlayBook 4G


Well, I guess today's rumor is confirmed then.

I think RIM came in too high on the rumored price point, but will reserve judgement until the actual price is seen upon release.

Gonna just have to trust Thorsten and Frank know what they are doing here.


What people don't get is the $550 price is RETAIL...not carrier subsidized. The "new" 32 GB iPad (cellular/wifi) is $729.99 at Best Buy...almost $200 more than the same PB model. AT&T has a Samsung Galaxy 8.9 for $560 and that only has 16GB of storage. RIM isn't crazy with their price point, they just need to make sure the OS is solid and the apps are there.. and then market the hell out of it.

RIM should hold a press event to announce the new LTE PlayBook and do a 2.1 unveiling, this way will gain hype around the LTE PlayBook and the great new features in 2.1, rather than the typical RIM marketing where they let things quietly enter the market with no one knowing...(ex, PlayBook Bluetooth Keyboard & Case being exclusive to The Source and not doing a wide spread release, so not many people know about it only those who WANT to know about it)

Impossible to hype - all you are going to get is reports in the media that RIM have released another version of a tablet that they took a $500 million write-off on.

1) Beta DM with 4G support
2) DM open to all with 4G
3) Bridge upgrade
4) PB OS 2.1 upgrade
PB BB10 upgrade
BB BB10 phone release
(no dates)

Not exactly. First, RIM recently updated Bridge app (I upgraded it about a month ago). Second, RIM officially announced that BB 10 PlayBook upgrade will be available after the release of the two BB 10 smartphones. About the PB OS 2.1 update, I really hope it'll came soon. At least, I think PlayBook 4G should came preloaded with OS 2.1, so there wouldn't be problems releasing it soon, because PB 4G'll came out on 31 July (I hope that's true...).
Selling it at 550€ is really stupid, because it'll cost like a 4G iPad! And RIM should remember how much did the PlayBook sell when it was released at 480€...
P.S. sorry for any error, but I'm not a native English speaker...

This is BS. it shouldn't say Berry Review as a source. I was the one that wrote in the forums under news and rumors about ddm 2.4.0 for mac. It should say my name under the source. You can all go check. Crackberry is so late.... I wrote it this morning..

Sounds to me like 2.1 in the morning?!?!?! BTW PEOPLE REMEMBER THAT $550 IS A UNLOCKED PRICE, IT'LL BE CLOSER TO $250-$300 IDEALLY

It makes sense to have 2.1 in the morning, as there would be no reason for the desktop update until its launch.

What's the 4g have to do with 2.1? Just because DM supports 4g doesn't mean 2.1 is coming.

The leaked slides I saw about 4g Playbooks said "with 2.0".

It doesn't 100% mean anything, but as a company releasing a new updated product, and the 2.1 beta has been out for a very long time and rumoured to be released in the release of a new product at the end of July times perfectly with the official release of 2.1

Darn, can't install on Mac unless you have 10.6. I have 10.5.8 and can't install the new Desktop Software.

Downloading now, I don't even know what new feature this version of desktop software includes, but I don't care. I am also hoping for PlayBook OS 2.1, maybe some new features like cross platform video chat, yeah right I'm dreaming.