BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac updated to v2.2.0.1 Bundle 7

BlackBerry Desktop Manager
By Bla1ze on 20 Nov 2011 10:32 am EST

Following up on the Windows release of BlackBerry Desktop Software v6.1.0 bundle 38, BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac has a new update rolling out as well. This update bumps the software up to v2.2.0.17 which adds support for the BlackBerry Curve 9380 but also includes support for the Bold 9790 and the Porsche P'9981. The PlayBook support was already there so that is seemingly just bug fixes over the previous release. You can update now through the in-software update process or grab the download below.

Download BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac v2.2.0.1 Bundle 7

via: Berry For Noobs



Hi friend,
your post is not correct. Th right Version ist 2.2.1 (Build7)


Won't install this crap ever again.
People who are using it should follow this workaround:

Pilot Prop

can you post the whole link...what you have now is not working


I updated my mac DM same day the windows blog came out, just tried and it was there!


Staying away from this like the plague. After the last update, my Macbook running 10.7.2 was rendered unusably slow. Turns out that a process called Rimalbumartdaemon was absorbing all of my system memory even without Desktop Manager open. This support article helped to diagnose and remove:

I'm done with this shit.


Hmm.. maybe that was my issue as well.


You have to use DM to update the Porsche? I thought for that money, they would send you a loaner until they completed the update for you.


The real question is.. does it have the same issues as the 9900? Can you imagine dropping $2K on a phone only to wake up one morning and have it be dead.


The ONLY way I would consider that phone is if the innards were made by Porsche.


Does it still NOT allow you to update leaked versions?