BlackBerry Desktop Software 7.1 now available in BlackBerry Beta Zone - Dev Alpha and 4G PlayBook support

BlackBerry Desktop Software
By Adam Zeis on 18 May 2012 02:37 pm EDT

The latest version of the BlackBerry Desktop Software has just hit the beta zone. This time it rings in at version 7.1 and is ready for the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha as well as 4G PlayBook (I'll take one of each, thanks).

Updates include:

  • Media sync enhancements including individual selection, sync by album, and customizable columns in collections mode
  • Support for 4G PlayBooks
  • Support for new BlackBerry 7 OS devices
  • Major bug fixes and PIM sync improvements as highlighted in the Release Notes (in downloads section)
  • Support for BB10 Alpha Developer devices

Looks like only some minor tweaks and fixes aside from there, but if you're a Beta Zone member you can grab the update anyway. Head to the link below to sign up if you're not already a member.

Check out more in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

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Reader comments

BlackBerry Desktop Software 7.1 now available in BlackBerry Beta Zone - Dev Alpha and 4G PlayBook support


I also noticed in the release notes that it says something about "for playbooks with os 2.0.1. or higher" Update coming soon :D

I hope there'll be an update to the Mac desktop software soon. Still cannot sync birthdays with iCal because every time every birthday is shifted one day back. So RIM, start making customers happy by fixing bugs they encounter with their devices instead of supporting unreleased hardware.

Does this update allow those of us that own a BlackBerry handset and a PlayBook functionality to sync our handset contacts to our PlayBook and vice versa? If not, does anyone know if this functionality is in the works?

Still? Are you referring specifically to this new build? The last one had issues and they allegedly fixed them. Don't want to waste my time trying if this build doesn't work either.

I was uploading music to my BlackBerry the other day and it was kinda difficult because you are only limited to artists, playlists and genres. So I'm glad they updated with single song selections. Updates are always sweet! Thanks RIM!

It works.... Sort of. If you're syncing your phone its fast, and does a good job. If you're still hoping to have your native contacts and calendar sync with your desktop or phone, you'll be very disapointed. I fail to see why the programmers are unable to get the need for this function. I should not have to use some third party Gmail or other online service just to sync what I already have.

I have a Mac too, was led to believe this was Mac compatible in release notes-improved iTunes and Albums, iPhoto's and Aperture's term for albums or groups of photos. Was hoping this would solve metadata bug that throws your photos out of your desired sequence. PB is fantastic for viewing ,emailing and editing photos on the spot.The PB's file structure for photos is not ,there are workarounds but they are tedious and time consuming. It's so frustrating PB 's screen trounces competition, even new Retina iPad which is plagued by odd color casts. I was really hoping 7.1 would fix file structure issue

To those of you who bravely downloaded and installed this: Has anyone tried using this to sync contacts, calendar, notes, and tasks with Microsoft Outlook 2010 (32- and 64-bit) yet? Did it work? If not, what problems have you noted? I only ask because the first try at a 7.x version of BBDM was an unqualified disaster for our household.

I am able to sync contacts, calendar, notes, and tasks in Outlook 2010. There was an issue with the last beta. Contact sync would crash.

Looked at the logs and found that it would crash where Outlook referred to a contact picture were there was none. I deleted the picture reference, and was able to sync with no issue.

7.1 beta is supposed to ignore that error, now. Haven't had any issues yet with 7.1.

When I am syncing the program hangs on preparing sync views and I have to end it otherwise it crashes.

How can I resolve the picture issue as you did? Cna you send me the steps please?

It syncs perfectly with Outlook 2010. I was not able to sync for months with the Desktop 6 messenger but as stated above, this new build ignores the dreaded picture missing issue and error code 0x80040fb3.

I'm tempted to get this from the beta zone. Will this install unto the current desktop software or as a totally different program on my pc? Also, once the official release comes out can I still upgrade with no issues or do I have to uninstall this beta version first?