BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Windows and Mac updated

BlackBerry Desktop Manager
By Bla1ze on 14 Apr 2011 03:24 pm EDT

With the lanch of the BlackBerry PlayBook just around the corner now I was wondering when we'd see an update roll out for BlackBerry Desktop Manager. As it turns out, today is the day for it. Both, Windows and Mac versions of BlackBerry Desktop Manager have updates available as of now although, the Windows version seems to be more aliigned for the BlackBerry PlayBook. If you go to check for software updates you'll find v6.0.2.42 budle 43 available for Windows and Mac users will find v2.0.1 build 14 which is said to provide important fixes and improvements, and support for 64-bit mode. You can run software update or head on over to the BlackBerry website to download either version.

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BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Windows and Mac updated


Was leaked a week or two ago, also if you hunt thru the installed files you'll see the playbook image that you get when you connect the device to desktop manager, so yes it 'should' work fine with it

If you try to load the new build and you currently have, it will tell you hat your current install is newer than the new build you're trying to load.

Here's hoping that the beta already has all the PB changes needed that are included in budle 43...

Forgive my stupidity, but when I sync my BB to my computer under this new update, it still routes all incoming emails to both my computer's inbox, as well as my BB's inbox. Previous versions would not route incoming emails to the BB when it was hooked up to the computer.

Can someone give me some guidance, please? Thanks.

I used to get my work e-mails from OWA BIS but when our company switched to Outlook 2010 64 bit system it was unsupported and stopped working. As this version is 64 bit compatible does this mean that it will work again or is that only for BES? I was under the impression that the version of Desktop Manager has no influence on BIS.

i am also a little confused, cuz i have the one that was recently leaked out. 6.1.20. and that is higher than this one. SO the leak should support the playbook with no problems

any idea how to fix the device manager in this update so it actually loads on system startup rather than wait until I plug in the USB cable? My Tour connects via bluetooth and if device manager isn't running, it doesn't synchronize my work email (I have no cell signal at my desk). If it is running everything works dandy. It's just an annoyance to have to plug in the USB cable just to get it started. It stays running after I unplug it btw.

I'm not talking about the full Desktop Manager. I hardly ever open that. I'm talking about the Device Manager, which is a component that shows up as an icon in the system tray. Right clicking on it, select properties, go to the options tab, and there is a check box to start it on system start up. But when I reboot, the icon never shows up. I open task manager and it's running, but it doesn't function until I plug in the USB cable. Then the icon shows up and all is fine. Running Win 7 32 bit btw.

The DM I am using is still the cd from the box. When I open it there is always the searching for updates box but I cancel it bcuz AT&T told me to the last time an upgrade was available for the phone (last dec.) 5.0 up from 4.6. Was thinking of upgrading again at least to the 1036 build. So, should I get the DM update from the DM search like it prompts or download and run it? Confused.

it crashes 4 times on my laptop!!
i cant exit the prograam.. so i have to force it by using task manager to exit the program..
n the result i cant shut down my laptop!!
so disappointing!
unsintall it right away.. now back using DM5

i dont understand why can it be simple just like DM5?
really dont like DM6 since from the beginning..