BlackBerry Desktop Manager v4.3 Now Available for Download at

BlackBerry Desktop Manager v4.3
By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Nov 2007 01:42 pm EST

It looks like RIM has decided to "officially" release BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.3 to the rest of the world. It's now available for download at It's been available from Vodafone's website for the better part of a week now, so if you didn't grab a copy yet you can do so now....

Download BlackBerry Desktop Manager v4.3 >>

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BlackBerry Desktop Manager v4.3 Now Available for Download at


Does this have the update I have heard about to enable a Sprint BB 8830 to function properly with a 6 gb Micro SDHC card?

I was using it, but then had to downgrade because I couldn't find the media manager. Anyone else have this issue?

WOW, I am really can't wait to use this! But I have to wait for it to download. I have Cable internet and I have 32mins of waiting.....**sigh**


From vodafone, you get dm4.3 with no media manager, but from this offical blackberry website, they include with roxio media manager, which is almighty better!!!

I dowloaded v4.3 last night, am running Vista and have a Sprint BB 8830 that I got last week. DM would not open, and the media manager would open, but then if I tried to do anything it became non-responsive and was shutdown by Vista. So I uninstalled and am going to start all over with an older version.

Can anyone tell me what the differences are between v4.2, versus v4.2 sp1 versus v4.2 sp2

Installed 4.3, when I try to set up my sync configurations, I receive the following error:

"Runtime Error

Cannot find system in table file."

Does anyone have any suggestions/solutions?

I had the exact same problem so, in essence, you can't use it! Is there a fix for this or do you have to downgrade back to 4.2

After installing the new version I have a problem with the application loader wizard closing every time. Any thoughts

new version won't let me sync my contacts and calendar with yahoo like i did with 4.2 sp2. any thoughts or possible updates coming?

For Macs use Pocketmac, which is on the Blackberry download site, works ok, nothing special though.

RE 4.3, unable to minimize to tray is a pain, but the Media Manager is EXCELLENT, best way by far to convert video for your Blackberry, I've got the Pearl 8100, works great.

Is RIM ever going to make a decent desktop suite for Mac OSX?? The pocket mac software sucks and I'm tired of it...

I installed the 4.3 version to use with my Pearl 8100 and everything seems to work fine except that when I try to use the Media Manager it tells me that there are no media files. When I click on 'pictures' it doesn't expand to see the other folders (media card, device memory, etc) it just says that there are no media files in this folder.

Any suggestions? I don't want to have to uninstall and then downgrade unless I have to. Maybe 4.2 SP2 would work better? Without a solution I'll have to go back to my older version without Roxio installed. Less functionality, but at least it worked.