BlackBerry Desktop Manager Updated To Version

BlackBerry Desktop Manager Updated To Version
By Bla1ze on 25 Mar 2010 11:39 am EDT

BlackBerry Desktop Manager was quietly updated at some point this week. So quietly in fact, I guess RIM forgot to send the notification to desktop clients already installed. Checking for updates never triggered an alert in my currently installed version. Either way, you can now grab the updated version from the RIM download site. Personally, I seem to only use Desktop Manager for backups and restorations nowadays and the odd adjusting of databases from a back up file. But, having the latest version installed or at the very least downloaded is always a good habit.

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BlackBerry Desktop Manager Updated To Version


is that the bug that gives a problem when using a 8GB card or bigger? cause my wife's bold works usb no problem. i pray this is the fix i need. its such a pain to take out the card everytime

Is there anyway OTA way other than BES that I can sync my Calendar, Contacts, Notes and Tasks without having to connect USB or Bluetooth. Currently i sync using bluetooth when in close proximity of my pc, but I'd rather it automatically sync OTA.

Please let me know, it would really be more convenient as I'm always on the go.

If your hooked into a BES network, the only sync, I believe, your capable of is with/from a Outlook server. I am not sure if even todays Google Sync for BB can help you. Your BES Admin can loosen the protocols on your BB. Contact them directly and inquire as to what changes can be made to suit your needs.

Is there a download link WITHOUT the dang Roxio and BB Media Sync junk in it? Up until Desktop Manager 5.0, there was an alternate download without the Roxio and BB Media Sync stuff (since the media managers are crap anyway).

If RIM dumps that crap...Roxio Media Manager as well, then I would use exclusively the Media Sync option in the Desktop Manager software. However, I don't have 3 Light years to transfer 40 pictures or 12 songs to my BB. I just clic-n-drag folder to folder now. The way its SUPPOSED to be done on a computer. That damn Roxio just hangs up my computer and eventually just crashes anyway. Piece of crap is what I say.

Unless you truly need all those languages on your BB (which I'm banking on you don't) then all those language packs just use up your critical Memory amount. You cannot store ANY Application files on your Media card. However, if you delete ALL the language packs in your BB, you'll have more room to download app's that can actually help you!!

please help i am having problems unlocking mass storage mode & in the bluetooth options the contacts transfer is locked on disabled with little red lock beside both, please help

The answer is because the PIN code has been re-set. Its locked. You can reset the PIN code (factory default is 0000). Navigate to and you will find an extensive article on how to re-set your Bluetooth enabled device. I am aware that there is what may also be called " a BB shortcut" to do this. I have been looking into that allegation for a while now, and I've found nothing to substantiate it.

uuung - everyone must be downloading. Im on a network that gets 60+MB/s down and 1.5hrs later its not done! Canceled - will try later.

I'll wait for the inevitable update for the glitches. And besides, 4-1/2 hours to download? On a corporate superpipe?

I am trying to download the newest version of Blackberry Desktop Manager, someone hasta have another link to a site that can download it FASTER. I am currently downloading it at 16kbs, I mean COME ON RIM, you can't get more servers to download these things faster?

Use a free Download Manager, or surf the Title on a FTP network. Try BitComet, or Kazaa. has a bunch of dl managers. Pick Orbit, its so ez to use and will instantly speed up the download. just save to your Program files, then choose the directory, scan the file the run the .exe file. Done.

Well sorry, it will even take you over an HOUR for 76 mb, that is just hideious, That is like being back on DIAL-UP.
I would be ASHAMED if I was RIM right now. They are trying to be the LEADERS in phone technology, but their equipment is OUT-DATED! No wonder they are taking so long to release the New Bold, they are working with tools that our fore-fathers used when they were making horse-shoes.

O.K. now that was total BS, I was halfway through the Download, and The connection was RESET!!! WTF is goin on with RIM?!?!?! I swear they are worse than the US Government TAKE OUR MONEY, but don't want to give us ANYTHING in return!!

I've got that new Bold...the 9700. Its fantastic. Just thought you'ld like to know. Its soooo sweet. Does everything except my laundry.

I use VMware Workstation 6 to run DM for windows with Ubuntu as a host. I have never been able to perform an OS upgrade while DM is running in guest Windows XP.

Anyone have any luck doing that? I currently have to borrow my wife's pc tu upgrade OS on my BB.


Haven't had any luck with OS upgrades either. I wound up adding a small 20Gb hard drive and Dual booting XP for BB maintenance.

downloading now but I am pretty sure they didnt fix the problem with Outlook 2010.
Why cant they?

Lemme just say this once for everyone....OUTLOOK IS DONE.
No one is using it anymore, except for Microsoft, and a handful of companies. Its not POP3/IMAP compatible.

Sorry, your completely wrong about that one. I know about 300,000 people that use it and thats only in one business.

Us people on Macs still are stuck with a quite lousy version that hasn't been updated once.

...But then again, I use a Storm I, and officially we're still using .328.

Hey there-
I just wanted to post a quick note on here about trying to download this new update. When I saw the alert about the download being available a couple of hours ago, I went ahead and headed to the BB site to get the new version. I started the download on mozilla and it was going so slow that it said it was going to take 2 hours to download :-(. I canceled that one and re-downloaded it again and same thing happened as far as being REALLY slow....I then tried the DL again in google chrome after closing firefox to see if it was any quicker, but, unfortunately, was just as slow on there as well.
I have been checking randomly over the past hour or so to see if the dload was running any quicker, but still super commodore 64 speed slow....I am guessing the BB download site is probably the cause of the speed issue due to maybe everyone trying to download this update as they are finding out about it. I don't think it is a problem with my internet/computer, but if it is, I apologize for the long post :-). Assuming it isn't, I just wanted to give everybody a heads up about the slow download before they try to do the update....
Good Luck ;-).

No it's just the fact the RIM is using tools that our fore-fathers used when they created the wheel. Kinda funny how a company can be SO POPULAR, but the don't wanna spend the money to upgrade some of their equipment.
I mean look how long have they been talking about the Tour2, and now the SCRAP it, and are going to re-release it as the BOLD? I am guessing by the time it is just to come out, they will change the name again, to"HA WE FOOLED YOU SUCKERS AGAIN" Please wait another year before this comes out.

I haven't heard that in...welllll...years...LMAO....not since we talked about the Commodore pc....hysterical...I'm asking your permission to permanently borrow that. May I? LMFAO.....

Maybe I'm very wrong, but I dl'ed the update in LESS THEN 15 seconds and now it is installing it on my pc.91% completed. I swear on this. It'll be done before I finish this letter. But then again I have a awesome broadband connection with a Fast Ethernet Card installed, and I'm in the neighborhood of 847.2 mb/s of speed. I have had that tested too,on-line. Ask me for a copy and I'll send it to you!! Okay...its DONE...I need to re-start o finish.

Mine was done in about 20 seconds then I had to just restart. I saw all this yesterday so when I tried to do it, I kept getting an error. I figired it had to do with the fact everyone was doing it and that the process was so long it had everything tied down. But I tried again this morning and it was very quick. I haven't connected the BB yet, but it is strange that everyone else was taking so long.....

This sucks. Many times trying, and crappy download speeds ensue. I haven't had a download with this kind of time since I was using computers in high school. They really gotta make these available on torrent sites or through some sort of alternate site so people don't have to wait to collect their social security before it's done.

well, I was able to download, but it won't install. Error 1303, must run as admin (which I am).
Tried to "run as administrator", even set up a new admin account to test, it won't install. (win7)...
First time I had this issue with DM software

saw this article when i checked crackberry this morning and downloaded from the link to my laptop. apparently, blackberry got the message cause when i returned home later in the day, the download was read for my other computer! thanks for waking those guys at blackberry!

For pities sake. Get a grip. As soon as this post went up, tens of thousands of people will have started a download. What do you expect from an overloaded server thats probably specced to handle a couple of thousand DLs and hour, if that.

Just open Desktop Manager, click on Help and select "check for updates" (if it didn't already detect an upgrade was available). Just follow the onscreen instructions to install. The file was 43MB (I have Roxio installed on Win 7 Home Premium), and download completed in less than 15 seconds. I suspect the new version downloaded through DM is a patch to your existing installed program, rather than a completely new installation version of DM shown on the links in this thread (200MB+).

I had checked for the update through the DM yesterday & showed no updates available, so I checked again and there it was! Downloaded in less than 30 seconds. The Blackberry website download is still snail's pace slow this morning. Will check out the update later today.

Still no Linux release? Come on RIM... get off your lazy butts and give us Linux users a taste. Sure.. there's Berry, but we need something official and fully operational. Just because we're a minority doesn't mean you can ignore us indefinitely. If RIM doesn't start supporting Linux desktops real soon, I'm afraid my next phone might be with someone else.:(

I agree with you PhrostByte, my other machine runs linux, and I wish that there was an official, functional, native, desktop manager release.

in my taskbar that there was an update available to

I guess that it just took RIM a little while to get the notification out.

my new 9700 does not connect do dm But my pc can detect it and i can access my memory card. The problem is dm does not recognize the device but i can see its pin. It always says runtime error. But when i connect another device it is being recognize by dm Kindly help, thanks.

I downloaded the desktop from blackberry and the modem icon is missing. did i miss something? using a bold 9000 unlocked with Tmo.

I had that problem with the update or two before this one; now I have that icon, and the new "Email Settings" one that doesn't work.

First, I did not know of an update until yesterday when I checked for updates. Updated, but apparently something didn't finish, although it appeared to at the time and I rebooted. However, today when I connected my device the Desktop Mgr didn't detect my device even after disconnecting and shutting down the manager a couple times. So, I redid the updating process.

Upon reboot a little box asked me something about "profile" with a dropdown box only including "Outlook" so I said OK. I've never been asked this before.

Then I noticed a new item on the desktop menu layout...called "Email Settings" and when I click on it I get the error message "Email settings are not available without an online connection to your messaging system." Well, I'm always connected online! No idea what this message is refering to.

Additionally, at the bottom of the desktop mgr screen is a new line that says "Server Status: Online" [seems to contradict the error msg above] on the left, my Blackberry device 9530 and PIN in the center, and "Active Device (PIN): none" on the right.

No idea what these mean. There's only one device, it is Active and works, and the Device PIN given in the center is correct. Is there something I'm supposed to do to indicate that the only device IS the active device?

I am not a programmer, not on a business server . . . just a home-user, no network. Period. And, I am sorry but I do not speak the language everyone else here seems to understand so I am limited in communicating my plight/questions.

I hope someone can direct me. I do not find the Blackberry site very helpful at all.

Thanks in advance.

After disconnecting and closing and reopening Desktop mgr, the Email Settings icon now works, but only after I received a never-before-seen msg that my email acct isn't connected to an enterprise server [don't even know what one is]. Clicked "No" and I'm in.
Still for no known reason active device still says "none."