BlackBerry Desktop Manager updated to v6.0.2.44

BlackBerry Desktop Manager updated to v6.0.2.44
By Bla1ze on 28 Apr 2011 07:06 pm EDT

Although it was only a short while ago that RIM released and update to BlackBerry Desktop Manager, we now have another one available to all you Windows users out there. If you open up desktop manager now you'll be prompted to go ahead and update to v6.0.2.44. No full change log is currently available but it is however noted that it's related to the BlackBerry PlayBook. Sadly, Mac users do not (as of yet) have any updates available to them but - it is coming. In the meantime, if you're a Windows users you'll want to grab the latest to ensure all is well.

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BlackBerry Desktop Manager updated to v6.0.2.44


Just checked the blackberry website and apparently there's a right now, downloading.

EDIT: Nevermind, my bad. Is this version. hehe :)

i used bootcamp to partition my mac - we had a windows7 disc with a valid license, but it will also work with a full copy of xp or vista - and am using that until mac dm is ready.

always have to remember to untether it and turn off wifi

did u seriously ask this question? macs are bullshit...those computers are made for retards and whoever wants a dumbed down version on any program would buy a mac

done with my update, Thanks crackberry, and also I am done with wifi sharing set up, there is clear instruction in berryreview. Thanks Berryreview and crackberry you are doing great job

Can it minimize to the task bar ("hide when minimized") yet, allowing for background synchronization when I plug in my BlackBerry?

Is it making you update to a new OS, or just forcing you to the currently released one?

If you gave more details someone may be able to answer you.

it said my playbook os needed to be updated. i did the update we all got last week.
this is the file its loading

I updated my Desktop Manager and then tried a back up (3 times) and each time it got to within 50 GB of complete back up and then said there was an error and shut down the back up. I was not having this problem before the update. Weird.

Good to know, so I'm not going to update to this latest DM - sorry it happened to you though. thanks for posting this. was a leak, and its been out for a little while. It's possible that .2.44 has some changes that didn't make it into the former. It's not common, but it happens.

I have both MAC and Windows and it took me hours to figure out how to make it work with DM, at least for Windows machine (errr...disable WIFI ?). GRRRRRRRRR!!!! Did they even test these things ? I hope they didn't out-source the QA dept.

I still have yet to be able to backup my playbook even with this update. Has anyone else been able too?

Since the update, some of us can back up PlayBook only if we go to options and exclude apps. Didn't have this problem with any previous versions!

i'm having issues backing up my playbook too. excluding apps worked...but that's kind of the reason i want to backup my playbook. good jorb rim....

RIM IS listening to its users: the new "Start BlackBerry Desktop Software when a device is connected" option effectively replaces the "Hide when minimized" feature of version 5. You plug in your phone, the software automatically starts and begins to synchronize. Perfect. Exactly what I was hoping for and the last reason I was holding out against Desktop version 6!

Is anyone else still getting this prompt in their Media Sync/Music tab when trying to sync their Torch? "Music services failed to load An unexpected error occurred." My PlayBook sync beautifully but my torch is another story. Fortunatly WiFi music sync still works.

I like version 5 the best.. seems this version has had none of the headaches that the later version 6 did.. I tried version 6 and just couldn't work with it, so I went back to version 5.

i downloaded it but i cannot configure the sync on blackberry. it keeps giving me and "intellisync unknown error" . Is anyone else getting this problem?

Already downloaded the latest version unfortunately no update for my phone - will have to download a beta version cause my current OS is freaking buggy and waiting for my mobile operator to push the upgrade can take a couple off months.