BlackBerry Desktop Manager Version Officially Available to Download for All

Desktop Manager 5.0
By Adam Zeis on 17 Jul 2009 08:35 am EDT

It seems we've seen BlackBerry Desktop Manager 5.0 pop up in the blogs quite a bit the last few days. First it showed up on the CD shipped with the Tour, and then it popped up on Verizon's site a few days later. Users who didn't have the CD or a Verizon phone number were sadly out of luck. Well now its "official" - BlackBerry Desktop Manager is available for download from for everyone. This is the same version ( but it is available in multi-language or with/without Media Manager. Head over to the BlackBerry software downloads page to grab a copy.

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BlackBerry Desktop Manager Version Officially Available to Download for All


Why are 'job title' and 'company name' required fields in order to download this from blackberry? While I do use my 8900 for work, I own it - not my job.

I think it's just a standard thing RIM has. I leave it blank as it's my personal BB.

I'm downloading it now. I think this time around I'll avoid Media Manager :)

I was wondering the same thing when I got to the job fields...its my BB not my job's! Oh well. Just do it!

Im downloading it and going to find out the hard way, but ready for 9530 and any possibillity of hitting my girls 8330 with it too?

I'm finding that 5.0 takes 1/10th the time to sync my contacts/calendar, compared to 4.7. Does anyone else have the same experience? Any other feedback?

Just tried following the link, and then, alternately, tried going to and navigating through to the desktop 5.x download page -- same error...


I set the download and when i came back i only had an 8kb file saved. redownloaded it and...

internal server error!

deng! I'll have to try again later.

I downloaded it, rebooted as I was instructed, DM came back up and is still saying v4.6 - I guess I was not meant to have it...

I had the leaked for a while and loved it but I wanted to see if the official was different. When I downloaded and installed, it was! It now shows up as!!

Let me know if I'm missing something....

Loyal crackberry storm owner.

This version doesn't seems to include Blackberry Desktop Redirector. I guess gonna have to keep my 4.7 version.

I installed 5.0, and before that I did the usual uninstall routine. I'm now having problems trying to make DM connect via Bluetooth (it was working fine before using 4.7).

*Edit* - It now works with my BT dongle. Once DM 5.0 was installed, I had to uninstall/reinstall the dongle using the generic Windows drivers, delete my device from both Windows and my Bold, and then try and re-pair.

It seems sync-ing time is a bit faster.

dang,all I had to do was go to connections in dm and check the bt option and everything was good,the connect with bt is off by default

I have been trying to download it all day. It keeps freezing for hours and I have to start all over again. I was successful around 8 am, but the program wouldn't run and kept giving me error messages. :o( Not happy at all.

When does RIM plan to update Pocketmac? This software simply does not work and is pure junk. It's a shame that MAC users are always treated like second class citizens.

came to my computer today as an automatic download and I went ahead and did it. Much faster at syncing. probably ten times faster so sure worth doing to me.

I've downloaded this new version of the manager but it will not allow me to sync my music from wmp. It crashes every time. HELP!!! By the way, I have a new install of windows on my pc so i'm pretty sure that's not the problem.

I downloaded it, DM says v5.0 in the corrner but will only reload .148 to my storm.. Any help, would appreciate it!

I downloaded it successfully and went to sync with my BB but nothing happened. The phone and PC synced but nothing looks new at all? Anybody else experienced this??

Installed easily. Issues with Synchronize when trying to sync both ways from MS Outlook. Receive error code: No available message stores. To be fair, I believe this issue is due to Microsoft Office Professional 2010 Technical Preview rather than the Blackberry Desktop Program. I would be interested in hearing from anyone else running the MS Outlook 2010

Just updated to Ver and am having same problems with Office 10--will not sync and will not let me set up sync folders for calendar etc--someone on Google said to go back to ver 4.6--is that the answer??

DM crashes during the calendar portion of the synch. It just closes the application without further hint. Anyone else experiencing this? It syncs the address book just fine, as far as I can see.

I saw this update was officially out, but wanted to wait till I read some comments first before installing. When I fired up DM (4.7) this morning, the update was waiting to download and install. Took the plunge!

Installation was slow and required a restart. Visually it looks the same as 4.7. However, the sync was much faster! I like it! No issues syncing with Outlook 2007 (Calendar, address book and memos) on my Sprint powered Curve 8330.

I upgraded but I am not sure what I have gotten better with. Other than losing an hour of my time.

Verizon always tells me that they only support the version that has media manager included. For whatever reason, that media manager always kills my Vista system. So, I always download the version without the media manager directly from RIM.

Just a reminder to VZW customers - there are alternatives to the junk that VZW promotes. :)

I was pushed an updated copy of BB Desktop Manager yesterday. When I checked, I found it is

YOu might want to update your post.


I just got a auto update message from my desktop.
I'm downloading DM 5.0 now. I received the message around midnight C.S.T. 7-19-09

I really didn't notice much in the interface, but the sync speed has improved tremendously. I have over 3000 contacts in outlook, and the sync took less than one minute. Previous versions would take 5 minutes to go through all of the contacts.

It won't run on Vista 64bit. Says, "it's not a vaild win32 application". I searched for a specific 64bit version but am unable to find it. And I thought that DTM was comp. with 32 and 64 bit windows. Am I wrong here or am I doing something wrong?

I had my laptop connected by Bluetooth to my Storm and when I upgraded to DM 5.0 I lost the ability to connect by Bluetooth. I uninstalled and reinstalled my old version and still cant get BT to work.

Thanks, CrackBerry for keeping current.

For all the "Beginners" out there:
Download and install DM 5.0 first.

The TMO site provides DM 4.7, but it will NOT work when you are trying to upgrade software. I kept getting a error message.

In summary, use: DM 5.0 and the TMO upgrade OS

DM 5.0 has been rock solid for me, even better, it fixed a dread ERROR 523 problem I was experiencing everytime I tried to load an app via loader.

Of course, this problem started after installing .151, but with DM 5.0 I load and unload error free.


I have a Storm 9530 and upgraded to 5.o version on device now everything works so much better, faster and seamlessly , BUT I cannot send or receive phone calls... Anyone knows of a fix to this..????

Blackberry Desktop Manager Software problems:
For those of you having problems of system slowdown and crashes of your media programs with the Blackberry “Desktop Manager Software” the problem is actually simple; the problem is deliberate from Blackberry and passed on by Verizon Wireless, and is a program flawed to the point of being Deliberate Malware provided by Blackberry (aka “RIM” aka “Research in Motion”) thorough Verizon Wireless services most probably to insure that only Verizon Wireless services manage Video and Music media handling through both your computer and your cell phone.
Below, at the bottom of this, is the reply from Blackberry to me after I spent a few days trying to work with them to discover the problems with this software crashing while trying to handle Media Files; and for those of you who have Verizon Wireless, they were not only fully aware of the problems, Verizon Wireless simply doesn’t care since the apparent purpose of the software is to lock the user unto using only Verizon Wireless services for Music and Video downloads and management.
I purchased a new Blackberry 9550 “Storm2” (Two of them actually) and installed the provided Desktop Manager Software into my computer, and then noticed slower start times on my computer, and the “Roxio Media Manager 9” Provided for “Media” settings in the software crashing for no explained reason. Consulted both Verizon and Blackberry for a few days to try to help them find the problem, without realizing the software was the problem.
I had the full “Roxio Creator Premier Blu-ray” media handling program installed in my computer before this, and that was upgraded at my own expense from the original basic package provided with the computer by Dell Computers. I did not notice that, after installing the Blackberry Desktop Manager program, my “Roxio Creator Premier Blu-ray” program had completely disappeared from the computer. The smaller much less capable “Roxio 9” installed with Blackberry Desktop Manager used for simply shifting files into and out of the phone had destroyed it deliberately. All of the other functions provided by a complete Media Management Program “Roxio Creator Premier Blu-ray”, such as burning ISO files, had disappeared.
Problems: The Blackberry Desktop Manager Software provided as an add- on CD with the Blackberry phones provided by Verizon Wireless is bloated software that slows the system down noticeably; and is a destructive program designed deliberately to go into your computer and remove any competing Media Management programs.
Solutions: DO NOT INSTALL the “Blackberry Desktop Manager software” into your computer; do not buy anything with the Blackberry name on it, do not use Verizon Wireless. And if this happened to you and you wish to know who you can effectively complain to (Verizon Wireless and Blackberry could care less if you complain to them.) simply send your complaints to the two below listed copy addresses I am sending this to.
c. Federal Trade Commission
cc. Better Business Bureau
Below is the e-mail to me from Blackberry and his suggestion don’t work and don’t restore my: “Roxio Creator Premier Blu-ray” media handling program.
“Hello Fred,

Thank you for contacting BlackBerry Customer Support.

The majority of the Dell XPS systems come with a version of the Roxio media manager or the Roxio Creator burning software preinstalled on the system. Installing the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software and opting to install the Roxio Media Manger into this configuration will cause a conflict with the previously existing Roxio version resulting in a program failure. Also disabling the Roxio startup in msconfig will also decrease the overhead in starting the system. I would suggest uninstalling the Roxio portion off the system and depending on which program you use install that one as the sole version on the system, alternately go in and reinstall the Roxio Creator software after the BlackBerry Desktop manager to overwrite the conflicting files.

If file transfer is the sole reason that you are interested in using the Roxio version that came with the Desktop Manager might I suggest that you use the mass storage mode instead? It will engage the BlackBerry as a mass storage device while attached to the system via USB and allow you to drag and drop the files to the BlackBerry.

As far as using a CD as opposed to the downloaded version, I would usually suggest the downloaded version for the sole reason that it is a more up to date version of the software. However, functionally speaking the desktop manager portion of the program is fairly interchangeable.

Once the Roxio conflict has been resolved the desktop manager should function normally.

Should you require further information on this subject, please let us know.

BlackBerry Customer Support
Research In Motion Limited”

I can't get v 5.01 to allow me to sync to outlook - it only gives me outlook express as an option ( not an option as far as I'm concerned!). I have a Tour 9630. Help and Thx