BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac Walkthrough

DM for Mac
By Adam Zeis on 21 Aug 2009 11:14 am EDT

Can you feel it? It's getting close to September, and we know hope that BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac is only a few weeks away. We got a good look at most of the included features, and now BGR has posted a great walkthrough of the entire package. It shouldn't be long before we see the full release of the software, but if you need to get your fix, head over to BGR and check it out in the flesh.

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BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac Walkthrough


As a MAC User I cannot wait for this ... I am so excited that I will have a smartphone that will play nice with Mac besides an iPhone since I am not an AT&T fan.

finally i can sync my macbook and storm and download software. this will be better than using my pos outdated pc that takes for ever to do anything

I can't wait! I'm too excited! Cant believe I spent money on missing sync only a month ago. You live you learn

LOOKS HOT! and way less bloated than the windows version. people can say whatever they want about macs and apple but they just WORK and that's why i love it. the iphone sucks so i have an iMac and blackberry bold. when this software comes it'll be a match made in heaven<3

how is RIM's QA for their new software products? i have been moving to apple/mac stuff (love it!), and am faced with a dilemma. either purchase missing sync for mac (trial just ran out) or wait patiently for RIM's free version.

i don't have the patience to be a 'tester' while they get the production kinks out.

any input would be appreciated.