BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac updated to version 2.3.1

BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac
By Zach Gilbert on 26 Apr 2012 05:26 pm EDT

If you’ve been experiencing issues loading your music onto the PlayBook via BlackBerry Desktop Manager on Mac the latest update that RIM is rolling out may correct that issue. RIM has officially made Desktop Manager version 2.3.2 available for download. The new version is said to allow you to sync media, backup, restore, and update the BlackBerry PlayBook software on tablets running PlayBook OS 2.0.1.

The download should be made available the next time you open Desktop Manager, if not you can go to and download the latest version for your computer.

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BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac updated to version 2.3.1


Count me as one. Have MacBook Pro but still us BB and have for years. Can't stand the iphone or other touch screens and the biggest reason is the ease customizing ring tones, email alerts and profiles. In fact, some of the other phones can only personalize only one profile. You can't set separate email alerts on an iphone with jailbreaking it.

Give BB their fair due!

Wow I must say RIM has been pushing out updates and new stuff as well everyday!

Seems like the fine people up in Waterloo are really working hard.

Its nice to really is. :)

Off topic but since the 2.0 os update my playbook region is locked on the US region which as a UK region playbook owner I'm starting to feel fed up. I've done security wipes and changed region back to UK during the installation setup stage but the moment my PB goes to the main screen and I check the region it is back to US. This means I'm unable to have UK region apps such as BBC iplayer and ofen now when I go into app world I get the message "this item is not supported by your current device profile". Please can crackberry look into this issue :(

Works well for me as I sync my Bold between a Mac and a PC. No issues. I sure wish they would add Bluetooth support though!

i had earlier installed the bb desktop and while my PC was booted for some virus cleaninig, the bb desktop software was deleted. now i cant download the software and run. iam getting a msg saying bb needs windows XP3 or more. iam using windows 7. need help plz. my mail id id is

does anyone know where I could get/download blackberry desktop 2.3 (mac osx 10.5 version) searches only locate 2.4 which is useless for me. I suspect it is a Mac issue, not a blackberry one. Does anyone have a desktop 2.3 dmg they could send me???