BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac Updated to Version 1.0.2

BlackBerry Desktop Manager For Mac Updated To Version 1.0.2
By Bla1ze on 8 Dec 2009 04:23 pm EST

Mac users have only had BlackBerry Desktop Manager for only a few months now. In that time a few bugs with the application have arisen. Research In Motion has just posted an updated version for everyone to go ahead and download, which will hopefully correct some of the exisiting problems. Users who update will be getting a version bump up to 1.0.2 with their installation of the updated version. If you have had issues with the previous version, be sure to grab the latest and see if that corrects them. Anything new you find, let us know in the comments.

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BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac Updated to Version 1.0.2


Interested to see the updates. A new update for DM and I got an email from Google that Chrome Beta for Mac is now available for download. Big things are happening today!

How can a software app on your Mac fry the SD card in your BlackBerry? Let me guess, you failed to eject your device before unplugging it.

Still no 64-bit version of the kernel extension, so it doesn't work if you're running the 64-bit kernel ... oh well, maybe next time!

I just updated DTM on two Macs and it shows up as 1.0.1 build 8.

***EDITED*** My is 1.0.2 build 8

This problem seemed to be solved. Although you might have to go back to your address book to fix/re-add the original images and re-sync it with your blackberry.

Sure wish RIM would make this available for us folks still on Tiger 10.4. Makes me so mad! I was hoping this update might have that.

You aren't the only one! We wait for them to actually come out with a MAC version of desktop manager, and when they do, it's not even for all operating systems!

I installed the update on my desktop.

Mac: Leopard
BB: Curve 8330

so far everything seems the same, CALENDAR AND CONTACTS (working just like before) and itunes works but there should be more work on it (good start)i hope there will be a media option that includes PICTURES AND RINGTONES!


emails needed to be saved under work otherwise it wouldn't appear on my BB. Did anyone one else have this problem, did anyone notice a fix.

The past version was erasing all old calendar entries, no matter the settings on my laptop or BB Curve. With the new version, that is not happening. What IS still happening, though, is that sometimes it will take an "all day" event and erase the information for that event and leave it just as a "New Entry" (as if I'd forgotten to fill in details before I saved the entry to the calendar). Very disconcerting that I had typed something in there, a reminder, an event, who knows, that's just gone. I do hope they will fix this.

I have a BB Curve and a MacBookPro OS 10.6.2.
The first BB Desktop Manager would WANT to erase all my old entries, but at least it would ask with a warning that hundreds of entries were about to be deleted. This new version of BBDM doesn't even ask. It just erases everything older than a WEEK on both my laptop and my BB. My settings on both my laptop and my BB are to "keep calendar entries forever".