BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac Updated to v1.0.3

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By Adam Zeis on 19 Apr 2010 04:16 pm EDT

BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac was updated today to version 1.0.3. Nothing terribly exciting in this release, mostly just some minor tweaks and bug fixes. The software includes updates for connectivity and synchronization, as well as added support for Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. Mac users can grab the update from the BlackBerry site but you should be prompted to update if you have a previous version installed. Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

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BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac Updated to v1.0.3


it would be even more useful if rogers ever sent a F*$*in update.. as it stands now, i can't use my mac to install an unofficial OS.. now THAT would be handy.

what I need is 64 bit support to run it on a Snow Leopard with 64 bit kernel extensions. I had to boot down the kernel to 32 just to accommodate this program.

@kellidotca, Google the "Blackberry Master Control Program" I use it on my pc for all Leaked installs (not sure if it's available for MAC) but hey who knows...

I have both Windows and Mac OS X and prefer the Desktop Manager on Windows a lot more. It amazes me how much better the Desktop Manager for Windows is. Why not show the love for Mac, RIM? :(

I hope this fixes the sync problems introduced with the 10.6.3 update. Haven't been able to sync my calendars since!

Well SUPER!!! I lost all data on my Mac! Fantastic... Everything is still on my Curve though, but it wont sync two ways. I agree with nubby1, the windows version is way better, but I hate windows. Real fed up with RIM.

unfortunately the only thing the Mac version of this software is good for is backups and loading official upgrades, for everything else it is a big failure....

...any updated Mac Desktop Manager requires that you force a sync to your BB or you'll muck up your iCal and Contact data on your Mac (unless you wisely have your Mac set to not allow sync changes without your permission). Come on, RIM...get it together for just once with the DTM. It's horrible, at least in respect to its Windows counterpart. We deserve a little Mac love here!

These are the fixed/changed issues from BlackBerry® Desktop Manager 1.0.3:

MKS 374925 BlackBerry Desktop Manager did not connect with some BlackBerry® 7130 Series smartphones using BlackBerry® Device Software 4.2.

Synchronizing data

MKS 101502 Modifying an occurrence or the full series of a recurring event on your device resulted in a duplicated entry on Microsoft® Entourage®. This was intermittent.

MKS 403184 Attendee status changed from "Accepted" to "Invited" after changing the meeting details after synchronization.

MKS 346493 Home fields were duplicated on your computer, if a different home number is added on the device and on the computer to an existing contact.

MKS 350583 Synchronizing a company contact from your device to your computer didn't select the Company check box in the Apple Address Book.

MKS 426043 After synchronization, you could not use the "Find" function in your contacts application for your device or when composing an email message.

MKS 433321 Changing the "Other" fields for a contact on your device created a duplicate "Other phone" and "Other email" in Apple Address Book.

MKS 351660 Home 2, Work 2 and Other phone numbers were deleted from your device after changing a contact in Entourage and synchronizing; these numbers appear under different phone labels in Entourage and Apple Address Book.

MKS 128146 With Entourage, if you have two work and home phone numbers on your computer, only one of them was synchronized.

I got it from document:

Look. If you have a mac use uTorrent to download Windows XP/Vista (hopefully not)/7 with a crack/keygen and burn the .iso to a dvd. Then, use Boot Camp to load the Windows OS onto your mac. It's that easy, you'll have access to windows for the BDM. :)

Totally messed up my birthday calendar. 1st deleting them all, then duplicating them all when restored. Created birthdays in both birthday and home calendar. RIM don't make software.

In order to avoid potential sync issues and duplicate entries, I told DM to forget my device and reconnected my Tour as a new device. I repopulated my BB with my synced data and everything worked fine,