BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac Updated with "Fixes and Improvements"

Desktop Manager for Mac
By Adam Zeis on 20 May 2010 05:32 pm EDT

Not a huge update here, but it looks like Desktop Manager for Mac has a small upgrade available. The new update is listed as having some minor changes but still sits at version 1.0.3. You should be prompted to install upon starting up the software.

BlackBerry® Desktop Software for Mac version 1.0.3 provides support for the Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese languages, and includes a variety of fixes and improvements to the organizer data and music synchronization. If you are already using version 1.0.3, this update provides an important fix to the product. More details are available in the release notes at 

Nothing major here, but its worth upgrading regardless. If you don't have the latest version of Desktop Manager for Mac, you can grab it free from the link below.

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Reader comments

BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac Updated with "Fixes and Improvements"


Thanks, Crackberry for alerting me to the new update. I've not had a good sync or backup for over a month since the last, FLAWED 1.0.3 version was released. The software wanted to delete a huge number of my calendar entries and my notes. Fortunately it asked before doing making the disaster happen.

This version gave me a good clean sync and the backup ran without a hitch.

So Far so good. Very stable and the sync is really good. Specially when syncing with iTunes to add music and my contats since I have both 3gs and 9700

Everytime I click on the Application button, it states that the update server is down. It has been like this for weeks, I thought the new update might fix that but alas it didn't. Anyone have a thought?

Can anyone tell me if the new update to bb desktop for mac finally allows one way sync from blackberry to mac?

Thanks in advance.