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BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac

BlackBerry 101: BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac
By Gary Mazo on 9 Sep 2009 02:17 pm EDT

[ Note from Kevin: We know a lot of you were excited to see the Facebook note and tweet from @BlackBerry today that Desktop Manager for Mac was now available. While that didn't pan out and it's not officially available yet, we figured we'd bring you a little DM for Mac fix via a BlackBerry 101 article. Our pal Gary Mazo, VP and Partner of Made Simple Learning put this one together, which will actually be a chapter in their future BlackBerry books. But you're getting it here first for free! Thanks Gary!! ]

For years, Windows users have enjoyed the seamless Synchronization of their contacts, calendar, notes and tasks with their PC via the BlackBerry® Desktop Manager Software. Now, for the first time, this "piece of mind" that comes with knowing your data is fully "backed up" is available to the Mac® user.

If you are a Windows user, this will seem familiar, yet very much streamlined for the Mac. If you have never used BlackBerry Desktop Manager, you will now be able to not only synchronize your data, but you will be able to backup, restore, Sync your iTunes® playlists and more.

Download Desktop Manager for Mac

While still in Beta format, the full version of the Desktop Manager for Mac software will be available here:
Fill out the required information on the download page and then click to download the install file.

Once the file is downloaded, you will presented with the following screen.


Double click the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.mpkg file to begin the installation process. Your Mac will display the following warning message -


Select "Continue" to move forwards with the installation process.

NOTE: If you have been using either Pocket Mac or The Missing Sync to synchronize your BlackBerry with the Mac you will receive another warning note letting you know that in order to proceed, the connection between your BlackBerry and the 3rd party synchronization software will need to be discontinued.


The installation process will begin. Follow the on-screen prompts as your Mac installs the new Desktop Manager Software.


Read the Software license (or just agree to usage) and you can then proceed.


Choose the Location of the Install

For most Mac users, only one drive will be shown - but it is possible that you might have more than one possible location for the install. Choose the correct drive and click "Continue."


Input your Password

If you have a "Password" set on your Mac, you will be prompted to enter it at this time in order to proceed with the installation.


Restart the Computer when done

You will be asked to "Restart" when the installation is complete - just agree to this by clicking "Continue Installation."


Before the Restart, you should see the following screen indicating that the software was installed successfully.


Setting up the BlackBerry as a Modem

Once the computer restarts, plug in your BlackBerry and put it into "Mass Storage Mode" if it doesn't automatically do this. A screen that can be a bit confusing will then prompt you. Your Mac will see the BlackBerry as a new "Network Interface" and attempt to configure it as a dial up modem for tethering.

If you have a "Tethering" plan with your carrier, you can continue with the setup and choose "Network Preferences." If you do not use your BlackBerry as a Modem, just click on "Cancel." If you would like to configure your BlackBerry as a Modem and have all the necessary information, just look at the very end of this guide for more details.

Network Interface

Using your BlackBerry in Mass Storage Mode

Once connected, your Mac will see your BlackBerry as a "Mass Storage Device" and mount it as an external drive. The Mac will be able to identify what kind of BlackBerry you have put the name of the BlackBerry in the icon on your desktop.


The BlackBerry will also be visible if you click on your "Finder" icon in the dock. It will be listed under "Devices."


"Explore" the drive

"Right Click" on the icon for the BlackBerry and choose "Open" - or "Double Click" on the desktop icon and open the drive.

Now, you can explore your BlackBerry as you would any drive. You can copy Pictures, Music or Video files by just "Dragging and dropping" to the correct folder - or you can "Delete" files from your BlackBerry by clicking on the appropriate folder, selecting a file or files and dragging them to the trash.
NOTE: Your Music, Video, Ringtone and Picture files are located in the folder called "BlackBerry."


Starting Desktop Manager for the First Time

To locate the Desktop Manager App, click on the "Finder" icon and then click on your "Applications" icon. The BlackBerry Desktop Manager icon will be in your Applications directory.


Double click the BlackBerry Desktop Manager App and the welcome screen will appear showing you information about your particular BlackBerry.

Welcome Message

Choose How to Synchronize

One very helpful feature of the new Desktop Manager Software is that that you can make a choice in the "This Device is Synchronized" field. If you Synchronize your BlackBerry with other computers, a Network server, Google Sync for Calendar or Contacts - just choose the "with other computers" option. What this does is remove the "automatic sync" option, which can often result in duplicate entries in both your BlackBerry and desktop computer when you try to Sync with multiple machines.

If you are only planning on syncing your BlackBerry with this one Mac, you can choose the "with this computer only" option.

Main View in Desktop Manager

Desktop Manager will show you a picture of your BlackBerry device and a clean interface displaying "Information" along the left hand bar and "Commands" along to top bar.


Using Desktop Manager

One of the first things you will notice is the "Device Options" button below the picture of your BlackBerry. Clicking on this brings you to a very clean "Options" screen.

Device Options

Device Options

You can rename your device if you like (the default is simply your model and PIN number.) If you want to "Automatically Sync" your device each time you connect - just put a check mark in the first radio box. If you want to see a desktop icon showing your BlackBerry as an external disk - just check off the second radio box.

Device is Synchronized As...

Once again, you have the option of choosing whether you BlackBerry syncs only with this Mac or with other computers. Since my BlackBerry syncs with my PC and with my Google account, I have the "With other computers" option selected to avoid duplicating entries in my contacts and calendars.

Backup Options

Click on "Backup" along to tabs on the top of the Device Options screen.

Device Options

If you want to create a backup each time you connect your device - just check off the "Automatically back up..." box. You can then specify exactly what you wish to be backed up. We cover the Backup options a little further down.

Media Options

The third and final tab along the top is for setting the "Media Options" within Desktop Manager.

Device Options

By default, Desktop Manager will reserve 10% of the space on your Media Card for Non-Media data. You can adjust this amount in the box. The smaller the number you input, the more space you will have for media files on the Media card.

Delete All Music

Click on the "Delete" button under the "Delete all music on device..." statement and you can remove any or all music that is stored on your device.

"Why would you want to do that?" Let's say that you have been dragging and dropping music on your BlackBerry (which was one of the only options for Mac users unless you were using Pocket Mac or the Missing Sync.) Or, let's say you were using a program like the Missing Sync (which would sync iTunes playlists, but did not bring in the album art.)

You now have the option of syncing your iTunes playlists complete with album art, so, you might want to "start fresh" and get rid of the other music on your BlackBerry.

Sync Options

Going back to the main screen of Desktop Manager, look at the left hand row of options under where it says "information."

Sync Options

This is where you set the "Sync Options" for the Calendar, Contacts, Notes and Tasks. Just click any one (we will start with the Calendar) and you will be taken to the Sync setup screen.

Setting the Sync Options

This screen has a similar look and feel the calendar Sync screen within iTunes® for those who are familiar with syncing an iPhone® and a Mac.


Desktop Manager will notice all the calendars you have on your BlackBerry. Since I use Google Calendar, I have lots of different calendars, all set to a unique color and this is reflected in my list of calendars.

Click on the box with the Sync Calendar option. This icon shows that at this present time, I don't want to "Sync" my BlackBerry calendar with the Mac. If I click on the box and select the next item in the dropdown, the picture will change to show that now I desire a two-way sync between the Mac Calendar and the BlackBerry calendar.

I can also select into which calendar I want events to go that I create on my Blackberry. The default is my "Business" calendar - but that can be changed to any calendar that you have set up on the device.

Advanced Settings

Like Desktop Manager for the PC, you can specify as to whether you want to sync "All events," "Only Future Events," or you can set individual parameters for Synchronization.

To replace all calendar events on the BlackBerry with events from your Mac's calendar, just click the radio box at the bottom of the screen.

Syncing Calendar, Notes and Tasks

The procedure for setting the Sync Options for the Contacts, Tasks and Notes is identical to what we just saw above. The only thing that changes are the "groups" or "events" to choose within each categories.


In this screen, we see that we can click next to "Sync Contacts" just as we did above and choose either to not Sync with the Mac or to perform a two way sync.

We can then select to sync either "All Contacts and groups" or only "Selected groups" from our Address book.

Backup and Restore

One of the great features now available to Mac users is the ability to "Backup" and "Restore" either you entire BlackBerry contents or just selected information on your Mac. "Backup" and "Restore" begins with the two icons at the top of the main screen in Desktop Manager. 

Using Backup

Click on the "Backup" icon and you will be taken to the next screen where you specify exactly which information you wish to be backup up on your Mac.


Select either "all data" or "Selected data" and then choose exactly which items you wish to backup.
Let's say that you are only really concerned with "Backing Up" your contacts, calendar and notes - just check off each of those boxes and your backup will take much shorter to complete.

You can specific the name of your Backup for easy retrieval in the future.

Once you have made all your backup selections, just click the "Back Up" button and the progress of the backup will be displayed in a dialogue box.

Backup Progress

Restoring from Backup

We all know that sometimes, unexplained things happen and we lose information in our BlackBerry. Maybe we try to update the OS and make a mistake or maybe we Sync with other computers and the information gets corrupted. Now, Mac users have a reliable and safe way to "restore" data on their devices. Just click on the "Restore" icon along the top row of the main screen in Desktop Manager.

You will then be taken to the "Restore" options screen.


If you have made a backup file on your Mac (which is required so you have a file you can restore) it will be shown in the top box under "Backup File." If you have multiple backup files they will all be listed here.

Just choose the file from which you wish to restore information (or, if you did a selective backup, selected data will be displayed in the second screen below.)

Just click the "Restore" button and your BlackBerry will be restored just as it was when you made the Backup file.

Syncing Music

BlackBerry Desktop Manager allows you to Sync your iTunes playlists right onto the media card of your BlackBerry. Just click the Music Icon under the "Media" line along the left hand column of the main screen.

You will then be taken to the "Music Sync" screen. There are some very nice options in this screen.


Like iTunes® you can choose to sync "All Songs and Playlists" or "Selected Playlists." Just place a checkmark in the "Sync Music" box and you can then select which playlists you wish to Sync between your Mac and your BlackBerry.

Place a checkmark in the "Add random music to free space" box and additions songs will randomly be placed on to the media card.

In this screen, you can see that I just selected four playlists that I wanted on my BlackBerry - so I placed check marks in the appropriate boxes.


Click the "Sync" icon at the top right of the screen to perform the Music Sync to your BlackBerry.

Add or Remove Applications

For the first time, Mac users will be able to add or remove applications on their device from the Desktop Manager environment.

Click on the "Applications" icon shown above and you will be taken to the "Applications" screen in Desktop Manager.


To check for updates - just click the "Check for Updates" button in the lower left hand corner.

Place a check mark in any application that isn't checked already, and it will be installed on your device. Conversely, "uncheck" any box, and that application will be removed from your BlackBerry.

Click the "Start" button and the selected or deselected applications will be either installed or uninstalled depending on your selection.

NOTE: it is always a good idea to perform a backup both before and after you add or delete applications from the Device.

Setting up the BlackBerry as a Modem

As we mentioned at the beginning of this guide, once the computer restarts, plug in your BlackBerry and put it into "Mass Storage Mode" if it doesn't automatically do this. Your Mac will see the BlackBerry as a new "Network Interface" and attempt to configure it as a dial up modem for tethering.

If you have a "Tethering" plan with your carrier, you can continue with the setup and choose "Network Preferences.


Network Preferences

Fill in your Phone number, account name and password in the appropriate boxes to begin the configuration process. You might need to click on the "Advanced" tab to input additional information.

NOTE: only proceed with these steps if you have configured your BlackBerry as a modem before and have all the necessary carrier strings provided by your wireless provider.


The Advanced options screen will have tabs along the top for "Modem," "DNS," "WINS," "Proxies" and "PPP" settings.


Make sure you have all the information from your wireless carrier and that you have a "tethering" plan in place, or else you might be hit with huge data charges. For more specific information on carrier modem strings and tethering configuration, look on the forums at



first to comment... even though i use a PC i'll share the news.


can't wait to finally use it


I am only commenting because the Curve 8900 is


upset we aren't gettin the DM!


Been using the beta for 3 weeks now and it is fantastic....The MACBook pro and blackberry storm play VERY WELL together !!!
Cannot wait for the legit version


can't wait for official version. My Bold and Mac have now officially eloped and I dont ever have to use my fiance's pc again. oooohhhhh yeeeeaaa


Can this sync through Bluetooth?? if not I'll have to stay on MissingSync till that gets worked out..


how can install a beta o.s? because all beta are in .exe format and dont work in mac !!


I am a Mac user and brand new BB user and I want to say that this site rules! Thanks a zillion times for all the great info you guys post! Awesome!

I have been playing with the beta version and it seems to work okay. I am waiting too for the final version. Been trying to update the system on my 8520 but that does not seem to work yet.

Hope the final version will show up very, very soon.


When I connect my Storm, I have 2 icons on my desktop. One like the one shown above and another one called "Blackberry1". When I explore them, the first one seems to be my memory card and the second one seems to be the internal memory. This can't be right. And yes, I do have Mass Storage Mode on.

After playing with it all weekend, I did get it to sync my Calendar and Notes once. The next day it was coming up with "Sync Errors". Contacts never synced.

This reminds me exactly of Missing Sync. PocketMac worked better. It did Calendars and Contacts with Entourage and Notes with Sticky Notes.

I'm running Snow Leopard and a hybrid BB OS.


The beta version doesnt work on my OS =(


so how do we LOAD an unofficial OS on this thing?


when "exploring" your device as if it were a disk can you delete contacts?? this would help solve a few problems i am having and i know others are having. Only one way to find out i guess.


I have two icons on my desktop also , what does this mean ? I upgrade the OS on my Bold. The only problem I had is a new calender called "Device default"and double entries with one of the calenders. I had to delete some stuff .




How can I just back-up my 3rd party apps?


first time i had it installed it wouldnt detect my Storm after the first time after i hit the Eject button in DM so now i just eject the two drives from the finder menu so i don't have the same problem.

And songs from bought from itunes will not sync though unless you convert them into an unprotected format.

Other then that I would say it works pretty good. Will be nice if we can get it to work with beta OS's.


Is it the same version that was leaked before?

Bold Addiction

no offense to rim but they need to start designing their own stuff. this desktop manager for mac and the app world are way way way too similar to how apple has setup itunes and the app store


This walk-thru is awesome but it does not address syncing contacts to entourage. I have been playing with it and the Entourage option never appears in the contacts area. I hope this is just the Beta version not final that has this problem.

I can sync Calender, notes, etc to Entourage but not contacts which kinda sucks.


How did you guys get the beta? I can't find it on the blackberry website. It just offers up a download of PocketMac for Blackberry.

can someone PM me a link?


Great lookng app for Macs... but why does this look SO much better than DM for Windows?


I'm having the same problem. It just has the links for pocketmac.


Anyone know why there is no option to back up and transfer your photos? I have Missing Sync fort Blackberry and it fails to ever transfer my photos and often cannot find iPhoto. I hope Blackberry will eventually support photos in this software.


Well I've been playing with the Mac BB Desktop and its great, its just missing iPhoto integration. They got the iTunes part but their needs to be an easier way to automatically launch iPhoto when you connect the blackberry (like it does with the iPhone). MissingSync did a pretty good job of this and to fully replace that software BB needs to add this in (IMO). Anyone else bugged by this?


Apparently in the 2 hours I was without internet someone had the same problem... Sorry for the repeat. Clearly this is an issue. iPhoto Support Please :)




how will this work with leak OS's as most are in .exe format which wont work on macs.


Ok, now work out any bugs on this one and give us some Linux Love.....


Will this work for PowerPC based Mac's??

Makram Ghais

After i synced my curve 8900 with the Mac DM Beta version i realized i can't edit my contacts from my phone! What would the problem be? =(


Thanks for this post. I don't have a Mac (still using PC), but just in case I get one I'll make sure to remember your post.


Hi all,

I'm on the page, but as someone else said: i only see links for pocketmac. is there an actual link to the dng itself? thanks :)


Here is the link to download the leaked version.

Its a Rapidshare link. Enjoy.


So how do we backup 3rd part apps like themes only?


Way to drop the ball RIM. Ver 10.5.5 is required to run this. I will not be able to rub this on my G4 Powerbook since the maximum OS upgrade is 10.4. Guess I have been waiting for nothing.


On the PC, Blackberry Desktop Manager will recognize Podcasts as a "Playlist" and allow you to sync them from iTunes to your BB, sadly; this is "NOT" true on the MAC version of Desktop Mgr...



Just curious, how many Mac users actually have blackberrys and not iPhones?


Prob most anyone in mountainous areas where AT&T has an in adequate signal for elevation. Blackberries with a CDMA signal are ideal for lots of hills and mountains. iPhone should be on CDMA in about a year. Love my Storm though I am on the fence if I want to give it up.

You have never heard of Apples and Berries?


Prob most anyone in mountainous areas where AT&T has an in adequate signal for elevation. Blackberries with a CDMA signal are ideal for lots of hills and mountains. iPhone should be on CDMA in about a year. Love my Storm though I am on the fence if I want to give it up.

You have never heard of Apples and Berries?


Prob most anyone in mountainous areas where AT&T has an in adequate signal for elevation. Blackberries with a CDMA signal are ideal for lots of hills and mountains. iPhone should be on CDMA in about a year. Love my Storm though I am on the fence if I want to give it up.

You have never heard of Apples and Berries?


Triple post. Way to go. You have never heard of spam and fail?
I know that our founder uses a Mac and (obviously) a BlackBerry. I, personally, like the millions of programs, power, and customization that Windows offers. And if you know how to maintain it, Windows won't give you grief. But Macs are simple devices, so that's why many people tend to go to them.


I'm about to install the desktop manager for macs on my macbook but only want to do so after I have definitively discontinued automatic syncing between Gmail calendar/contacts and my blackberry.

For some reason, I can't figure out how to turn it off. What do I need to do on the blackberry? What should I do in the gmail program?


I have a curve 8330 and downloaded the mac dm (beta) and it is working great!!
I had some issues with my bb (we'll call it "a") so they sent me a refurbished one (we'll call "b") and so I plugged in "b" to my mac, hoping that it would recognize it. It didn't, and I have NO IDEA how to transfer ALL my info, (cal, contacts, emails, etc) from "a" to "b". If anybody can help me, I would GREATLY be appreciative!! TIA

Michael M#CB

I tried the Beta version and it took all of my Entourage contacts away. I saw a couple of posts from people with similar issues - I went back to Pocket Mac. I hope that is fixed.


Coming in September? Only 2 more days in September? It's always more professional when you hit your promised deadlines.


I'm using the software, and it prompted me to update my phone software. It did a complete backup but doesn't seem to have backed up my 3rd party apps, such as Exgis Time Tracker. I have a restore file, but it seems to only be for the basic phone apps. I guess I should have backed up each 3rd party app to my memory card first. How did I lose my third party app data?


I'm using the software, and it prompted me to update my phone software. It did a complete backup but doesn't seem to have backed up my 3rd party apps, such as Exgis Time Tracker. I have a restore file, but it seems to only be for the basic phone apps. I guess I should have backed up each 3rd party app to my memory card first. How did I lose my third party app data?


I'm using the software, and it prompted me to update my phone software. It did a complete backup but doesn't seem to have backed up my 3rd party apps, such as Exgis Time Tracker. I have a restore file, but it seems to only be for the basic phone apps. I guess I should have backed up each 3rd party app to my memory card first. How did I lose my third party app data?


I'm using the software, and it prompted me to update my phone software. It did a complete backup but doesn't seem to have backed up my 3rd party apps, such as Exgis Time Tracker. I have a restore file, but it seems to only be for the basic phone apps. I guess I should have backed up each 3rd party app to my memory card first. How did I lose my third party app data?


Sorry for the repeat posts. Please delete the extra ones.


The only option I have for notes syncing is 'Apple Mail Notes'. I'm on a Mac OS 10.5, Storm, and have my notes in a Mark/Space Notebook right now. I know I'll probably have to abandon the Mark/Space, but why isn't entourage an option?


how do i get my contacts from BB to MAC?


I advise that you get a different phone. The folks at RIM are not doing the right thing for Mac users. The software they've provided for desktop management and backup is so flawed that it really is not acceptable.


comment above = fail.

are other phone manufacturers so THREATENED BY BLACKBERRY that they need to send these fools over to convince the intelligent to become dumb?

wow. you so fail.


is there a way to remove my company's IT policy that they put on the phone using a mac?


You guys should upload a video on how to fix a nuked BB on a Mac


i am using a bb curve + mac o2 10.5.8 and it works pretty good by now.
when syncing adressbook some fields are not transfered from mac to bb ... is this still not fixed in this version?


Ooops! Posted in the wrong place, sorry.


My address book suddenly refuses to import the contacts to my blackberry via the desktop manager. the calendar syncs ok. the desktop manager has previously imported the address book contacts. any suggestions?


totally love this post, very helpful and detailed.

i think you might need to add in the part of the "password"and how it's the same as the device, but before you press alt (so it's it a number, it's the keyboard letter on the number.


I use OS X 10.6.3 Snow Leopard and the new Blackberry Desktop Manager Ver 1.0.3 and I am very impressed. It looks like Blackberry is finally showing us a little MAC love! This is so simple.

1. I plug my Blackberry Storm II into my USB.

2. Open "Finder." It shows up in "Finder" as 2 different mass storage devices. Blackberry 1 is the device (or phone). Blackberry 2 is the storage card. You want to use the storage card whenever you can since you have lots of room on the card.

3. Next thing I do is open iPhoto and drag the picture, picture(s) or folder over to "Blackberry 2" in Finder...and that's it!

The photos are stored in the Blackberry under Media (photos).


I read and followed each direction on this page - the icon appears when I connect my Tour but when I open desktop manager I am not able to sync because it says my device is not connected. This id sooooooooo frustrating.

I already tried and gave up on Pocketmac...due to too many duplicates and was happy to have found this page with such clear instructions....too bad it still doesn't work right.


Hi there

Does anyone know how to find the Desktop manager app on the Black Berry.

I synced with my imac and have the Desktop manager app on it but its not on the phone in applications folder and the in the help section it says it will be in the apps folder,




tll me please, how do I downlad images from my Blackberry to MAC through this thing?


How come there is no way to sync the Blackberry to the MAC in one direction (completely overwrite what's on the MAC)? The PC version of the Blackberry Desktop Manager has this as an option. I'm getting tons of duplication and overwrite. I make an update in my Blackberry and when I sync it with the software my updates are gone. This is really bad for my business. Please help! Am I doing something wrong? I just updated the most recent version of BB Desktop Software. Thanks!


ALL contacts on my BB9300 have been deleted after sync with Mac Book Air!! HELP!
I have had continuous problems syncing my BB9300 to the Mac. The latest 'issue' is this:
1. Calendar/Tasks/Memos are syncing to iCAL/iToDo/iNotes.
2. No synchronization of BB contacts with MAC iAddresses. Luckily I can still find my original contacts on iAddresses on the Mac.
I have been knocking my head with this for 2 months, had consultants look into this, upgraded from BB8900 to 9300 at one's suggestion, checked out the new Mac at the Apple Store Genius Bar. I do not wish to buy a 3rd phone in 6 months.
Any suggestions, please?
This was before we had the BB outage in Europe since 10Oct2011!


Any way to do the following:

1. On the BB allow wireless syncing of your calendar. (So the calendar on my BB stays in sync with my Novell Groupwise calendar at work).

2. Connect BB to Mac desktop manager and have the BB sync the calendar on my BB to iCal without telling the BB to NOT sync wirelessly?

I'm trying to have my work Novell Groupwise calendar, my work BB calendar and my personal Mac laptop all have the same Calendar info.



Anyone know where I can find this old version. When you click on link takes you to the latest 10.6 mac version.