BlackBerry Desktop Manager Coming to Mac? Let's Hope!

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Feb 2008 12:51 pm EST

Mac BlackBerry Desktop Manager

OK, so we have to mark this as pure speculation and rumor right now, but when I read the following forum post I just couldn't help but get warm and fuzzy feelings inside (and I'm sure all you other Mac users will feel the same way!) and just had to share it in the blogs:

"RIM working on a program for Mac users
Hi all. Spoke to a T-mobile BB rep yesterday and he told me that the BB rep was just in there and let them know that RIM is working on a new Desktop Manager for Mac. Finally!! Also, he doesn't know when it will be ready, but RIM feels that more people are going toward the Mac and so they feel it's worth it to come up with a DM for the Mac. Let's hope it's for real!!"

I hope this rumor turns out to be fact, and sooner than later. It's one of those things you just know someone at RIM MUST be working on. CTIA is coming up at the end of o man would that be a great announcement from RIM - BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac. My fingers are crossed, though I'm guessing it's more likely to be announced at CTIA 2009 vs. 2008. :-)

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BlackBerry Desktop Manager Coming to Mac? Let's Hope!


About time I can't wait to really sync all info without using third party software that only works when it wants to.

I hope when they come out with this update it well let you do more,like install themes,music.I use a Mac Book and I well NEVER go back to PC!So lets hope RIM gets it right.

Kind of defeats the last reason I have NOT to get a Mac, except the fact that I have no money at the moment.

That would be great to have a Desktop manager. I am constantly trying to do what I could on my PC with missing sync or pocketmac and being disappointed. I will cheer the day it is released.

Haha, yeah they best get a move on. Mac users are very loyal to Apple. And the iPhone is pretty darn appealing to a majority of people. To lose that group is a disaster IMO. Plus, with the popularity of the iPhone, imagine if Apple gets an equivalent "BES" type server.

Put loyalty + Apple friendly "BES" server together + iPhone and it equals to a big hit in the RMI market hold.

Besides I never got why people don't make software for both platforms. Why limit your options and prove you are "anti-whatever" platform? AutoDesk (producer of AutoCAD) does an equally piss poor job of supporting the Mac community.

Hey, I'm a Mac fanboy, but use a BB8830. If I could afford an iPhone I'd probably use it for my "weekend" phone. M-F I'd be running with the BB in order to keep up with rapid fire e-mail. The BB give me enough other features. I just wish it had the slick browser the iPhone has.

I cannot wait/am hoping for a true native Mac solution for syncing and installing apps on my Blackberry. This is the one tidbit I tend to leave off when suggesting a Blackberry to a friend who owns a mac (of which I have quite a few).

I was able to get my contacts from my Mac to the computer, but I just got lucky I think. Trying to install and remove apps is an exercise in futility.

Blackberrys are the Macs of the phone world in my opinion.

@PocketMac: PocketMac is garbage, horrible, horrible software. Never works/syncs. Installing software is a joke, and trying to remove software if you're lucky enough to install it is also a joke. I ended up just wiping my BB clean and running the software at work. Fortunately I got an admin to hook me up with admin rights.

This is the best news I have heard in a long time. I was starting to think that Blackberry Mac users were doomed to a life on the fringes: ignored by both RIM and Apple.

I LOVE my Pearl and my macbook, and have no plans of leaving either for the alternatives. I will be celebrating for days if a truly usable syncing option comes to pass.

p.s. - Missing Sync and Pocketmac SUCK

I would love to see this happen. PocketMac just doesn't cut it, it's at best a quick fix and the Mac users shouldn't have to suffer.

I was tempted to get an iphone but I hate Att. I would love if rim would cater to the mac users out there. I am a computer programmer and a windows diagnostic professional, but love my mac.

Hurry up RIM

Isn't PocketMac good enough? I haven't used it before since my business is all done through Outlook on my work PC. Judging from this entry, maybe not too many people like it.

poketmac for blackberry is just crap, if you use it, you can't make a software update for your BB... that's enough for me...


Hi Kevin,

Have they mentioned any word of this at CTIA? I'd appreciate any info since this Feb posting.

Thank you!

Anymore word on this. I am getting kindda sick of loading my vm windows just to sync music.

And pocketmac is a joke. It cant move my songs to my flash card. Instead it puts in in my device then I have to move them as its copying just so there is enough room to move all the music as I want.

Instead of hearing rumors, it'd be nice to know that there was actually something concrete in RIMs pipeline for Mac. To date, all available syncing options for Macs are a joke at best.

You have PocketMac, which based on what I've read is the equivalent to a massive migraine and Missing Sync which seems to be in the business of taking your money for an application that causes more harm than good.

What I find pathetic is that the people that make both of these applications KNOW they dont work as they should and dont do enough to correct it. So that leaves all Mac users looking to RIM to do something for us.

RIM cant possibly believe that all BlackBerry users all have access to windows PC's.....many DONT!
Apple cant possibly believe that all Mac users want an iPhone....many DONT!

I really want something better than pocketmac.
This is frustrating.
I think blackberry should not be abandoning customers like this. Knowing that they are loyal to mac and PC users would be good.

Trying to sync my BB8220 with my MacBook Pro ended up wasting a huge amount of time! I don't even bother trying to sync anymore. Trying to sync with PocketMac resulted in duplicate entries of each contact and each calendar entry. Tried wiping and re-syncing, but same mess happened. Then later it wouldn't sync updated contacts or new contacts; nor would it sync phone contacts/events back to my Mac! Don't know if it's the phone or the app, but I suspect PocketMac is the piece of crap in this dilemma!
Just wanted to add my two-cents' worth, hoping that another voice might add some impetus to get a Mac Desktop Mgr developed! Come on RIM!! Get 'er done!!

Just bought a Curve 8900 and I cannot believe that I cannot sync it with iSync (come on, it's 2009. I could do this easily with my old Motorola Razr..)

Anyway, I try to found a workround and heard of PocketMac. This prog is crap. Like many of you, I got duplicates in my contacts. Can't believe that RIM support this application.

I also try Missing Sync. Works really well for me, no problem at all (sync contacts, calendar and folders like ringtones on my memory card). But my trial period ended. Maybe I will have to buy it if I have no news from RIM about Desktop Manager for Mac...