BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6 now available for download

By Adam Zeis on 10 Aug 2010 12:24 pm EDT
Desktop Manager 6

After a few weeks of waiting and a leak or two, BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6 is now available for download. This version is for the PC, so Mac users are still left with what they have. The latest and greatest adds some cool features and a totally revamped design as well as support for the Torch 9800. Updates include:

  • An improved, simpler design for the software
  • Added BlackBerry Media Sync features to import and synchronize your media files (music, pictures, and videos) from one location
  • Option to synchronize your music by artist and genre
  • Support for the BlackBerry® Torch 9800 Smartphone and the BlackBerry Curve 9300 Smartphone
  • If your device is using BlackBerry Device Software 6.0, you can use the Wi-Fi music sync feature to download or remove songs from your computer's music collection using your device when you connect to your home's Wi-Fi network

You still have all the fun of the old desktop manager software with some newness mixed in. Hit the link below to download.

Downoad BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6 for PC

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BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6 now available for download


The leaked version does. Not sure about this one. I did notice that I can't sync my add-ins (at least with the leaked version) like I could with version 5 DM. I use Ascendo DataVault and wasn't able to sync it with my home PC using DM 6.

edit: this one allows me to sync add-ins.

edit 2: Oh yeah, Office 2010 32bit only. I forgot about that. You can always re-install Office 2010 32bit instead of the 64 bit version. That is what MS recommends anyway.

I don't believe Office 2010 is 32bit only and I can confirm as well that it clearly states when you attempt to use "Enterprise Email" and select outlook it shows a warning indicating that "The 64-bit version of Microsoft Outlook is not currently supported for Enterprise Email"

In Version 6 of the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, RIM appears to have removed an API used by DataVault for synchronization. We have contact RIM but but there doesn't seem to be an immediate fix.

For now, the best options we can propose are;
- Synchronize DatatVault over Wifi or email. Detailed instructions can be found in the user guide and troubleshooting FAQ, see link below.
- Install version 5 of the BlackBerry Desktop Manager and the DataVault add-in will appear in version 6, or simply go back to using version 5. To download version 5, click on the link below and select “BlackBerry Desktop Software v5...” from the drop-down list.

We are working diligently to find a seamless solution for version 6 of the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. Thank you for your comprehension.

Marc Bolh, CEO Ascendo

I uninstalled everything then installed BB DM 6.0 and then BB DM 5 on top of it. DM 6.0 is noew syncing Data Vault. This was a real problem as I need to update MS Office to 2010 and DM 5 will not support it. I really appreciate you posting this. Thanks again.

*sigh* I just installed it and when I tried to configure the sync, a window popped up and says that it detected a 64bit Office install and it needs 32bit installed to sync with Office. I was hoping this would be fixed in DM 6...

The software does work on a 64-bit OS, but it WILL NOT sync to 64-bit Office.

If you try to sync to 64-bit Outlook 2010 you get an error stating it is not compatible with the 64-bit version.

Hope to get the Tourch on Thursday so I am downloading this now. Hope they have some still in stock when I get there during my lunch hour.

I want to know as well. I don't want to uninstall the beta and reinstall this if its the same thing.

EDIT: 600_b032 was the beta leak. This one is 600_b042. While the features are still the same, it looks to be an updated version.

Anyone know what this is about?

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a BlackBerry Enterprise Server user, do not install BlackBerry Desktop Software v6.0 before consulting your administrator or referring to KB23745

Likely because you don't need the sync features Desktop Manager offers, and your IT department might want to control when you get updates.

Same here. I already had Bing Maps 3D and it would not let me install BBDM until I uninstalled Bing. RIM and Micro$oft working together?

I'm stickin with 5.0 until 6.0 includes Roxio -- or can convert videos for playback on the BB.

I am a BES user but sync email and calendar through BES but synce my contact memo and to do list though Desktop manager. do I still need to contact my system admin?

something about a Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package i need to download. I tried to download it, via the installation from DM6 and from the microsoft site with no luck..

any suggestions?

PC version has more options like switch device wizard, and application loader that the Mac version does not.

so i got the new dm and when i do a backup it takes forever once i get to the bbm groups part. it just stays there forever and does not move. is anyone else having this issue?

Nice... no more Beta testing version. would like to see what if any changes were made from the past build.

and the 9700 prob won't get the OS6 for a few months at least.

im wondering what is new except a new look and added support for Torch and all...guess i'll have to check it out at home later.

That's the right, if there gonna bring up the OS6 to the 9700 and other compatible devices in the next couple of months.
I don't think RIM would do that.

What, are they running 2600k baud external modems on that server? Everyone must be trying to grab it... 100MB! and it's coming down at 250kbps... nap time.

i downloaded it and once the download was finished the WinZip started. then the display management started for my monitor. no the DM^ installation. i did it twice and it did the same thing. anyone no why this is????????????????????????????????????????.........i deleted my beta version before i downloaded the official version

I have a feeling the mini CD just like with the Pearl 3G is going to point you toward the download that we're all using linked on this blog post ;-)

Sorry for being dumb - WHO is v. 6.0 for? Anyone pls answer? I just got a 9700 (8520 had NO avail updates for O.S.) & had (4) "552" errors since June 4 ... (So um a lil behind here) ?/? ?? !!!

When will we have news about 6.0 being released on the other blackberries(bold 9700, bold9650, Pearl 9100) i just want to enjoy what newer blackberries will have!

I have been testing a version of OS 6 for 9700 and it's a bit slow. The device is just not really built to have an OS which uses so much of its internal memory.

they are right that a device should have 512mb to really support OS6. It's not horrible on the 9700, just not fantastic.

Plus its a really early build, so there are a ton of bugs!

The only way I could update was within the BBDM itself. Every time I went to intall from the RIM installer I downloaded it would try to update Bing Maps 3D. Prob a bug in the installer.

I am not able to select any check boxes in Organizer (Calendar, Memo Pad, Address Book or Task).
I click on "Configure Settings" and then I get message box that reads "Determining the root configuration name for root system" and then an Intellisync UNKNOWN ERROR popup.

My blackberry Storm2 9550 is not registered with my company's Enterprise Email but I should still be able to sync my calendar (I was with the previous version of DM).

Would appreciate any help or thoughts on this.

Issue Solve!
I realized that the previous version (5.0) was still on my computer so I uninstalled it and now everything is right in the world again.
You would think that during the installation upgrade they would uninstall older versions...seems pretty elementary, but who am I to say.

I'm getting a similar issue with Outlook 2002 sync. The first time I set it up only messages and contacts were set to sync. Tried to configure and both calendar and tasks keep defaulting back to unchecked. Going back to DM 5 for now.

After extracting the file, the executable file says it wants to install Norton 360 and that it's not compatible with Windows. Anybody else getting that message?

Ok I downloaded a couple times to make sure I am not dreaming. It keeps wanting to install Pirates of the Burning Sea MMO. Though a pretty cool game... I am sooooo confused. LOL

Don't tell me that everyone is downloading it from Just go to your desktop manager and then update it and it takes like 2 min to dl and install.

Just installed by "updating" DM5. Got a prompt while in DM6 to update software for my Bold 9000. Sweet!

They fixed the outlook Mapi issues. i can finally sync my fecking bb with outlook, not outlook express!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I got an error message that said that it would not work with my current operating system the first time, then ran it again and it worked like a charm.

I have to say it is pretty to look at, yessir.

Cool the .797 update (9530) was found and updated with the new DM6. so far so good, still have to see if it will sync with Outlook 2010.

Anyone know how to fix "media services are not available - you need to turn on mass storage".

You want Mac owners to pay good money month after month to have one of your devices yet you refuse - yes, refuse - to pay someone to code a decent Mac DM.

So we give you money and you give us nothing.

Now you could do this. You have the money. But you actively choose not to. Someone somewhere in your company says "Hey, why waste money on that Apple stuff, no-one uses it". Try telling him to look at stats?

Or just come out and say "Hey, we don't care, get an iphone"

So - why should we pay for your phone when you give us less?

Everything was going fine til I tried to update the apps and the "apply" button won't work. The one thing I did notice it is says "Exceeded available storage", but it appears to show more storage available.

Anyone have any ideas? Thx

tried it - duplicated 1/2 of my contacts when syncing. Keeps crashing near the end of either syncing, back ups or restores!!

so i downloaded it and when i try to install it, i get a "this is not a valid win32 program." anyone else have this issue?

The latest Desktop Manager version does not sync with 64-bit version of Microsoft Office 2010. Just tried it and the Desktop Manager says that only 32 bit Office 2010 is supported. I was hoping that this version would be compatible.

This was installed on Windows 7 x64 OS.

From Blackberry's tech support:
"Currently, BlackBerry Desktop Manager 5.0.1 and Desktop Software 6.0 do not support Microsoft Outlook 2010 64-bit version for mailbox connectivity and synchronization of organizer data such as Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and Memos. BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.0 provides support for Microsoft Outlook 2010 32-bit version only. Support for Microsoft Outlook 2010 64-bit version will be available in 2011."

Here's the link:

There does seem to be a problem with the previous Desktop Manager version not automatically uninstalling. Even manually removing it doesn't help.

Anyone ever seen this? Cannot update software, desktop 5.01 stopped reading what apps are on phone. So i just upgraded to 6.0 desktop pc and it just hangs and no option to update software - greyed out. Any help ?? pin 20899fb5

The organizer sync would not work at all with my Curve 8530 on Virgin Mobile. I'm glad that it didn't replace the previous version of the desktop software.

my phone says it's on, but this desktop manager says I need to turn it on. I just tuened it off then on again, and same thing. WTF?

Where is the device change wizard? Going from one BB to another was a breeze with the old software...cant find it in this new version.


I think i will stick to DM5 till a very stable version of DM6 rolls out, i don't understand why RIM is so hurried about releasing every new piece of software.
Take some time and compile a working build with very minimum defects.

"I got an error message that said that it would not work with my current operating system the first time, then ran it again and it worked like a charm.

I have to say it is pretty to look at, yessir."

i've got the same problem too..

i hope this doesn't effect the DM itself later..

Downloaded OS 6 - not happy with it. Sync takes much longer, response time much slower than OS 5.

Some of the text - including the display of the name of the phone - looks very pixelated and nasty.

Going back to OS 5 until OS 6 is more stable.

- my 9650 runs like greased lightning now. This includes system overall. Browser is much faster.

- Bing does not work. Get error msg Bing mobile cannot be configured currently. Please reset the phone and try starting Bing mobile again. Reinstalled Bing, now works


im not happy with this ver. 6.
i cant find apps option when i wanna update OS.
its just automatic updates with backup information pop-up.

at ver. 5 usually there's a manual options to check ur apps on ur device, wether its add-on RIM apps or third party apps..

or maybe anyone knows sumthin about this that i dunno??

im thinkin going back to ver. 5.. :(

Uninstalled DM6 and go back to DM5. Don't have Certificate Synchronization, IP Modem, and because our BES my device memory is encrypted and it wouldn't read any of the encrypted files. Only Media Manager can do it which DM6 is missing that.

I was able to D/L DTM 6 and setup with no issues. Here is something I'd like to see in the next update and that is in the area where you click to connect to your BB and use it as a modem, the current info shown is: length of time connected and data transferred. I'd like for RIM to add the "Connection Rate" to this string of info. With DTM 5, I was able to view the time connected, data transferred and connection rate. That said, my connection rate is normally around 921.6 kbps!

That's all I have to say about that...

...Have Bold Will Travel~

my Storm 2 won't go back to clock automatically once any updates, syncs, or changes occur. Screen goes blank so I don't see processes working on-screen unless I press screen. Getting a few error messages on programs, like MeterBerry, although the programs seem to work when error cleared.

The DM is so slow I assume its hung-up sometimes, and then it breaks through.

When running, the Storm 2 screen bounces around as it works through various processes. This version appears less seamless than prior DM and needs some real smoothing out of processes. Does the screen really need to come on/off, go blank, come back, then blank during these processes?

Hi all.

It won´t sync with my phone. I was hoping this new version would cure the pain of no sync since 4.5. I want to go back to like version 2 which was the last time i could sync my contacts and calender with OUTLOOK.

This is super important to me but nobody knows what to do to get it to work.
I now have a 8900 with ver 5 OS and my laptop is a lenovo intel running on win 7 pro & with 3 megs. It didn't sync with my curve 8130 on XP machine before either. Now at least I get an error code (0X0043ac9) but the RIM web site cannot find this code in support section.

Any ideas??

I downloaded and installed it without a hitch, but as soon as I tried to set the Organizer configuration I got the folowing message "Unkown Error Reported". I then tried to update the apps and the OS and the apply button won't work. As a last resort, I called Verizon and they told me Desktop 6 was still in "beta" as far as they were concerned. Now the phone starts up and I only get a JVM error 529. Thanks for nothing RIM! Do you guys test anything?

It installed fine and looks & runs slick. However, I will be reverting back to 5 for two reasons. The "minimize to tray" option is nowhere to be found. Additionally, it wants to do "dumb" backup files without dating them, and overwriting it each time. There needs to be a way to get the "old style" AutoBackup-(2010-08-06).ipd filename syntax back.
Until we meet again DM6...

Installed. Runs fine. However, two features have disappeared that are important, one critical (in BES environment).
1. DM5 allows you to not send email to BB when plugged into your desktop. A good thing so you don't have to go clean up your BB every day with email you already dealt with during the day.

2. DM5 allows you to not have the icon on the task bar when you minimize. That option is gone too.

DM6 seems to be much more for the consumer market than the enterprise.

Yesterday, a bubble pops up that there are new BB updates. Click bubble and it uploads 6.0. 6.0 looks a lot sleeker and nicer, BUT....After an hour or so of messing around with restarting my computer and device to upload this heap, I'm now left with a BB Storm with which NONE of the media stuff (camera, video camera, music player) works. It's changing setting, like making Facebook my default calendar rather than outlook, it is now continually trying to delete ALL my calendar appointmnets on my device (past and present) becuase they don't match up to the 3 events I clicked I was attending on Facebook, I've gotten a couple error messages as well. The Desktop Software now says there is an update to the core application on my device, but when I go to click apply, NOTHING happens...doesn't even let me click the button. 6.0 = GARBAGE.0!

When I try to sync it won't let me select what I want to sync (contacts, memos etc) I click the configure settings button..a graph goes across then I get a small window pop up that just says "unknown error" that's never good??

Looks Curve 8900 will have to wait to experience DM6

Mine is slow and glitchy. Then when it decides it's had enough fun yanking me around, it works... for 2 minutes. I've timed it. If I don't click anything, it goes into "program is not responding" and closes. When I try to sync music into my phone, same thing after 2 minutes... I had it working the night I got it, but now it's useless.
Loading music....this is a joke version of DM right? I can't add songs by an artist, only every song by them at once. I am a bit of a completist when it comes to music, so I don't have 2 or 3 by this guy and 5 by that guy. I have entire 15 year discographies. A little irritating to load 100 songs when I only want 12 of them. I tried making a playlist on Media Player then importing that. It starts working....for 2 minutes before the program bricks. Now that I think about it, Roxio media loader wasn't as bad as I thought it was a few weeks ago...

After several hours of installing and uninstalling v6.0; I called Verizon. Verizon said, "Don't do it; v6.0 is still basically a beta version. RIM--thanks once again for wasting my valuable time!

I'm reinstalling v5.0.1 as I type this.

I tried upgrading from DM5 for use with my Storm and the upgrade is not working. The product crashes consistently even after deleting and reinstalling twice. The software is trying to update my Storm in the application loader and it won't work. As soon as I can figure out how to get my phone apps back on, I am deleting DM6 and going back DM5.

Since I downloaded the Desktop Manager version 6, I have not been able to sync with Outlook.
Each time I try I get an error message saying "error code 0x80043ac9"
I think I'm going back to version 5.


Why did they take out Gracenote Music ID? I liked that a lot about DM5. :(

Besides that, it seems to be working pretty ok. I have a Storm (9530) and I haven't had any hiccups yet. Love the new layout. Seems easier to use... so far. Would like it more if they brought back the music ID feature though. I got really used to having that on my computer.

i like the new UI :) can we just have a thumbs up and down sort of thing so i can just click on it to sort of like posts here in crackberry? kinda tiring to have to go thru all that sea of comments to just say that i like this new version.


I wonder if you can use this blackberry Desktop Manager 6 if your phone wont or cant upgrade to the new OS 6.. Don't yell at me, its only a question.

I anxiously waited for 6.0, have 5.0.1 running on a desktop and a laptop - Desktop has Office 2010 32-bit and can sync, Laptop has Office 2010 64-bit and cannot. I upgraded laptop to 6.0 and of course still cannot sync but that is what I expected, not going to reload Office just to satisfy RIM. I get automatic update notification on desktop that 6.0 is ready to update and tried it (twice). Gets to where it looks like it is finishing up and I get a warning that it has found an unknown operating system, must be XP SP2 or Vista and fails. I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit on that machine. Only solution is to uninstall 6.0 and do a repair on 5.0.1 to get it back. I could uninstall 5.0.1 and try loading 6.0 bare but I'm afraid of losing what I at least have working. RIM is just too unreliable to chance.

So, I upgraded to 6.0 yesterday, and I've got an odd side effect. All of my Windows 7 icons and fonts have doubled in size! I dont know why this software would cause that to happen, but this is the only change I've made in a few weeks. I've checked all of my settings in Windows, and they're all set to normal size, but they're huge. I uninstalled the software and its still not back to normal. Any ideas?

PS.. I can't wait to get the EVO.

Did RIM think about their current user population or only the people who want a multimedia machine in their pocket!!

I am grumpy with the media (pictures mostly) syncing process. I only want a few pictures NOT EVERYTHING ON MY COMPUTER. I have two BB Storm1 devices. One of them ended up with 2800 pictures on first sync. How dumb can this software be? Then they had to be individually deleted from the device because the DM application only lets you get them all or delete them all!

It took me several hours of frustration to figure out that you can turn the sync to Windows Media Player off--but only from Windows Media Player.

If it weren't so much trouble, I'd go back to DM 5.

I installed DM6, which it appears was a mistake in the first place. Nevertheless, it does not work. When I plug in my Storm 2 DM6 does not see it at all. It keeps telling me "Connect your BlackBerry device". My PC recognizes that my Storm 2 is plugged in but not DM6. I would like to go back to DM5 but I cannot find a download for it.

how can I add music to my bold 9700 using the new desktop manager. Blackberry removed the roxio media manager I have no clue how to put music from my limewire to my blackberry 9700? please respond Asap