BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6 to be released in limited beta starting today!

BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6 to be released in limited beta starting today!
By Bla1ze on 22 Jul 2010 12:15 pm EDT

Well, this came out of nowhere. Inside BlackBerry has just let everyone know that starting today, beta invites will go out to BlackBerry Beta Zone members so that they may have access to the all new, all fresh looking BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6. Certainly not a lot of details were posted other than that. Instead, Inside BlackBerry let the pictures do the talking for them. The design is that of what Mac Desktop Manager users have had for a while now, except its got way more polish added too it and it looks great. If you have yet to sign up for the BlackBerry Beta Zone you might wanna finally get on that! What do you all think? Looks great right?!? More pics after the break.

BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6 to be released in limited beta starting today!

BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6 to be released in limited beta starting today!

BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6 to be released in limited beta starting today!

Source: Inside BlackBerry

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BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6 to be released in limited beta starting today!


you can

just sign through your blackberry or a proxy, so you get a canadian IP

did this way and worked, I'm in Brasil

@Connor83, I'm in the Netherlands, we're not listed... but now I think I may have to try the proxy or BB thing :D Thanks for the tips guys

That is what I did initially too but then they widened the list of available countries to include most of the Caribbean.

I wasn't picked for the BBM beta, and I don't see this on my Beta page either.

Are they not choosing candidates with years in the wireless industry that wear out BB's faster than Michael Jordan wore out sneakers?

Anyone at BB paying attention?

I hear ya on that one. I was wishing i could get that beta for the BBM (but couldn't/can't) and i really hope i can get this.

wowser that sure is a sexy interface.
wonder if ill get invite for it... just checked my beta zone and its not listed for me....:(

the mac version prevents you from loading leaked operating systems. If this does the same not sure if i even want it. although it looks great

It's not that the mac version doesn't allow leaks, it's that macs can't open the .exe files they're packaged in. I doubt it'll be a problem.

As I finally got a PC. I've been using DM for mac and it has so few features! I'd love to be able to start using this!

But did not yet receive an invite. Not very optimistic either...

I just hope this fixes the sync issue with office 2010. I know there is a work around, but I'm not going through all that or paying for something to make it work. Crossing fingers to get invite.

This is only the *BETA* for the PC version... you know how this works, stable for us, then it's your turn ;)

So since last year they finally actually put out Mac software years after saying it was coming, it was coming, it was coming, we've had what, three updates in a little under a year? And the at least one of the last two basically erased most of the calendar and/or contacts off of poeple's Berries if they weren't careful? You think they're going to update it for OS6? I won't hold my breath.

This showed up in my eligible programs list but after I continue and agree to the T and C there is no available download

I think I'd prefer Blackberry Protect. This would be cool, but I'd rather be able to play around with all the Protect features rather than just a new interface with different (and better) features.

tried to sign up for the beta zone and it says its not available for my country... um... im in the US and it clearly says its available in the us!???

I have had no trouble with syncing DM 6 to Outlook 2010. The only thing I'm not syncing right now are my contacts, which is done OTA.

I'm not sure which problems you are referring to, but if you'd like me to attempt a sync of my contacts manually, just let me know and I'll disable my wireless sync settings to test it.

It looks slick. One question does it solve the problem of not being able to sync with Outlook 2010?

Any chances that, this release will have address the fix for Media Sync which as of now does not support syncing music from network shares (without mapped) and grey's out all playlists that have songs on the network?

It looks INCREDIBLE. Look, there is a section that says Applications, I PRAY we can now back-up our Apps. all in one place.

i couldn't sign up for this... RIM what the fuxxk is up?? i know i didn't buy my bold for this bs. My email and password isn't working... why is this??

i couldn't sign up for this... RIM what the fuxxk is up?? i know i didn't buy my bold for this bs. My email and password isn't working... why is this??

This is very nice, altough I've been a Beta Zone member and keep getting snaked on all the good betas, like the past two BBM releases. So my hopes aren't high for this.

You can't you need an unlock code in order to install the application. I made it in but I am still waiting for my unlock code to be sent out.

Waking up this morning and seeing OS 6 available but not available pissed me off. Nice way to start off my day and ruin it.

Did anyone else notice the double rainbow in the Picture media sync screen shot above? WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!!?!?

WHERE can I download the Desktop Manager 6 off the beta site? I have already signed up yet it only gives me MSN, Yahoo, and Google beta's as eligible downloads...

Don't people read before asking?

This is an INVITE ONLY beta, so if they haven't emailed you an invite.....Desktop Manager 6 won't show up in your eligible programs.

Once you log in and accept the invite, IT WILL TAKE UP TO 48hrs to get your keycode AND DOWNLOAD LINK emailed to you.

Lastly, STOP ASKING FOR DOWNLOAD LINKS, this software is linked to individual PIN's via a keycode, so even if you managed to get a can't use it unless you got invited in.

ALL I WANT is a decent way to upgrade the OS without causing a major disaster for all my 3rd-party apps and data.


Pretty please?!?

Anyone who is running This Beta are you also running Outlook 2010? I would like to know if they have fixed the Outlook Sync issue,

Took around less then a day to get my keycode, now I cannot wait to get home from work to download :). And people asking for download links and such are getting really annoying!

"...We're sorry, the application form is not yet available for your country. We are adding new country locations daily. Please be patient as we continue to expand across the globe..."

Dammit! :(

Will it do what we all want it to do...Just one simple little task...Will it SYNC with Microsoft Office Outlook 2010?

I've got this funny feeling it won't!

Desktop 6 does look great. However, several things have come out in beta lately, but I never see it available in beta zone. BB needs to stop deceiving people into signing up if they're not going to make the new beta software available to all members. I'm highly disappointed!

Am tryin 2 sign up an its not lettin me, can someone put up an example or something 2 help pleasssseeee gladly appreciated

Hey guys, unless there this a problem with the the current BB Desktop version that I don't know about, I guess I don't get it.

For awhile, I thought I made the biggest mistake getting a Blackberry and trying to sync it to a MAC. A few years ago you Verizon said I had to down load Pocket Mac to sync it. It was a horrible program that nobody at RIM could help be get it working, Finally some sharp guy over at RIM told me NOT to return my Blackberry because if I wait a week, Blackberry will be coming out with a MAC-friendly desktop manager, and he was RIGHT!

This current version of BB Desktop Manager works so slick (at least on a MAC) I don't see why they would want to mess with it.

Oh I admit...this newer version looks real pretty. But I am really getting reluctant to jump into upgrades when I have everything running perfectly. Especially after the hours I wasted dealing with Pocket Mac. I am getting really gun shy about "New and Better" lately, so YOU GO FIRST and I'll just sit here and read the reviews.