Leaked: BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6.1

BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6.1
By Adam Zeis on 1 Apr 2011 09:07 am EDT

In addition to the OS leaks for the soon to be released devices, BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6.1 has popped up as well. It was rumored that the software would be leaked out soon enough, and here you have it. Nothing super fancy comes along with this one and Mac users are still out of luck, but reports looks to show a few new features so give it a go and report back with your findings in the forums. As always - this is leaked software so use caution when installing and connecting to your device.

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Source: N4BB

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Leaked: BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6.1


downloaded it...installed...so far so good... Also when you guys are installing it...look at the what blackberry they have on the installation window...isnt that the new curve?

naa that still the same curve its either an 8520 or 8530. It does look a little different but thats just the shade of the device.

also downloading now. hope there are some new features.

I downloaded it with no problem. I tried to install it and it comes up with a script that cannot be read and fails to install. Any suggestions????

I tried to download the file from 2 different sites and tried to install it 4 times with the same 1720 error coming up. I guess it is a no go, unless someone can suggest something else.

i downloaded it and installed it, no problems just yet.
i guess you can try to re install it. but it should work just fine.
runs smoothly, no big changes

just reporting on what i saw, nothing to big. in my opinion this update is probably going to be for some playbook enhancements and things to do with the table os. I did notice that it opened much faster and was much snappier around the edges. When i first opened it, it asked me if i wanted to regularly check for updates and also to open ddm automatically when i connect my device. Also in ddm on the left "files" is added. Dont know much about it yet but it looks like you can add files straight to your device.

I agree.. nothing too crazy right now with the upgrade. Let's just wait for that Playbook. Although the OS 6.1 releases for the new torch and bold look promising

You can drag & drop from files your device or computer. If the files are encrypted, it will decrypt it after u drag it out to your desktop & encrypt when dragged to your device.

I think it’s faster also, so I’m keeping it!