BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6.1 is on the way

By Adam Zeis on 28 Mar 2011 09:09 am EDT

BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6.1BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6.1

It's really a no brainer that BlackBerry Desktop Manager will be release by the time the new OS 6.1 handsets arrive (well hopefully anyway), but whether or not we'll see it available before then remains to be seen. The updated version of the software will most likely remain intact while adding some small updates and fixes. The one added feature to note is the ability to forget a previously synced device. Not much else to report on the software just yet, but it probably won't be long before we see a leaked version pop up somwhere.

via: BGR

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BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6.1 is on the way


Holy cow Batman, Windows XP is ugly. Didn't notice it as much at the time, whilst I was using it, (c 2001/2) but I sure do now.

SO? does this mean that hopefully at BlackBerry World conference in May RIM will have at least the Bold Touch to be availible by late May-early June? just askin'

That would be wonderful. I hope it means that if this is released the new BB phone's that run on OS 6.1 will be release shortly after.

I realize this post is about BB Desktop Software, but wouldn't it be nice if RIM had one OS version across all BB smartphone platforms and when an update arrived it would be for all phones and not just one specific phone and the updates were not carrier specific. Updating our BBs by leaks and using other carrier's updates and manipulating stuff to make it all compatible is absolutely ridiculous. It's amazing that we all do this as a matter of routine and really don't expect anything different. Is this a screwed up way of operating, or what?

Yes, maybe the crackberry team could give us a post on why RIM takes this kind of BS from carriers, I think it damages their product tremendously.

The only thing I've heard is carriers hold back because they service the OS, which is total BS if I ever called AT&T about the OS I can be sure that they were not able to answer my question.

It really must be that carriers want you to buy new phones to get the new OS but really I'm talking about doing bug fixes here. RIM could make a deal with carriers that they do not release a full OS update on phones until 6 month later or something. I'd really love to be able to plug my phone in to my PC and get an OS update from RIM.

I just wish RIM would update the Mac Blackberry desktop software to work on the 64-bit systems in the new MacBook Pro's. I have to keep booting the system into 32-bit to make it work.

i remember when i first downloaded a desktop manager for blackberry,i didnt have internet on my phone,so i used to just put apps,browsers and games on it

I sure hope they bring back certificate synchronization in this release. That's been rather painful to deal with.

I sure hope they bring back certificate synchronization in this release. That's been rather painful to deal with.