BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6.0 Pics Show Up Online

BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6.0 Pics Show Up Online
By Bla1ze on 25 Mar 2010 10:11 pm EDT

Ok, so maybe it's not pics. Rather, just a screenshot of things to come for BlackBerry Desktop Manager. Earlier today we mentioned that latest that Research In Motion was pushing now is version but, shortly after that the folks over at revealed the above snapshot of version 6.0.I'm liking the UI changes here. Also digging the fact it looks like RIM has placed a little more concentration on media handling.

Interesting note, see how it says podcasts on the side bar? For the longest time now the BlackBerry OS has had a default folder named "Podcasts" built into it. I always wondered what it was for considering you essentially have no way to download podcasts on your BlackBerry without a third party app like PodTrapper or using Opera Mini to bypass the download limit. Maybe a new OS combined with Desktop Manager 6.0 will change that. Pipe dreams?


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BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6.0 Pics Show Up Online


Looks awesome ! And Bla1ze we will have to wait to see, what will happen with the podcast, I personally think, that it means, that we will be able to download podcast through our native Browser, that would be cool....

Offtopic, hey Bla1ze did u managed to join the new BBM beta test @ BeBeta Zone ? And I saw they opened a beta test for 8520 and 8530 are u joining that 1 ?

Yeah, I signed up for all the available beta tests they offered through Beta Zone. Quite interesting to see RIM taking such an initiative. Just hope they really make use of the informationa nd feedback users will be providing.

Uhm I think they will use our feedbacks, because they tell u like a tons of times to please leave feedback, and if they didn't, the whole site would be pointless, hey Bla1ze is there any chance u could give me ur BB pin ? Or u can add me mine is 21BDC7C9 Just to discuss some things about Beta Zone, since there's no place for that in here !

Really ? Who's podcast, beacause I tried downloading CB podcast trhu native browser and I never been able to !, isn't it cuz the size limit

I downloaded CB's podcast #46 thru the native browser. Just clicked the download direct link and it worked.

When I tried to download #48 it didn't work.

- Bla1ze, learn to spell!!!

with that out of the way, let me just say, I think it looks a lot better than it does now. I can't wait.

One letter missing from one word, an additional letter added to another. I'm doing better today then most, lol. Get off my back :P

That would be "better today THAN most." Just kidding, I don't care. Keep up the info accuracy, screw the grammar! Thanks for the article :-)

I want DM 6.0 now!! If that's what the main screen will look like, cool. Hope it adds new features as well.

The UI looks good. I'm wondering what the fingerprint looking thing is at the top next to the word 'BlackBerry'. Or is it just there to obscure something?

The PIN is there a little lower near the phone number. It could be the barcode, but the 2d barcodes are squares and the fingerprint is a rectangle. But whatever, we'll know when we see the real thing.

It'll be nice to see something fresh. I also noticed that there seems to be a way to check file free on an SD card. Dont know if there is on the current version, only use it to sync with Outlook.

Where's the BBM interface?

That's what I'd like to see integrated into DM - a PC interface to BBM. I think RIM would (should) only have a pc client for BBM if the device is connected, so the DM would be a great place for it.

(I know, that's probably a pipe dream.)

I'm liking this new look. It's about time they offer some better looking interfaces. I do agree with the above post too. A stand alone PC app for BBM. :D

Hopefully when you click backup, it actually backs up everything. Having to use a round about way to backup your apps is a pain.

... over a DM version that stops nagging me with bogus software updates just because I delete that worthless John Meyer video and uninstalled the built-in Docs to Go app to install the full version.

When DM can finally propose software updates that are really software updates, not just reinstalls of what I have intentionally uninstalled, then we are talking.

At this stage in time, I don't think there is another direction for the DM but up. jeez Louise! the DM is like plugging your BB into a Fred Flintstone app. sounds like they are finally on the right track to properly handle the BB business coming their way. time will tell.

looks beautiful i'd love to check that out. i signed up for RIM's beta program.. maybe i'll get a crack at that in there!

I just hope RIM does not implement media management in the same way Apple does with iTunes and the iPhone. That was one of the deal breakers for me not going with iPhone, because I hate iTunes. I just want to be able to drag and drop files on to the media card as we can now.

I don't mean to restate anything, but I think it looks similar to doubleTwist. Great design, and I hope it's successful. Good luck RIM!