BlackBerry Desktop Manager 5.0 Makes an Appearance

BlackBerry Desktop Manager 5.0
By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Mar 2009 04:49 pm EDT

As we learned a few weeks back at the NYC Enterprise Press Preview, when RIM rolls out BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0 in the months ahead they are also going to do up a big maintenance device software update to bring all handheld code up to the 5.0 label as well. It makes sense - all this 4.5, 4.6.0, 4.6.1, 4.7, and 4.7.1 stuff is getting pretty confusing anyways when from an end user perspective it's pretty much all the same.

That said, you can't have 5.0 device software running on your BlackBerry unless you have Desktop Manager 5.0 to go along with it, and that's what we're taking a sneak peek at here (more screencaps after the jump). I'm not really seeing any differences in this version of Desktop Manager from 4.7 (other than the fact it'll recognize devices running OS 5.0 I'm not sure that there are any) but it's nice to see regardless. I'm sure it won't be long before we start seeing screencaps and photos of devices like the Bold and Curve 8900 running 5.0. Let the fun begin!

BlackBerry Desktop Manager 5.0 Screen Caps

BlackBerry Desktop Manager 5.0

BlackBerry Desktop Manager 5.0

BlackBerry Desktop Manager 5.0

BlackBerry Desktop Manager 5.0

BlackBerry Desktop Manager 5.0

BlackBerry Desktop Manager 5.0

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BlackBerry Desktop Manager 5.0 Makes an Appearance


absolutely! I'd like my bold to work before new devices get operation systems. look after the current customers so' they will also want new devices. crap os is driving me away :-(

Should be seeing all devices newer than the 8700 getting it... I **think** (don't shoot me if that turns out to be wrong).

RIM basically said before that the 8700 wouldn't see any updates beyond 4.5, and it sounds like 5.0 should hit all other existing devices... including your 8330. 5.0 will bring some new features to enterprise...not sure it'll be all that different to BIS users other than the label change.

I know RIM and Apple aren't best friends, but is there any chance they'll be releasing this for mac any time soon?? Reality is people are using shiny new macs more and more, but Blackberrys are the way to go.

I agree, this is a joke now. Has it not been reported that RIM was working on one? Get the steppin' RIM! And bring me a Bold on Telus not some other Curve variation. :)

All of my Mac designer friends use Blackberrys. The only reason why I have one is because I don't like ATT.
Hey RIM! Please remove your head from your back side.

you MAC guys crack me up. who cry all day long "mac is better, pc is sh*t" thats all i hear from you people.. now you cry "waaaa make software for us" too bad. get a PC or buy an iphone

I have both a mac and a pc, and sometimes I run a PC inside my mac. I working on installing OSX on another one of my pc towers. They are all the same to me.

Being a mac user plus asian language speaker is more annoyed by the blackberry desktop for mac. It doesn't support 2-byte characters / unicode, which had been appeared in some of my contacts. Frustrated.

I second the need for a mac version. Last I heard, mac had over 10% market penetration. Considering only a handful of years ago they were at 2%, this is significant, and it would be stupid to ignore. I would bet $$$ there is a mac version in development, but likely not close or we would have heard rumours.

I would also say that the reason they are so slow to develop the mac version, is because it was largely considered a corporate or fleet phone, and mac has little penetration in the corporate world. But now that RIM is pushing the BB as a consumer device, they must have realized that they will need the mac.


Macintosh BlackBerry Desktop Manager is essential for RIM and Apple. Some people don't buy Macs simply because syncing them with their BlackBerry is difficult cumbersome time consuming and sometimes a complete failure. Similarly, of the 15m Mac Users worldwide, some don't buy BlackBerrys because they are aware of inherent syncing issues.

4.6.x and 4.7.x feel like variations on the same thing, and could easily be merged into something common, as far as I can tell. However, 4.5.x feels more like a final roll-up release for all the older devices that originally came out with 4.2 or 4.3. Regardless, carriers will sit on it forever. I don't care with my unlocked Bold, which runs the latest-and-greatest, but T-Mobile still only wants to officially offer 4.2 for the 8820 that my latest contract with them is technically for.

But not really anything else. Well hopefully it will for Niagara as well, since that will come with 4.7.1.xx but I am hoping that this also supports old devices. I've had to install DM 4.6 on my older xp laptop to do OS updates for my other phones.

I like the idea of 5.xx DM and OS updates but unless they add some significant features it is kinda misleading to call it that.

I mean Sprint just let us have version Will have to wait on the carriers to approve the version before we can download without risk certain apps not working?

I loved Palm's Desktop. Great PIM in its own right. Why can't RIM do something similar that integrates perfectly with their devices? It's my biggest disappointment.

5.0! Awesome. Can't wait. Can always count on you guys to give us the absolute latest.

Looking forward to 5.0 OS, but I'm not really sure what it will bring to the table. Hopefully fix the known bugs for the current leaked OSs.

There has always been a sort of understanding that RIM has tailored their service to major businesses. Idk of many that use Macs. Correct me if I’m wrong. Small businesses might, and that's cool, not knocking Mac or its function or the niche it fills. But RIM has always better served major corporate structures. Maybe as they slowly realize us lowly BIS users are starting to help increase profitability, a la storm, other consumer minded devices, we will get a better designed desktop application.

Need to be able to sync without a hitch or I am jumping to the iPhone, if RIM doesn't want to support Apple I don't want to support RIM.

They need to give the ability to synchronize encrypted media files you have on a sd card, this worked back in desktop v4.2 as I remember. And how about a desktop version of Password Keeper, I mean really what is the holdup?

Despite the rollout of the new BlackBerry Dekstop Manager 5.0, why can't they even consider making it compatible for a Mac or even Linux? Why does the desktop manager have to be tied to only one operating system? Yes, I know, the majority of users are Windows users. But that doesn't mean that people are not users of other operating systems. I know from experience, being a former Palm Treo user that its syncronization and backup was made compatible for the Linux operating system. If the Palm can be made compatilbe for Linux, then BlackBerry desktop sofware can be made compatilbe for the Mac and Linux. It wouldn't hurt to open up the desktop manager to be compatible with other operating systems.