BlackBerry Desktop Manager 5.0 Included with Tour 9630

By Adam Zeis on 13 Jul 2009 02:55 pm EDT

Desktop Manager 5.0

I'm all about surprises - especially when it comes to BlackBerry. Trying to backup my Tour for the first time this morning, I came across a few errors and started to get frustrated. I couldn't figure out the exact issue, so I decided to remove my current Desktop Manager (4.7) and do a fresh install. Rather than download it again, I pulled out the BlackBerry User Tools CD that came in the box from Verizon in hopes of making a quick install. After running through the menus and starting installation, to my surprise I noticed Desktop Manager 5.0 installing (version to be exact).  Very cool considering the software isn't even available on yet.

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BlackBerry Desktop Manager 5.0 Included with Tour 9630


just get the missing sync. it could be months before pocketmac is updated to work with the tour and missing sync is way better anyways.

The only difference between the Mac version and PC version (from my understanding) is that the Mac version won't have the BES support at launch.

Not really. The next OS after 4.7 is going to be 5.0. There was a post here somewhere about the current updates to DM 4.7 were to allow it to recognize 5.0 OSes. For some reason they went ahead and gave the Tour the 5.0 branded version instead of the updated 4.7. Supposedly there aren't any new features.

I spent all day trying get my Tour working with our BES. I think the problem came from me using the Device Transfer Wizard in BBDM 4.7. I didn't even bother checking the CD.

Does anyone know if the desktop mgr 5.0 is avail for the Storm 9530 as well? i backed up yesterday but i didnt see any avail updates so im just wondering so i can locate the upgrade..

Did anyone else have that problem? I know it's probably my machine, but I don't know what the issue is. Any help would be great.

I dropped the CD in the drive and it pulls up a Grey screen and does not do anything after that. I tried it on 3 different computers so it has to be my disk

I need this berry great app
please land it in my lap
make my storm a brezze
and I will always say please.

Thank you.

I think you left a comment on the wrong board - lol! This is a comment board for the 5.0 DM that comes with the new Tour, not the buzzme contest.

I didn't have any luck running the CD on my computer. I'm running 64-bit Win7 and 64-bit Ubuntu 9.04. I'm guessing it's probably only going to work on xp/vista.

Holy eff. I really fall in love with this website more and more everyday. I also tried to backup my Tour last night and just ended up going to bed, I was so frustrated. I am downloading right now!!! Thank you so much. Will update once it is actually on my phone with the changes I notice!

When will it show the differences from 4.7 - 5.0?? I thought the BBM and e-mail and stuff was supposed to look different?

i had that software on my desktop about 3 months now they were do a beta test and i got the software.

I was equally and plesantly surprised to find the same thing and not only that but after I downloaded all my apps new again that I had on my 8330 Curve I went to do my first backup and found many updates to the Tours applications and anything to do with the OS so that was cool.

Today was my first day putting it through its paces with a freshly charged battery and at the end of the day with normal use, I had not much to do today as it was slow at work, I left with 60% battery life so I was a bit surprised at that.

The only other small thing I found is that I learned by talking on the new Tour I felt a vibration in my palm which turned out to be the plastic battery cover so if all you new Tour owners look on the bottom of the door you will find a bit of a bow or very slight space enough to make it buzz unless you turn down the volumn.

You would think with such a beautiful handset they would have used the same design door in metal.

I am very impressed so far and a little hint for all of you wondering where the call log went unless you take a call or make one and when it ends you see it only to never find it again... Go into the messages folder which I have on seperate, Open it and scroll down to "View Folder" you will find a list of folders one of which is labeled "Call Log" select it and you can view you incoming and outgoing calls.

Until next time folks, Hope you are having as much fun wioth your Tour as I am.

Peace Out

How annoying. I never open the CDs, I always download. Oh well, it works. I will wait for 5.0 unless someone tells me there's a huge difference.

People don't rush to upgrade, this release prolly is the same as previous releases, only compatible with 5.0 OS's.

good find.. I didn't even bother running the CD because the label still have "copy right 2006", so I thought it was an old CD they just throw in with all BBs

I'd love to try 5.0, but I'm one of those that got a disk that just crashes. I tried just running the executable from Explorer, but it just keeps crashing in XP.

Anyone find how to get the CD to work properly?

loading now Thank you sooooo much.but alittle to late i just wiped my storm to sell on ebay and with 4.7 i could not tranfer you tell me :)

yeah when i got my tour i saw there was a disk but didn't install the desktop manager because it was running slow. But that would explain why i kept getting error messages. Thanks for the heads up

Get the pussies a surprise, they love a surprise! And don't get any of those awful combinations!! (An Old Quote)

Desktop 5.0 is pretty cool though the media manager cannot bring down digital movies from iTunes, yah?

Thanks for confirming. I thought I was crazy when I noticed the 5.0 Desktop Manager when I installed yesterday.

Any ideas when the phones will have the updated 5.0 software.

Ummm...this is new???? I've had DTM 5.0 for several months. Still do, but went back to 4.6. There are a few small, but very useful updates in it.

Anyone running, or later, and liking it???


I use a netbook for the most part. without a CD\DVD drive how am I going to sync my tour when it gets here any minute?

With the internet the way it is today, RIM needs to have this on their webpage for the netbook+tour user.

Is the tour rocking the new blackberry messenger with avatar support, threaded text, scanning add options etc? I performed a google search and read that Sprint released their Tours with the new blackberry messenger. Wonder how this is working out for those that have it IF they actually have it. I heard that Verizon's upgrade to 5.0 wont be until November 4th....WTF!

This is the Desktop Manager, the software that runs when you connect the phone to your computer. You're thinking about the BlackBerry OS which runs on the phone and which will have the new BBM when that is released. It hasn't been, yet.

Is anyone else getting an Internet error when you installed this? DM says I'm not connected to the internet to do the first sync but I obviously am. Any help?