BlackBerry Desktop Manager Now Available

BlackBerry Desktop Manager Now Available
By Bla1ze on 26 Nov 2009 05:03 pm EST



A new BlackBerry desktop manager is now available for download from either the BlackBerry website or through the built in desktop manager updater. Once updated, you'll be sitting at version and from Ronens review of it, it looks like RIM has added some stuff that was previously removed.

Back into play this time is the desktop redirector while support has been added for Windows 7 and new BlackBerry devices such as the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and BlackBerry Storm 2 and new synchronization options allowing you to add new fields to your address book as well improvements to the back up and restore options. If you're running an older version, you'll wanna grab the download and check out what's new.

More Release Information Is Available Via The RIM Knowledge Base

Download BlackBerry Desktop Manager Version From The BlackBerry Website

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BlackBerry Desktop Manager Now Available


Why did you delete your original reply to my reply?
It was much nicer, even with it making absolutely no logical sense. Something about me munching on weeds & grass out in the garden because you wouldn't allow me to eat at the table? I guess you were trying to say I'm a vegetarian. :)

I always had issues, app loader would stop working or not find new OS' and I been running Win7 from BETA to Official.

" synchronization options allowing you to add new fields to your address book..."

How exactly do we do this? Currently all it is allowing me to do is change which outlook field is mapped to the standard blackberry fields - which is nothing new. Am I missing something?

Good lookin out on the update! UberTwitter just let me know about an hour + ago too (via CrackBerry's Twitter Feed). :)

The update for me came last night, and when the redirector came up I thought something had horribly gone wrong. That being said, I'm not sure why Redirector is up now.

I had v5.0.1 without Media Manager, and it seems like the update pulled the update without Media Manager. Only after becoming frustrated with some of the video converters out there I willingly reinstalled the Media Manager componenet. I think you may be safe downloading the update via the DM updater.

I don't understand why RIM never had a desktop manager like the Palm phones where I could have full control of contacts, calender, notes, media, etc right on the desktop. It was so much easier for me to fill in a months worth of calender appointments on my computer and then sync it up. Instead of having to manually put them in my phone for an hour.

I agree with you 100%. Although I understand one could sync with outlook. I still have a Tungsten C in addition to a BB8900 which I use mostly for emails, as expected.

Coming from Palm, there are a few things that I miss, but the Palm Desktop has got to be the biggest one! It was so much easier to go in and add, edit, etc all my contacts and calendar in there. I hope RIM makes this happen someday.

For me the auto download prompt wasn't able to complete the process. After it apparently downloaded the 259MB file, it encountered some nebulous error and could not install the software.

Instead, I simply downloaded and saved the file from the BB site via the link on Crackberry's home page for the announcement. After it had been saved to the hard drive, installation proceeded w/o any issues.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

Ok, is the IP modem not available for Storm2 users?
The help file says to pick modem, but there isnt an option for modem.. And it shows I have the update installed...

Yep, I had the same horror this morning when I woke up. Last night I started the update and came back to find that i did not have but a 5.0.1 version with no IP modem. I noticed in the past, that some of the links crackberry put up was for another country's version. When I get to the desktop manager page, it always forces it back to north America is what I am noticing now. So if someone has another link, I would appreciate it. If not, I will have to dig around for the last version I downloaded. :(

Apparently in Blackberry's divine wisdom; they have decided to hide that IP menu unless you have your black berry connected.

I guess we took out the option to update with yahoo? I can't seem to get it to update with yahoo anymore. Anyone know if I am doing something wrong?

I receive the following error when clicking on Email Settings, "email settings are not available without an online connection to your messaging system".

Does anyone know how to resolve this?

I ran the DM update and attached my Storm and was prompted for a profile. I didn't recall seeing that before so I selected the default "Outlook" profile. And that promptly killed my BES activation. Had to get re-activated at work today. I think going forward, I will just cancel that prompt.

I installed this and hooked up my blackberry..I have a blackberry with cricket that was fully flashed, so now after I hooked up my phone to this program it starting imediaitly installing the update it told me not to disconnect my phone or I would loose everything on my I let it run and it took about 30 my phone does not have the internet or the mms....and also all the programs I paid for have reversed back to the trial version..there was no warning or anything that I would loose my internet and MMS...I wished I never ran that now I don't know how to fix this. This is a bad program I expect the makers of the program pay to get my phone fix. The web icon dissapeared and the mms too....what gives...

Wait a minute. No more IP Modem tethering??? It only lists it as one of the included features???

I'm on vacation and the WiFi sucks. So needless to say I'm tethering using DM 5.0.1 right now. In fact, I'm downloading the 238MB version of DM 5.0.1 Bundle 49 over DM 5.0.1 B16 haha...

Guys! For IP Modem to STAY PUT, you can't use the update option. in, you want to disable any automatic updates, and never use that feature. ALWAYS remove the old version of any DM 5 and re-install from scratch, and again, make sure that you UNCHECK anything in the way of "Check for updates automatically".

Otherwise, the IP Modem as fast as a hooker when she is asked if she accepts payment through PayPal.

"Support for new fields on the address book for your device"
Really? Where? There is absolutely nothing new when synchronizing to Outlook

250+ MB ... gimme a break! Also first version in awhile that I've had to go back and reconfigure sync options to get my contacts filtered correctly.

Wow they have it for Windows but not for Mac users... thats computerist!! haha Oh well, I can't wait till it does. And when it's fully compatible and working just right.