BlackBerry Desktop Manager Now Available To All

By Bla1ze on 15 Jul 2009 09:04 am EDT
BlackBerry Desktop Manager Version Now Available For Download

While Adam was able to get a copy of BlackBerry Desktop Manager with the purchase of his brand new BlackBerry Tour, not all of you out there have gone out and purchased a Tour. For those of us who did not purchase a Tour, Verizon has now posted the installation files for all to download. This is the same file that was previously leaked here on CrackBerry over a month ago, but in case you missed it or just want to ensure you are using only official releases you can now grab it.

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BlackBerry Desktop Manager Now Available To All


So, is this actually WORTH the upgrade to 5.0 if we are still running say, 4.6 on the device?
Is it valid for NON verison customers?

Well, you can just enter random numbers, so you can download the DM.
And the main difference is, that I could spot so far, is that the new DM now supports other Bluetooth stacks than the default windows one (that almost no one uses... :P), so now we can sync and install thru BT.

This is lovely, of course, but what does it do that (the most recent previous version) doesn't do? I mean for a BIS user in particular, not a BES user. Can someone please post the release notes?

It gives you the option to install either Roxio Media Manager and BlackBerry Media Sync or just which ever one you want just check or uncheck the box you want or don't want to install. I didn't install Roxio Media Manager that came with the new BDM cause already have the latest roxio version install on my pc and it supports all mobile devices including Blackberrys & iPhones. So happy downloading, oh! I just use my brother's number cause he's with verizon wireless lol

In the new DM 5.0, my App Loader does not show the full contents of my Tour. It only shows 3rd party apps and preloaded games, but no languages, help file, etc. as in previous versions of DM. Is this normal, and if so, how can you remove unwanted modules like the above?

Cause you also need to install the BlackBerry OS of your phone in the computer as well see all that and change whatever you want.

No. Didn't work. I downloaded the OS from Verizon and reinstalled DM 5.0. I still only see 3rd party apps in App Loader. Any particular order in the procedure? Or should I download from RIM directly?

Yeah, I went back to 4.7, which is the latest on the BB site. I think the 5.0 is a hosed-up Verizon version. When 5.0 is official, BB will release an update through

i have the ver. and when i want to install the ver. 5 which i have downloaded from the above link it says that there is already a newer version installed!
i have closed the DM to avoid any conflicts while installing but i get still the same message...
is it really a 5.0. version?

Hey, don't just install this for fun, like I did! It can mess you up!

Here is what happened. I downloaded this setup and ran it - it began to run and then paused, and said: "BlackBerry Redirector is running. Stop the Redirector, and re-run this setup." So I did.

Well, guess what? It uninstalled Redirector, which I use everyday, and I cannot get it back. I tried uninstalling this, then installing DM 5.0, which I had on there before - still no Redirector. I uninstalled DM 5.0, and installed DM 4.7, still no Redirector.

This has cost me a few hours of wasted time, and I still don't have Redirector on my PC.

I can't find a Redirector install download link anywhere on the web.

FYI, my last dumb-phone was an LG Voyager and when I installed the VCast Music Manager software to sync music, it uninstalled LimeWire without asking or giving any indication that it was doing it. I installed the program and boom, it was gone. It was easy enough to go to their site and redownload it, but I did think it was a little intrusive of VZW to remove a program that, as far as they know, could have been used for completely legal purposes.

So, it doesn't surprise me that installing something from their website removed another program of yours. They're probably just trying to get the extra $15/month out of you for the Blackberry Business plan.

What's Redirector? Is it one of those you know it if you use it or was it a standard function of DM?

umm so does this work for mac or no?
this question has been brought up but noone answered
so does it work?
if so imma download but if not please chime in


If I don't have a verizon number?

ETA: Never mind, I guess this is why you should read before you post.

I can actually say for a fact that this DM has caused changes to my memory. Before I updated I was getting around 34mb, however after the update I'm holding tough around 45mb. Could just be me, but I don't think so. Also, I'm running .151.

I installed the software and then ran it. All seemed to go well until I went to backup since I hadn't done a back up for a month. It started the process and then about 3/4 the way through I got a little window that said Database Error. There was no further information, just an OK box. I clicked the box and was returned to the main screen. Several attempts later I called Verizon.
Long story short, this software is for the Tour. It is very likely not going to work with your other models. I reinstalled the original software that came with the phone and remembered a bit late: If it aint broke, don't fix it.

It is not compatible with a Mac. This is Windows software. There has been talk for some time of a Mac version of Blackberry software, but the expected date of its arrival passed a couple of months ago and nothing showed up. I suspect it was just a rumor. With the iPhone catering to the Mac it is unlikely that RIM will waste their resources creating Mac compatible software.

RIM continues to ignore us. Time to go back to iPhone.

I will give it until the next iteration of iPhone. If no Mac support by then, Berry goes in the trash.

I love my Bold, and it will suck for work email. but I'm a man of principle and its not hard to code desktop manager in OS X.

I could have programmed it by now.

I upgraded DM from 4.7 to 5.0 and everything worked fine. I did close out of DM prior to running the upgrade.

Jesus people. It's nothing to get excited about. I had the thing 2 months ago, and went back to 4.6. 4.7 sucks, too, for some reason, even for OS 4.7.x.x devices.

I agree...4.7 wouldn't show my blackberry OS, even when it was stock. Went to 4.6 and it not only saw my stock OS, but any/all Hyrbids I've tried.

4.6 ROCKS!

You are correct, directionally speaking. My tests with several handhelds thus far suggest that sync is now close to 10x as fast as 4.7. In other words, we're finally back to the speed of the pre-4.2 DM. But do you find that DM5.0 now crashes when it syncs the calendar?

Sorry, I was wrong. See, when it installed, it did not remember that I had chosen the BES/Redirector setting, on the install before. It did a regular install, and I just did not catch it.

I went back to DM 4.6, to realize that the setting is in one place only, and if you choose wrong, you don't get a Redirector installed. I thought it always installed the Redirector, but it only does that if you choose BES/Redirector.

Earlier today a BlackBerry Automatic Update popped up and it was for Desktop Manager 5.0. I thought sweet and did the update. Well after it was installed i checked to see what version it was and sure enough