BlackBerry Desktop Manager Leaked!

BlackBerry Desktop Manager Leaked!
By Bla1ze on 13 Jun 2009 07:09 pm EDT

It's been a while since we have seen a BlackBerry desktop manager leak, this time around though Ronen over at BerryReview was informed there was version floating around so he decided to share that new version with everyone. Rolling in at over 300MB as it includes Roxio Media Manager (why?) this is a rather large download that has been split into three files.

*Remember, this is NOT an official release of BlackBerry desktop manager so you use it at your own risk*

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Somethin tells me a lot of leaked things will be comming soon :)

Good Post Bla1ze


hoping os 5.0 for the storm is next. not holding my breath though


so, no free download for the 2nd and 3rd part. I wish they woulda said that up front, kinda shady


yes there is? you have to wait 45 minutes. as a free user you can only download so much per hour


If you are not a premium user there will be a delay for file 2, and 3.
Its about about 15 minutes for each beginning wafter the previous download ends.


I think my subject line subject says it all


damn someone needs to make a mirror for this. download is so slow!


Hoping I don't have to pay for 2 and 3


i hate roxio media manager so much. my comp is a bit old but shit ive got a decent 64bit processor and 4gigs of ram but when i run roxio it absolutely EATS UP the cpu, it never drops below 75%.

from some quick googling around it seems like its a common problem.

Shay D. Life

Everybody take a pill and chillax, I'm uploading to Megaupload as we speak.

Shay D. Life

Everyone can calm down now, here's the one link I promised you guys. I'll also post it in the forums.


Thanks shaydlife for the post.


2 days for the shadylife megaupload. Time to go back to part 1 2 and 3.


yea that blows, still nothing for mac, i still have to transfer everything via bluetooth


Why bluetooth? Just plug it in the USB and transfer by drag and drop. Everyone keeps complaining about no Mac stuff but there are so many ways of managing the files there is no need to make an app for Mac.


No need? As a Mac user there are apps I can't even download because I need something like Blackberry Desktop Manager. Sync apps, including PocketMac and Missing Sync, are not as reliable as a Mac version for Blackberry Desktop Manager would be. I can't even update the OS. There is a need.

Shay D. Life

I just downloaded the file myself to test the link and it only took me a few minutes. What kind of connection do you have flashman03?


Cable and I average 120kb download speed. Trying again. Now its up to about 5kb???


so once you download the 3 parts where do you go from there? My computer is asking how to open the files???

Shay D. Life

Do you have winrar? You'll need some form of a rar file opening program.


no, where can I get it.


Google WinRar and you'll be set.


Sounds like this is not worth the trouble, unlike an OS update

Shay D. Life

Aye flashman03...
Do you think you'll do better with some mediafire links?


I think I would do better just by waiting until all 1 million CB members stop downloading lol.


Help a novice BB user here.


Wanna know what has changed, may not be worth the trouble.


BB DM link has been removed from Rapidshare. Any ideas on where to find it?


the file has been removed from rapidshare, i'm downloading it from shaydlife 's mirror at
right now and ill attempt to remove the media manager and upload to a lot of mirrors before this file gets taken down from everywhere else it might be


part 3 was removed what a waste of dling


it wont let me install it though. Keeps stopping.


Well thats the big question. Differences?


the links died (2 and 3) but i yah00*ed it and picked it up from another site. works fine. thanks.


time for a released version....


wow, am I like the only one whose worked. The only differences I see are quicker sync, and it fixed it where I can sync with bluetooth, before it was grayed out. (which is why I wanted it so bad). Other than that it appears to be the same, I haven't messed too much with it though. Bluetooth sync rocks


You can in 4.7 as well, just have to use the workaround that is in the Bluetooth Forum, worked great for me


Hey what's up it's gone already anybody have a different link?


The uploader has removed this file from the server.
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Downloads are all gone :(


Rapidshare links are gone...
Megaupload link is not working...

I hope somebody who was lucky enough to download it will be kind enough to re-upload it...


Shay D. Life

I see that the rs links seem to be dead, but if anyone still wants it:


the reason but it's not working. It keeps saying "unknown error..."


Thanks, shadylife. It really is still working...
I tried and tried and tried until I was lucky!


Er, why was it removed from Rapidshare? Is it illegal to post it? I have a mirror on Megaupload, but, if it's illegal I don't want to get into trouble.


if it's removed, how are we supposed to download it.


Missing already huh...


I guess I'll wait for the version without Roxio! Dayummmm.


Not sure if I want to download this just yet. I like betas but i think this one is going to have to wait until an official release. Don't want to jack up my phone because of this.


Anybody got this to work in Win7? 4.7 doesn't work for me so I'm hoping this will fix it.


before installing
Right click setup
Then goto compatibility tab
Then choose windows vista or xp
Then select the run as administrator option
Save and come out
Then again right click and run as a administrator
it should be done :)
Have a Nice time


Hmmm... Could this mean RIM is perhaps getting closer to releasing a full-blown official v5 firmware?


Just downloaded it through the megaupload link. Quick dl but the install took close to 45 mins. Insane how big the file is. PS. you have the option to skip the Roxio media install by just un clicking the option during installation.


Much faster than yesterday and I do like the option of not having roxio. Still finishing the install to see how it works.


i wonder what's different...


I will not download that stupid beta thing and let my device messed up why ?? cuz beta usually does not have complete files in it so there are some missing files in it. I would rather wait for offical release of DM 5.0 so everything will run smooth for my device when hooked up. other thing is that, I will wait for official release of 5.0 version for my blackberry storm too


You dont have to download it. But not all betas mess up devices. Dont be ignorant about beta software.


Well, I did not stop retrying that Megaupload link until I was lucky..! Spent almost a hundred times trying and using all my browsers (IE, Safari, Chrome, Opera, and FireFox)... Error? Just retried and retried! Boom! Downloaded, installed and so far, working fine... :-)


Surely some geek can strip out Roxio Media Manager and upload the streamlined iso for everybody?


i have ripped out the roxio and im uploading it now. going to take a while tho.


Here is the package without roxio. its about 111MB or so.

i just extracted the package then deleted the folder with the roxio install in it. then just used 7zip to compress it in an exe file.


thanks for that mindlesoath, dling now


what's the diff ?! what changes with new Desktop manager versions ?


Downloading through MegaUpload. Gonna check it out.


does anyone know where to get the real download for BlackBerry Desktop Manager i tried other sites including this one, and all linked to rapidshare (error) file has been removed?


I have about 900 contacts and I keep appointments forever for expense purposes. 4.7 took a good 5-7 minutes to complete the sync. took - literally - 20 seconds. A winner if only for that.

Note: Also running OS


Thanks mindlesoath for the link! Downloaded with no problems and installed with no problems as well. Synced my phone via bluetooth with no problems. Works great so far! No problems with the phone after using this beta desktop manager. Would recommend it to all (and would agree with rgalen that it took less time to sync!)


Thank you very much for this "leaked" release! lol :D

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Finally someone that answered the ? everyone wanted to know.. how the damn thing works! why do most of u idiots just post non-sense about how ur not going to download it or how ur too stupid to understand that you have to be patient when using any free download site (ie rapidshare), with that said let me answer the other demented concern most of u have.. u can choose not to install the roxio media part of the desktop manager and just do it manually when u connect ur blackberry to the pc


I went to download file 1, good. But went to download files 2 and 3... not so good. I was too late.


does anyone know wats different between 4.7 and 5.0 ver., i couldnt figure it out.


cause I got my bb actualized in a shop and now it says "The system applications that are currently instaled on your device are newer than those available with this version of the Blackberry Device Software".



I am so glad I installed this - when I installed, got option to install Roxio or not - left it out. Took about 5 minutes to install over the old version. The best part - it synchronizes in a snap. Right now, I have 800 calendar items - finished it in 7 seconds as opposed to previously needing 50 or so seconds; address book of 500 was done in even less time. Don't understand how it does it so fast, but it sure does.

I Click on the Download But Then Click The DM Link I get Not Found


i need help, everytime i go to download the desktop manager...when i get to the media part, it tells me i have stuff on my computer, like macrovision flexconnect and a couple other things for macro.. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!