BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac updated in Beta Zone - Brings BlackBerry PlayBook media import and sync

BlackBerry Desktop Manager Mac
By Adam Zeis on 1 Jun 2011 04:31 pm EDT

BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac has been waiting on some BlackBerry PlayBook funcitonality for a while now, so we were glad to see the latest beta release show up in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. The new version is at 2.1.0 (build 19) and includes some support for the BlackBerry PlayBook (yes only some). When connecting the PlayBook you now have options for both importing and syncing media from your Mac. This includes music, movies and photos but that's it. Sadly no sign of backup/restore or any other new features, but I suppose it's a step in the right direction. We're not sure if this is a wide rollout or only certain users are seeing it, so if you're a Beta Zone member login and let us know if it's popping up for you. Also no word on an official public release but we'll keep you posted. Thanks James!

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Reader comments

BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac updated in Beta Zone - Brings BlackBerry PlayBook media import and sync


can't find the download link... am i missing something? it doesn't show up in eligible programs.

hehe i Don't wanna sound harsh or something like that :)
But why a Mac user would use a Playbook ? he/she has Ipad or Iphone :D

Lol well that's not tru... I'm a mac user but use a BB torch! And own a playbook! Cnt stand iPhones and iPads...

On another note I cnt see the update in Beta zone!! I need it!! Lol..

I also own a Macbook pro, I can't stand the iPhone and iPad, I use a Torch and Playbook and love them. I can't see the update in the beta zone either.

Good to know that Mac Users cant stand the Ipad or Iphone :) and to be honest i had an Iphone for 3week and i change it for BB torch and i got an Ipad 2 for my B-day and im thinking to change mine to a BB-PB ;) or to keep it for games :D and buy an BBPB :)
And to be honest i don't see me going back to Iphone ever ;)

It's great to see some Mac support for the BlackBerry PlayBook. However, Wi-Fi File Sharing > USB. Just drag and drop whatever you need, be it photos, music or videos. Syncing with cable is so 2009.

I have an iMac, a MBP and I used to have an iPad but I recently traded it for a PlayBook. Oh, I also have a Bold 9780.
I don't see this under my elegible programs either.

I also own a MacBook Pro and a iMac plus an iPod but still love my Blackberry Phone and my Playbook, Why assume because I own Mac Products I wouldn't also use Blackberry Products. Was stoked to see Desktop Manager for Mac but unfortunately I also don't see it listed as an available Download in Beta zone.

Dudes ... its available for download. I just selected the left side bar for eligible software along with reading and signing the agreement and downloaded from the dowload tab.

Maybe for you it is, all I see is Facebook 2.0 and and messenger 6.0, no Desktop Manager for Mac to be found.

I cannot find it either, and I also own a MBP, but have a 32 GB iPod touch, a BB PB, but own an android.

I own a Macbook Pro, but I do not own any iDevices. Have a Tour and Playbook. Anyone tried to sync up movies yet with iTunes movies, and if so does it do anything to allow DRM content to be used on the Playbook? I'm doubting it does, but wanted to check before I go buy some software to take care of it.