BlackBerry Dakota pictured and specs revealed; Keyboard, touchscreen, HD video and more

By Adam Zeis on 13 Jan 2011 09:16 am EST

BlackBerry Dakota

The elusive BlackBerry Dakota has made its way back into the spotlight. BGR has revealed the specs for  the rumored QWERTY/touchscreen BlackBerry. It looks like the device is still out there in the shadows somewhere and has some pretty impressive specs to go with it. It holds basically the same form factor as the Bold series, but mixes a full QWERTY keyboard with a touchscreen. It also sports HD video, 4GB of storage with 768MB of RAM and can be used as a mobile 3G hotspot. It also looks like it will ship with BlackBerry 6.1 that we first heard of yesterday. All in all some good stuff here, so lets hope we get some more details on this guy soon. Hit the source link for the full specs.

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Source: BGR

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BlackBerry Dakota pictured and specs revealed; Keyboard, touchscreen, HD video and more


Not if it is only 3G. Let's see if there is any LTE capability first. Looks like no QNX. I think I'll reserve any grandiose proclamations for it at this time.

Since LTE is Verizon and this appears to be another GSM blackberry, the LTE is irrelevant.

Also as stated in threads on the forums, LTE isn't all important to RIM who is targeting world Markets not just the US market. this Phone will address Europe users who are in need of a new mobile phone, but require a portrait keyboard.

Thank you, which is why I why I stated I won't be running into the streets proclaiming this as the ultimate BlackBerry.
If this is a GSM only BlackBerry then yes LTE does not apply at this time for AT&T but one can only hope that RIM would consider offering phones with a set of specs for more than one carrier. This one carrier release thing has gotten old IMO.

What exactly do you mean by "LTE is Verizon"? LTE is the next world standard when GSM/CDMA gets thrown out. It will be used for sure by VZW, ATT, and MetroPCS. As for Euro companies I believe both Orange and Vodafone will be on LTE as well.

LTE will be the next world standard agreed, BUT in terms of Phone releases, LTE outside of USA is probably 2-3 generations of phones away.
SO LTE is Verizon only on the current batch of smartphones

Doesn't the Torch address European users seeking a keypad and touch screen already?? I agree that LTE is pretty much irrelevant as this phone looks to be going to be AT&T exclusive in the US, but I'm still not saying its the ultimate BlackBerry as I don't think it does anything in terms of hardware that the Torch doesn't, and nothing in terms of software that the Torch 2 isn't going to.

I am just hoping for HSPA+ (which is not specifically listed). AT&T has not even started rolling out LTE.

ULTIMATE FAILURE! Sorry - but no open GL, 768 megs RAM - how much does OS6.1 use? 300 megs? Leaving how much for applications? Less than a single application on most platforms. This is one of the reasons why you always see new commercial apps for IOS and Android and BB rarely mentioned. That and the underlying JAVA OS that RIM has admitted is a failure. RIM is telling you that you ned to wait 2-3 years for a fix. Really, why build a QNX Playbook and not a BBOS6.1? IOS and Android tablets are IOS and Android Tablets. Unless you are completely dense you must realize what RIM thinks of its current OS.

And again they short us on hardware. But we the faithful, who after living on crumbs and dirty droplets of water think that a piece of day old bread and warm glass of tap water is a meal fit for a king.

I think what you are not really getting is just how good the playbook OS is. Yes Apple and Androis put their phone OS on tablets but that just shows their tablets are crap.

+1 for this. That guy has zero idea what he's talking about.

This will be my next BlackBerry after my 9700. There is absolutely nothing wrong with those specs - also I don't know why people are ragging on "no open GL, blah blah this and that" - did it ever cross your mind that not every single spec is going to leak? RIM is beginning to make some good moves, and that is reflected in their increase in stock price.

The ONE and ONLY thing that I have against this phone is the small circle-shaped LED notification light. I much prefer the bar shape on the 9000 and 9700. Maybe by the time this device is released it will be ok. Sign me up though, this is the blackberry I've always wanted ever since I got rid of my 9000.

That guy is just not wise about this subject. What a tool. People really put their foot in their mouths sometimes!

I think you have completely misunderstood RAM. The iPhone 4 has 512MB of RAM, that is obviously not the issue.

Did you not read the article on OS 6.1? The OS has openGL support built in and besides we don't even get a breakdown on the specs of this device.

the blackberry every crackberry user want 1 year ago, and me personally. unfortunately for me, it's a year late and i have already moved on

Although I would reserve the title "Ultimate Blackberry" for a Bold 9000 sized device running QNX OS with 1GB (or more)of RAM, this device has definitely peaked my interest.

I could have done without the touchscreen but I have to say (just like they said about Starcraft 2) it's about f***ing time!!!

A true successor to the Bold 9000 series and not that 9700 bull crap they call Bolds. I will come back to the Blackberry fold on day one if this device is real. I haven't bought a Blackberry since the Bold 9000 because nothing beats the size of the keyboard, it was hands down the best out there in size and quality. I really hope RIM doesn't do something stupid and only make it available on one carrier.....

AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint... day one RIM, make it happen!!!!

9700 bull crap?? I know you like the 9000 but you can't deny the progression of the Bold series to do so is just humerous. The 9000 was a great phone, much like older vettes, but to say the new ones don't completely rock is just silly. Oh, and try OS6 with a trackpad and let me know what you think?? Lol!

If you look at the device it has the shape of a 9000 with a 9700 style white number keyboard (rounded edges of the 9000) so judging by the picture alone it looks like the 9000 housing with a 9000 screen size touch screen

I cant wate for the Dakota. when i saul it i all most got a hard on.... Some people dont like the small new phones. Please give us a big (9000) size phone/keypad, are give a magnifying glass and my wife's fingers.... I dont under stand why theay made the bold smaller when theay have the Curve/ style/ and pearl. I have ben to at&t 5 or 6 times trying to make my self like Torch and every time i leave mad becouse i realy want a 9000 with OS6 and a track pad. I just pray my (9000) will hold out until the Dakota is in stores.

Android on the Droid Pro is exceptionally nice, granted, but Android still doesn't have the Blackberry features we all use (and trust) and security of Android is still a 'work in progress'.

Yes, this will combat the Droid Pro nicely.

What features and security? Tell me. What security feature can you not get on Android. Remote lock, remote wipe (both available). RSA runs well on Android so 256 bit VPN is available and as I'm sure you has never been cracked. Firewall is available. What security feature?

Yeah Android has a ton of extra security features ie.

1) Worms
2) Virus'
3) RootKits
4) Trojans

And they all come free when you use Android devices!

Lol! Is this guy talking again??? Stop it guy! RIM has the ONLY OS with security high enough to be used OUT THE BOX by government agencies. Have you even used a iPhone or Droid on a Enterprise server? Ever? Seek knowledge. Learn. Shut up.

Droid Pro won the award for the crapiest phone ever to that extent that Moto pulled them off the shelves, you should be a fool to compare this is to a droid Pro, Droid Pro can't be even be compared to a dumbphone let alone a smartphone

A reason to have a fast draining battery, and use more data, but a feature that will work with only other computers/laptops/netbooks and other devices with web cams or front facing cameras and apps that allow for it.

So until more people are using "video chat" it's going to be for the most part an advertising bullet point, more than a useful item for the masses.

I think many people like the idea of a front facing camera for video conferencing / Skype. Not sure how much use it would be on this phone if it is only 3G though.

3g is fine for video calls. Dont start believing the idiotic "4g" marketing being made by stupid US carriers. None of them have a real 4g network and wont for years and years. If we go by their standards I guess Bell/Telus's 42mbps here in Canada is 9G.

And honestly video calls arent important. If they were everyone would be using nokias for the past 6 years.

Interesting, thanks for the perspective. I wouldn't go so far to say that video calls aren't important. They are important to a segment of society including many business users, which is why Skype is doing so well. I would venture a guess that Nokia's failure to attract more users has more to do with what Nokia doesn't offer in their phones to give users a satisfying experience. It's not enough to be a "one-trick pony" these days.

Well, video calling hogs the hell out of the network. The infrastructure to support that for all simply doesn't exist yet.

Cool feature, but the carriers cannot fully support it yet.

Like having a Ferrari in NYC. Why bother?

I just don't see the need. But to each their own. Upgrade the MP's, definitely! I'm waiting to see videos or pics of people who forget they are video calling and they are picking their noses, or look like crap. Like the text messages that get sent to the wrong people. lol

RIM you're on the right track. Please must make it in the Bold 9000 form factor the keyboard will be heaven. And since this is a touch screen (yes!), screen resolution need to be better than the one on the 9000 otherwise it won't look good. And please kick up a notch with the CPU speed too so the browser doesn't feel like a snail. I think RIM OS 6.1 is good for now. Don't rush to push QNX to the phones yet if it's still buggy.
I'm ready whenever you're ready.

Though I've never owned one, sure would like to see these specs in a 9000 form factor. But, OS 6.1, all that memory, and mobile hotspot capabilities is just awesome. Makes my 9800 feel, kind of status quo. :)

The question is, of course, who gets this beauty? AT&T? Sprint? Verizon?

Isn't that always the question? So tired of playing the silly which provider gets it game. We can hear and get excited about the next great thing, only to find out you have to jump providers if you want to use it.

AT&T is about to get a whole lot better when the iPhone freaks (said lovingly) jump over to Verizon. iPhone on Big Red was the best darn news this week for BlackBerry, until Dakota's specs.

I seriously doubt that. Yes you will have faster service, but the places my friends try to have service isn't there. So being faster won't help if you can't get it to begin with. lol

It's a new bold, so why not both, better still do a cdma version for vzw and sprint as well then everyone is happy.

Idiot. That was a waste of time to post. Everyone knows AT&T and TMO run GSM. The question is which 3G bands will it have. "Your feeling is wrong..." Don't try to make someone feel dumb if you are completely uninformed. I'm glad we can all look at you being dumb!

I really hope this comes to T-Mo, I will be there day one. They will probably drop this to T-Mo and ATT, but not for a few months. They want this phone to be available to all those 9700 owners whos upgrades will be coming up soon.

I'm still rocking my 8900 on T-Mobile and have really been waiting for the next BB. I'd love to have the 9780 but I'll definitely wait for this. (8900, hang on just a little bit longer)

@ mckillio, This will only benefit you if you have insurance. A relative of mine got his 8900 replaced with a white 9780 from t-mo due to the unavailability of that device. If it is in your interest. give it a try :o)... It was replaced free of charge because his 8900 was giving him problems. (The 8900 held up long enough)

I could only hope there would be a version of it on Verizon. I've been waiting for a Bold 9000 style device to drop with them for a long time... We can only hope...

I just checked and maybe I didn't notice in the last couple days, but the Bold 9700 and 9000 are gone from the ATT site.

Yes but for it to have a touchscreen, the 9700's screen might be a tad bit too small. That's why most people want the 9000 form factor which is actually a very nice size overall.

The 9700 is just sexay. I don't plan to do a whole lot with the touchscreen, it's just a bonus for me, so it would have been nice if they were keeping the 9700 form factor for this phone. The 9700 with upgraded internals and a touchscreen has been pretty much my dream phone for ages.

IMHO, the 9000 keyboard was the best keyboard ever to be on a blackberry. I currently have a torch, which has the 9700 keyboard, and after, what, 4 or so months now, I'm still mistyping all over that thing. The 9000 kb is just big enough to comfortably type, and do it effectively.

The question is, will I be able to go from a Torch screen, to this one...

Sweet. found my next phone! No more thoughts of an iphone anymore. Seriously this is exactly what BB fans have been asking for. Now we heard in the next quarter or 2 6.1 will be released so I assume thats when this phone will launch as well?

Sorry but you want someone to think when it comes to specs and put them into perspective?

are you crazy this is the internet!

Seriously? VGA(640x480) on a small 2.8" screen is nuts. Most 3.1" screens these days don't have that (normally 480x320 like the Droid Pro). Most 3.7" screens come with 800x480, so its impressive the Dakota can cram that many pixels in such a small package.

I just wish this was an LTE phone coming to Verizon... I would be a buyer for sure. Will be interesting to see where it ends up going I am thinking At&t

personally, i'm not sold on an lte device. with the way wimax runs on sprint phones and the dreadful battery life, i'm not sure if i want lte on my phone..just yet. and not to mention where i live probably won't be getting lte for a while, so i'm okay with having a bb without it for now.

and yeah, i'm guessing this is an at&t phone..from the source link:

Tri-band UMTS

THERE'S NO REAL 4G IN THE USA.......Don't fall for all the false advertising all these companies do, it's really just 3G hyped up

AFAIK 4G is still in draft and the definitive international standard is not even published yet. Any sucker buying "4G" will be buying an implementation which is proprietary to one network.

There is clearly a front-facing camera shown in this pic... unless you think that little circle to the right of the earpiece is the LED light, but it looks like a front-facing camera lens to me.

My brother has a HTC Evo on Sprint with supposed "4G" - don't get me wrong, it's fast phone, but it's not because of "4G" which isn't actually available at this time.

As for me, I don't have any family members or friends that have front facing cameras. The few that do have it on their phone don't even use it. So this will be irrelevant to me. Front facing cameras are a good marketing ploy, but only a small percentage of cell phone users actually use it. As for phones, there are still quite a few people out there that still use dumb phones.

I wouldn't want to be reaching up for the touch screen and back down for the keyboard. i'll stick with my torch even though this comes out.

I do. I can't stand the touch screen's made for kids, adult's fingers are just to big.

It's the larger screen that makes the Torch so great.

Seeing this phone is so disappointing. I think if you check some of the rumor threads, you can go back two years with us salivating over this phone. Instead being happy it is finally coming it only adds to my frustration with RIM.

Please get this out by summer, if those specs are accurate, it would keep me from jumping ship. Also I believe the forward facing camera would be for making video phone calls.

Fact that it is Running 6.1 rather than QNX I would really expect to see this in Q2 this year. if they were going to push it much later we'd be seeing QNX on it.

Currently swayed away from BlackBerry, but I would definitely buy this phone. I loved my 9000 but it got outdated pretty quickly.
I also agree that this phone is past due. Releasing sooner than later would be beneficial for both parties involved.

You would think that with the iphone just announced on verizon RIM would step up the CDMA side of things but I guess not. Ill probably end up buying an iphone and come back to blackberry when they actually have something good on the plate.

I agree here. W.T.H. RIM have you completely given up on CDMA? Oh wait, I forgot about the Style (BFD). I guess if I want a new touchscreen phone on Verizon, RIM is forcing me to go Android.

These are not official announcements, they are just leaks so who knows what stuff cdma is going to get, the odds are that out of today's leaks they are also going to be getting a new curve and a new bold that are similar.

this would have been the step in the RIGHT direction 1 year ago! RIM continues to come late to the party with these phones...

Absolutely agree. A buddy of mine has the Droid Pro and it absolutely sucks - the keyboard is horrible and the screen resolution is like my old Tour 9630. The OS is nice i guess, but only if you can look past the hardware issues which I definitely cannot.

I agree... though I would say that I'm probably stupid to even consider buying it. I love blackberry but RIM has really been catching up and has not been innovating. Many of my BBM friends are leaving to iPhone (verizon) or switching to droids. It is losing it's appeal for the normal user.

Definitely looks interesting - combine this with the news from the guys at N4_BB about Monaco going into production, this could be another exciting year for new releases, not just refreshes.

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm actually OK with waiting on an LTE phone - at the end of the day, what matters most, IMHO, is if the battery can actually last through the day, not just that I can video chat with someone. (I admit it's a cool feature, but not at the cost of having to carry around a charger)

Nice to see RIM getting closer to the iPhone and Android Hardware Specs. Sadly they are developing this now and phones already in product have 1GB of RAM. With the design of BB OS they need 1GB of RAM to help the phone compete speed wise with the iPhone and Android.

It can be painful using my wifes 9700 after having a Droid X and now G2 that scroll and bounce form app to app with speed. I can wait to install OS 6 on her phone to see how much it has hopefully improved.

i don't know if they need the ram, so much as a combination of ram and processor speed. the bb os's, up until qnx, obviously run pretty well/snappy considering the unimpressive numbers of the hardware. the os was designed with low spec hardware in mind, so until qnx arrives on devices, you won't really see crazy hardware least that's how i see it

+1!!! This is what i've been screaming for months now. They don't have 1 GB of RAM because it doesn't NEED it. OS 6 is designed to run well without using up all of the memory. I have a Bold 9650 running Official OS6 with 512mb RAM and it's plenty fast. No touch screen and no bulky OS = no need for 1 GB+ of RAM.

It's not all about bells and whistles folks, it's about practicality and doing the right things really well. I don't care if my BlackBerry runs Angry Birds faster than your Android. All that matters is that it gets the job done at the end of the day and if I have time left for games or web surfing, cool.

I agree. Having a 1 GHz processor would only use up more battery juice. That's one of the main reasons of why I haven't switched over. People that I know that have switched said they don't mind carrying a charger and charging throughout the day. Carrying a charger around with me is something I refuse to do. Most business people would probably agree. They want a phone that can get them through the day with no worries of the battery dying. They want a phone that can get the job done, make business deals, and keep them in touch with their contacts with no worries of a phone that may need to be recharged soon. The way the BB OS is designed, most apps do not need a lot of processor speed. Since when did it take 1 GHz to type an Email, setup a Calendar appointment, send off a a text message, or create Word & Excel documents? 1 GHz processor would definitely be needed for phones that have Homescreen animations, have the ability to play quite a few games, and terrific web browsing. Since I can do without the animations and the games, battery life is important for me.

Skimping on the processor would be a mistake as there is just no chance of a qnx upgrade if they do, whereas slapping in that nice and quick 1.2ghz cpu from the torch 2 would at least give this hardware a decent chance of that and besides it can always clock itself down when not needed.

I hear that the 8oo GHz processor in the new Motorola will be faster than the 1.2 SnapDragon. Higher doesn't always equate to faster. Depends on the chip.

If it is the same size keyboard as the 9000, I would so get this as I miss using my 9000 day-to-day. I just hope it doesn't turn out to be a disappointment like the Torch was for me (i.e. not living up to expectations).

Good start, but how about news of a Storm 3. My preference is for a full size touch screen device ... good for my bad eyes and big hands. I may give the iPhone a shot. C'mon RIM, throw us a bone before I make the switch. I'll hang in there even with a few weak rumors.

Makes me really think about jumping over to TMO or ATT just to get the better BB's. I mean, why is my Bold 9650 wider and heavier than the Bold 9700?

Simple, the bold 9650 is wider and heavier than the 9700 cause the 9650 is built in the same housing of a Tour 9630 which was a bigger phone than the 8900

CDMA is obsolete and less than 10% of the market. Why should RIM waste resources developing for a dying minority of whining users?

Looks amazing. I really hope they go with HSPA+ on this one. LTE is still far away, but seeing that the Torch and Bold 9780 only support HSDPA at 3.2Mbps we need some 3G chip able to use the new network upgrades from GSM carriers!

I agree. Leaked Montana specs listed HSDPA 7.2Mps hope that is just for CDMA and GSM gets the HSPA+.

This is what people have been asking for for the past year (and a half). It definitely has the specs most were asking for (9000 format, more memory...).

Since this is a GSM model, I wonder if it will finally support OpenGL, since every other GSM model doesn't.

Hopefully RIM doesn't limit it to just one carrier. I think that has been more of a downfall to recent BlackBerry offerings rather than the models themselves. If they didn't have so many exclusivity contacts, I think the Storm and Torch series would have had much larger sales numbers.

it's more of the carriers saying, 'make us a bb' than rim saying, 'hey guys, want this phone?' but yeah, i agree with you. stop with the exclusivity deals...

* Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE
    * Tri-band UMTS
    * 5 megapixel camera with HD video recording, flash, and image stabilization
    * 4GB of built in storage, 768MB of RAM
    * 2.8-inch VGA 640×480 capactivie screen
    * WiFi b,g,n on 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies
    * 3G mobile hotspot!
    * MicroUSB port
    * Bluetooth
    * NFC
    * Magnetometer
    * Accelerometer
    * Proximity sensor
    * 10.5mm thin
    * Launches with BlackBerry OS 6.1

This is exactly what I have been waiting for. Please baby Jesus let this come to T-mobile {crosses fingers}

Looks good so far, RIM better come hard with the processor and screen quality,..hotspot capability,.I'm starting to look at other companies these days cause Blackberry is feeling outdated.

With businesses as their base client I'd think features like hotspot, and great processor should be forefront, yet here I am tethering via usb/bluetooth and looking at an unsightly spinning waiting clock,..Android is about to get my money soon unless RIM steps it up FAST.

The 9000 is my favorite blackberry of all time. Having said that, i am not sure i would be swayed to buy this. It's not necessarily the hardware but the OS.

no estimates on when this might come out? I'll wait for this verses getting the 9780 from AT&T I wouldn't mind this having the touch screen since it still has the full non sliding out qwerty keyboard. Bring it NAOW!

I maintain the BB 9000 had the best keyboard to date and the best sound! to date there is currently no phone on any platform that can out perform the BB 9000 sound and keyboard.

the specs on this .. if this is what it ships with will be pretty nice
I am not so sure about that bezel but the device over all looks pretty good
if they get it out quick. Otherwise .. it will end up being pre historic by the time
other devices are released.

I hope this is true and I hope it comes out soon. I am in desperate need of a new phone. My 9700 is on it's last leg and I did get the torch but returned it and went back to my 9700 cause I am too OCD for a slider.. I do hope it is the size of the 9000 I miss my old one. Maybe there will be a front facing camera added! Crossing fingers...

Shit! I'm like a few days away from purchasing my first new BB9780.. Any news that this Dakota would be releasing? any berries here????

Noone knows really. There were talks of a couple new phones being ready for production so its possible this could be one of them. The fact it runs 6.1 and last night it was mentioned 6.1 will be launching in a quarter or 2. So Id say in the next couple months it'll come out.

Tough call on buying a 9780 right now with this coming within months.

I currently use a 9700. Is the screen bigger on the Dakota? Can't recall what measurement my Bold is.

The 9000 had a 2.6" screen, while the 9700 has a 2.44".

This has a 2.8". Considerably larger than the 9700.

I like the sound of this. Is it enough to get me to switch from my Bold 9650 (assuming they make a version for Verizon/CDMA)? Probably not.

My Bold suits me just fine. And then there's the issue of paid apps working on 6.x or not.....Given how much I like my Bold, I think I wait at least until May (when my NE2 is up.......gotta use that last one). I would prefer that extra discount on a phone the really excites me.

I really don't think this is a great idea from blackberry.. touchscreen phones should only be for phones that have a screen which takes up the whole phone.. this blackberry screen is small u don't have much room to maneuver so whats really the point?

Aay friggin' men brother! i have a sprint curve 8330 for 2yrs now and im NOT upgrading to a BB until it's Torch-like (full screen & quwerty keyboard) with an upgraded 6OS system and JUST under the 4G $10.00 xtra data's not rocket science...just put out a decent friggin' BlackBerry until you roll out QNX round 3-4q

It gives you options, if there is plenty of time when you just don't need to use the touchscreen then you just treat it as a nice big screen on a bold, when it benefits you then you use it as a touchscreen.

Will this be a feature that is resident in 6.1 and not be a hardware dependent? Theorectically this would be availble in a 6.1 update for the Torch, right?

If you really want this phone, return the one you just bought. You have 30 days from the time you buy it to return it and get your money back.

Haven't seen any comment questioning the integrity of the picture. This could very easily be someones basement job photo with fantasy specs to match. I for one hope its real. Look at my name on here. I have been hoping for this device for a year and a half (BOLD UNTIL HYBRID COMES)

Awww c'mon! really? a touchscreen that's just a regular Bold size screen? man i really hope this is just bad info, and that RIM is gonna roll out a sweet Sprint BB Torch upgrade between Feb-May to hold Crackberries 'til October when they roll out QNX 4G BlackBerrys

Just because this is leaked on this phone does not mean that they are not looking at bringing the Torch to other carriers, it also doesn't mean that they are not working on other phones as well. If you look at history, when phones start leaking, when it rains, it pours, so who knows?

Great news for the folks waiting a new device with similar Bold 9000 form factor! And it's also pretty good news for the ones waiting for a QWERTY/Touchscreen BlackBerry as well. The specs are much better than the ones we've seen on the Torch, Style and 9780. Although no numbers on the processor yet. Yes, still behind competitors specs, but no rush, as Mike Lazaridis has been saying. They'll catch up with QNX phones at the end of this year or maybe in 2012. In the mean time, they'll be grabbing other markets with their current devices. BlackBerry OS 6 has been a filler, 6.1 may be the transition OS to QNX.

I, on the other hand, am not THAT excited about a QWERTY/TS phone given that my work involves hydrocarbons, therefore I have to stick to non-touchscreen phones. Besides, my BB 9700 with OS 6 is getting the job well done. Thanks RIM!

Looks like a sweet BB! Let's just hope it comes out sooner rather than later. RIM don't have much time to be sitting around. Q2 2011!

If this ever sees the light of day, it'd better damn well be available for big red!! I have the bold 9650, love it and would love to go to the Dakota

Looks like what I have wanted for some time, however the screen seems too short. They could push the screen top up a couple millimeters and the screen bottom and keyboard down a couple millimeters and that would increase the screen size enough to make it worthwhile. This device *MUST* have a touchscreen.

I would like this to be real and true, but the BlackBerry logo on the menu key is fudged. The bottom dot is down and to the right a bit, it is not 100% correct. Also the bottom of the device has a more rounded shape than the current 9000. Overall this looks good, let's see if RIM will actually deliver or is someone is blowing smoke.

Oh god not another gsm phone. Wish they would release something for cdma as well or make this phone cdma compatible. Well looks like I got excited for nothing. Though this phone does looks awesome and specs are pretty sweet compared to other current blackberries but I'll just wait for some 4G BB wither WIMAX or LTE with QNX OS. (Crosses fingers)

Frightened baby RIM is taking some baby steps...
Coming out of closet slowly...

This is good....
Some very positive steps.
Keep it up RIM +1

  • Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE
  • Tri-band UMTS

RIM just gave a big vafanculo to Verizon and their outdated proprietary network. 

hahahahahahahahaha, to all you non-italians out there...that was a big fuck you to big red!

hahahahaha priceless Branta

SIGH, I just wouldn't want a touchscreen with a physical keyboard (TORCH or DAKOTA) or a trackpad, Blah! Nice specs tho, but whats with the 768MB of RAM, why not just make it a GIG. In the end, things are looking up. BB 4 Life!!!

Enough people do want touchscreens that they simply can't ignore them and if you don't want to use it then just treat it as a bold with a great rez screen.

As far as the Ram, it isn't as simple as chucking more in is better because it needs to be powered all the time even if it isn't in use, so if a device is more than comfortable in 768MB then the additional 256 would just be a reduction in battery life for no actual gain.

This is still way behind Android and iOS. 2.8 inch 640X480 screen is not good enough. A touch screen on this thing doesn't really make sense because the screen is too small. No 4G speeds. RIM is still late to the party.

My Bold screen at 2.4" and 480x360 has amazing resolution (as good as my eyes can detect; similar to my Samsung Captivate), so 2.8" at 640x480 will be fabulous! The screen is the perfect size to make it big enough for touch, but not so big as to make the device into an unwieldy slate.

Keep in mind that it also has a keyboard and a trackpad, which (based on my experience with the Torch) makes it far easier to use that a touchscreen only.

And in terms of productivity, Android (Froyo) pales in comparison to BB OS 6 (my experience with both; your experience may vary). Add to that a small, light form factor with good battery life and call quality, and this will be the ultimate productivity smartphone.

I was seriously considering the Motorola Atrix, but this BlackBerry will make me change my mind.

This for certain will be my next phone assuming it being GSM it will make it on TMobile. Specs are perfectly fine for me, year old specs or not, this will be an amazing phone! Don't care about video calling to be honest, but look forward to 6.1 and them taking time with QNX so it isn't a train wreck. I still have another year left on contract, so guess I have time, lol! Good news if this comes to reality.

This does seem like a nice phone. I wonder why they did not mention or at least hint around to this at CES. This was mentioned after Verizon's iphone announcement and after Sprint announced their big announcement scheduled for February 7. I hope this is real.

finally a decent BB, after 3years.. Now to see what it turns out in the end- and when it'll be available.. +though the year is young, maybe this1 will get rim back on tracks...

Good device, sorry that RIM are still obsessed with smallness. The screen could be 3'' and that would make a nice difference. The keyboard should be big like the 9000. Overall I like the 9000 form factor. There's a lot here that will enable developers to move to the Berry platform pbook and this.

I have been asking for this Blackberry since the day I first laid eyes on a Bold 9000 and played with touchscreen phones.

What an ultimate marriage of size and features.

It's NOT intended to be an Android or an iPhone, it is intended to be the ULTIMATE Blackberry for the Blackberry faithful. Anyone who has ever held a Bold 9000 and typed on it will understand what I am saying. The feel is out of this world, the room to type, everything, but it lacked other features that this phone adds back in.

I don't want it to compete with anything else. This rocks!!!!

Simply put, this is the most awesome Blackberry for what a Blackberry was always intended to be. I DON'T want 4G in it....chews the battery up and there's still spotty coverage. RIM is known for excellent reception, so don't add new and as yet unproven (but maturing) techonolgy into it.

Hot D@MN I'm torch will keep me company until we part for this device is IT!

When is this thing supposed to be released? Because I just upgraded to a 9780 from an 8320. Why couldn't they put these specs in the 9780? I may just return the phone and wait.

Considering that this rumor has been floating around for awhile, until an official announcement comes out from RIM, I'll just assume it's another rumor. The "iPhone to Verizon" rumor was around for 3 years before it came about. The slider rumor was around 2 years before it came out, too. I'm not particularily getting my hopes up until it sees an official announcement.

This thing is is still way behind the competition spec wise. I hate how crackberry users find every excuse to say why everything does is fine. Do you guys not like to push RIM to innovation or would you rather have their stupid minor updates every year?

Hopefully Sprint will get this one. Currently using a Tour... Style isn't for me, and my upgrade is past due 12 days already. Trying to hold out for a nice BB

Did this post get published by accident? The content looks like it was meant for 2009 release?

Why no dual core? Why no 8MP with xenon flash? Why no FFC? Why no 1gb ram? Why no FM transmitter? It can take HD video? Really?? 720p at 60 fps or 720p at 25 fps? Such a small screen that has touch capabilities? Seriously?

I seriously hope this is fake... it probably is..

Simply because those features come at a high cost and have little value to business users.

What good is HD video when you cannot even accept a meeting invitation? Entertainment users have the iPhone and Android, which are very good at what they are designed for.

But business users need strong productivity features, good battery life, good call quality, and a compact, affordable form factor.

The Dakota will excel like no other at its intended purpose!

So now I have a decision to make when it comes to uprgrading, was worried it was just gonna have to be the torch without any choice. Looking forward to seeing this one in the flesh when it hits the shops.

Sweet, looks like my 9000 is back in the hardware scheme! I loved my 9000, just hated the lack of memory and trackball.

Agh! When is BB going to give us a new CDMA blackberry!?

It feels like it's been forever >.< My tour is growing a little long in the tooth here and I'm not about to "upgrade" to a 9650.

i am due for an upgrade in about 4 months,now i know what i want but will it be available then.fingers crossed.maccauk.

I love my torch but had a 9000 before that and it was NICE, will be able to upgrade next summer (once a year for me for some reason) with the playbook in hand I might just go back to this berry. I hope 6.1 is a nice leap.

With the three phones leaked today it looks like Torch was really a stop gap.

I think that may actually be the proximity sensor. If it is a touchschcreen device then it would need one to blacken the screen during calls. Much like the placement of the one on the Torch.

I don't know...quite frankly getting tired of new devices every three months that keep us fish running out for the latest.

Sorry RIM. Way too late. This is the device that should've been released after the Bold 9000. If the 9700 had to be released as it was, then this one should've been the succesor to the 9700. But you RIM chose downgrade the Bold 9000's keyboard with the 9700 and then later release the 9780 with a little more RAM and nothing else to offer.

Whatever you end up calling the Dakota, my wish is that it can meet the expectations of whatever faithful customers you have left. But it will definitely not recover any of the customers you have already lost for not releasing truly upgraded hardware in a timely manner.

That is it. I'm a 9700 owner and always preferred my mate's 9000 keyboard. This device is a dream comes true for me. will definitely get it when the time comes (next upgrade in 5 months).

Love my Blackberry. But if ATT keeps on getting the latest devices from BB, then it may be EVO time. I'm tired of waiting months to get new devices.

I'm already saving up... Ok, not... But ill definitely get this baby tomorrow if it comes out, even though I love my torch... Then, ill get the torch 2 and monday, tuesday: torch, wednesday, thursday: torch 2, friday, saturday and sunday: Dakota baby!!!! ;D

RIM really needs to man up and make this baby available to all carriers! They should set the official issue release price across the board and let their customers get the phones they want withouth having to jump thrugh 100 whoops.
Carriers are demanding exlcusives to eliminate competitive prices from other carriers.
They grease the wheels at rim with the highest bid contingent on exclusive, then lock their customers in a box, poke them with a stick and squeeze us for the highest price.
RIM your customers are really us! The people who love your product so make sure your batting for us!

hell yeah im getting this phone i currently have the 9700 i love the keyboard can find my self switching to a non qwerty keyboard i have never got to use the 9000 but apparently most people like the keyboard more than the one on the 9700. it really don't matter to me as long as i can continue to type without looking at the screen at times and i know for sure when i press "K" its a "K" and not the letter beside it and in this cold weather touch screen typing is a B****.

i might sell my nooo i will sell my 9700 and get this and i hope the apps are not stored on the ram that would be a downer.

RIM should keep some of their phones simple and have maybe 2-3 super phones. i really dont see the point of more than 5mp being able to record hd video on your phone if you dont use half of those feature most of the time. like most people with phones that have front facing camers dont even use video call .but it will be super cool of BBM gets a video chat in it.

most of these new phones have really cool specs but honestly after a month or so the users dont even use their phone to their full potential.

i will stay with my blackberry as long as i make a phone call when i want without it begin dropped BBM my friends or see what they are up to through my social feeds and receive my emails on the go. really dont need angry birds or fruit ninja and i dont think im going to be shooting movies on my phone but HDMI output would be nice so i can share my movies if im at my friends house.

Im diggin it, Might have to go back to BB when this phone comes out. Those are some nice specs on the phone. Hope it does not have that clicking screen like the video they have on the web. And hope the capacitive screen is more responsive than on the torch, which sucks btw, regardless my wife still loves hers. This one right here The Dakota is more of my taste like my last BB 9000, which was a man's Blackberry. 9700's was a little to small for my taste.

Please.. oh please let this phone be released for AT&T sometime soon!! I've been dealing with battery pulls and deleting files on my old 9000 for too long. I'm ready for a new supercharged version of the 9000 with way more memory. Does anyone know for sure if/when this phone is going to be released and on what carrier? Heck, right now I'd even settle for a 9780.

I'm buying this asap when it comes out, I'll pay full price. Loved the form factor of the Bold 9000. I like the bold 9700, trackpad, and OS6 too but that looks and sounds like the perfect phone for me! AT&T better get it!

Ever since I became a BlackBerry addict and one hectic CrackHead,I have ma' amazing,incredible and first BB=Bold 9000 and it's simply the most comfortable form factor for my taste.
Because of the great screen on it,the crisp an live colors I regret non having a touch screen also...but now,ma' dream phone is here and ma' dilemma for the next phone is over...
DAKOTA IS HERE,and am in love! ;))))))

Please let this phone be on T-Mobile somehow! I love what RIM is doing spliting up OS developement and the QNX developement. Different platforms need diferent things. I love OS6 on my BOLD! Keep Rockin Blackberry!

My worry is that I'm assuming it's the size of the 9000 because it looks like the 9000. But it could very well be a smaller version of it.

Edit: Dumb comment. The screen size would make it comparable to the old Bold.

Finally they come out with the 9000 form factor phone. I can't wait so I can smash my fucking small piece of shit 9780 on my concrete driveway.

This phone looks sweet. I noticed they changed the end/send key from green/red to white. Can't wait for this to come out.

This would be great because it combines two of my favorite blackberries together, the 9000 and the 9800. 9000 had the best keyboard and 9800 the best touchscreen. Hopefully there will be a 1GHz and a front facing camera.

Great looks, for sure. And I'd love to have my 9000 keyboard (and sound) back. I've gotten used to typin on the 9700, but still miss the 9000 keys. Only thing that ever failed to work on a 'berry was the trackball for me, which was the reason to switch over (and now I have OS6, which is also very nice). Still and all, for guys that feel cramped in XL gloves, a wide form factor is a plus!
I don't agree that it's such a big deal if this is not yet QNX OS; eventually the QNX OS will offer some advantages, but before long I'll have a Playbook (I am SO gonna get that on day 1!) so I'll tether up and go QNX on a 7 inch screen while my BB Bold Touch will -hopefully- have amazing battery life with BB6.1.
And no, if it's not needed for a fluent user experience, don't put in more mem or a faster processor that suck my battery dry. I'm not prone to walking up to people and trying to impress them by blurting out the specs of my phone. I basically don't care what's under the hood; it's what it can do for me that counts. I want to snicker when I see people struggling with multitasking or not getting their e-mail on Iphones and the like, at which point I'll be putting down my Blackberry, informing them I'm already done and ready to move on.
I need the bugger to work, all the time, be functional, and have stamina. Durable, dependable, fast and secure. If you do that for me RIM, you save me from having to go out and see what all the Iphony/Droidy fuss is all about and I'll be yours for years on end...

Whoever said that LTE phones are 2 to 3 phone generations away let me offer you salt and pepper to go on that crow you are about to eat. Verizon is going to release 4 LTE phones this summer. If RIM ignores the opportunity to enter the LTE market early they will be taking a big risk in my opinion. RIM security is great and LTE may complicate their efforts to maintain the high security they are known for but an early volley into this market is invaluable. RIM reminds me of IBM in the 80's. IBM had a virtual monopoly on small business computers and could have leverage that reputation to create a virtual monopoly in the home computing market. IBM didn't take Apple's GUI OS seriously, Bill Gates comes along copies the GUI for IBM compatible hardware and now you most likely reading this on a computer without any IBM hardware or software(lol so ironic). IBM got into to GUI OS software very late and now they are not a player in the personal computing market. OS/2 Warp was great but by the time it entered the market it was too late. IBM is doing fine financially but just think where they could be now if they had embraced the GUI OS software model? What is the use of having great security when the communication standard has past you by?

To be honest I would still get this first day even without the touch screen, but I'm glad RIM went all the way with this one. Definitely my dream device since I started noticing the limitations of my much-loved 9000.

The only thing that looks a bit off is the all-white keyboard. I'm hoping for a dash of red/green on the final product. :)