BlackBerry Cyclone prototype listed on eBay once again

By Bla1ze on 27 Mar 2014 09:43 pm EDT

If you're wanting to get your hands on that BlackBerry Cyclone prototype that turned up, now is your chance. It has been listed on eBay once again after having been removed a few times already. The current bid is at $80 but you can hit that buy it now button and grab it for $1,000 if you've got that kind of flow to toss around.

Obviously you'd not be buying it for use but who knows, could be worth something some day to the right person. We've all read the stories about early prototypes of whatever being sold at auctions. Consider it a risky investment. Act fast if you want it. There's about 2 hours left on it.

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BlackBerry Cyclone prototype listed on eBay once again


you are a real idiot, you think you write "once again" like if we all knew that famous previous post of BB Cyclone listed on ebay that showed up last november, oh how can we forget about that day!.. idiot where is that post? when did CrackBerry posted about this being on ebay? rexxenex posted it and in the forums but don't claim that you nor CrackBerry reported this before.

Wow. Someone is bitter today. Doesn't really matter if you, me or anyone else knew it was listed before or not. If it had been and especially multiple times then "once again " applies.

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Uh ha no. He posted it like people follow the forums. Which they do. Because this is a forum community over a blog.

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FYI, "once again" modifies "listed on Ebay" and implies nothing about who knew what, or when.

You've obviously been here a while - long enough to know better than to post personal attacks. So, in short, knock it off - comments like yours drags the site down.

My point is that CrackBerry likes to skip on some news and I have to go to N4BB or Berryreview to know about it, or loose my dignity by going into the forums. What about the codenames discovered in 10.3? what about the Windemere gestures found recently?,

Yet when an update of that info shows up, Bla1ze comes and post something like: "We all knew about the upcoming gestures that were found in 10.3 leak, but new info showed up that bla bla bla...."

If they are going to acknowledge it, they have to post it. If they skip it, then they shouldn't assume like if everybody knew it. So when I enter and I see "again", I say "wtf"? "once again"?

I now know better, do not come to first, go to n4bb, or berryreview to know the latest info, even if it is minimal, which is a surprise since likes to post anything, even a Chinese guy complaining sarcastically about his z10. But thanks for confirming that CB is not the first hand hub to know all about BBRY news.

I don't mind your gripe. Maybe Kevin and crew don't lead every story that you or I think that they should, but that doesn't give an excuse for personal attacks. Keep it civil or leave. Personally, if someone attacked a staff member like you just did, I'd give 'em a month ban for the first offense and a permanent ban on the second offense. Most sites that I've joined don't allow public attacks on staff - at all.

If being in the know is that important to you, follow the right people on twitter. I follow CB (and several staff members), as well as N4BB, BlackBerry, BerryReview, etc. I just like to know what is happening, so I follow these people. Sometimes CB skips a story, sometimes their first, and sometimes they aren't. It doesn't bother me any way that they do it. I'm not here to tell them how to do their job - I just go where the information is.

Roll with whatever comes your way and keep the negative stuff to yourself. I've benefited from reading your posts and I'd like to read more, but I'm not going to sit by and watch personal attacks continue without saying something.


The word "Idiot" in my country means "cute silly boy". I didn't attack him, I came in peace... to call him idiot... (cute silly boy).

On the other hand, I click like crazy all the Google Ads around CrackBerry to help Kevin buy more expensive BB7 Watch apps. I come here, and I read "once again" after taking a nap so I ask myself: "What year is today?".. Is confusing, and I don't like to be confused. I ran away to take the bus and went to work when I realized it was Thursday night and I had left work 4 hours ago... If the news here aren't accurate, not on time or misleading, I want my click money back.

EDIT: I just realized that I don't have ads at all when I enter in my z30. I think I have a gruesome case of malware.

You can only use "idiot" in such a context if you are very close to the person you are addressing. Otherwise, it is offensive.

But we are all brothers and sisters here a crackberry, we are a family, Bla1ze don't mind to be called idiot (cute silly boy), he understands, why don't you understand as well?

To call this site "family" is abuse of the word, much on the order of your use of "idiot."

I understand that we need to be respectful and civil. If you don't get that, I'm sorry.

I'm done with this discussion. Have a nice day.

@morpho4444- "..or loose (sic) my dignity by going into the forums..." So you're too good for the forums, huh? Get over yourself, dude. SMH.

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Just placed a good bid. If I get it Bla1ze we can meet for coffee and you can review it.

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If Chen is serious about punishing leakers why hasn't BlackBerry initiated an internal investigation as well as issuing a take-down request to eBay? Inquiring minds and all that...

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Just wait, Kevin, I've got one coming in the mail. We can talk then...

Crazy enough to bid some good money for one (no kidding)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Can't believe you haven't already pressed the "buy it now" button Kevin.

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No but it has a direct line to CSEC, GCHQ, NSA, et. al. as appropriate for your country. I jest.

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This should have been released as an extension to the PlayBook... or stand alone, or both...

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BlackBerry TV bodes well for the consumer side of the business. The closer BlackBerry World resembles iTunes the greater the opportunity is to create new revenue streams which could help stabilize the company and ultimately the device business.

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This would've never worked. It would have released with no apps. they couldn't even get Netflix for BB10 and they've sold millions of those devices.

On top of that they just copied the design of Apple, nothing original.

Play Starcraft? Join our Channel: C001242DE

Yes, they copied Apple design a year or so before Apple even started working on theirs. Thats how preemptive Blackberry's R&D is. Awesome. Lol

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The latest direction is enterprise. The consumer strategy was a little before mobile computing so you're a couple strategies behind.

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WOW! It's up to $430. For a unfinished, unreleased product, one that has absolutely no support that's quite the turn out. Maybe BlackBerry should reconsider this Cyclone thing afterall.

Hold your horses people.

Let's make BlackBerry is still around in out for Crackberry to actually do product reviews.

This is the very thing Mr Chen was talking about.

How did this prototype end up on ebay?

That's BlackBerry property all the patents are BlackBerry's and yet the product is now on ebay.

This only has to fall into the wrong hands and that's another bad mark against BlackBerry.

This has to stop ASAP!!!

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!

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Do you not read?

It's an old prototype that isn't going into production. Not every company destroys and throws away prototypes. Sometimes they become collector items.

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My friends who work at Rogers & Telus testing the phones tell me that RIM is one of the only companies who never ask for their beta or prototypes back.... seems like the problems stem from their internal controls! I just saw my buddy the other day with a Porsche Design that had a Property of Rim sticker on it... he said that it is pretty much his everyday work phone now LOL...

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this product will never be released, rim doesn't care about bygones. It only matters about future products. I am the one that got these, through a legitimate buy of blackberry liquidation via skids of office stuff. As far as I know there is not going to be any issue with this. Plus there isn't many out there to actually matter.

Also if ebay removes it again Just hit me up with PM and we can continue the bidding. Or just make offers

Kevin has 20 of these - stacked and fashioned into an 'Industrial Art' Plant Stand.

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It's not a glitch by the way... i've had that on early 10.1 and 10.2.0 leaks so calm down with your "glitch"

I've seen you complain in the forums too so just get over it, or uninstall it.

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He probably already did buy it, he's already done the review and now he's trying to get his money back on ebay. We'll see the review soon saying that an anonymous buyer came to Crackberry with it to do a full review. :p

OK sleep, gotta get up early.


I am in the race too. But probably lose, takes a while for stuff to get to Australia.

We'll see...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

How sweet would a chunky little bluetooth remote like that be for a BB10 phone. It would double as a battery/charger and have a hidden USB cable and everything. That would be awesome for presentation/couch mode! Throw in a mic and you really have something unique.

Dude is selling some serious stuff. RSA Key fobs, Polycomm, 100-lot of 9800 Holsters, etc. I wonder his friends with the three bothers that got caught for selling stole BlackBerry equipment recently?

the 3 people that got busted stole and sold new phones. This is all bulk stuff bought by liquidators from the recent sell off of rim property

Wtf is up with all these negative comments?

I just want to see what it does. Pretty cool.

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If BBRY decides to officially release an updated version of this, I'm all in ASAP.

But for now let's get the company healthy 1st.

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