BlackBerry Curve Shown Off In Commercial Deemed Too Sexy For TV [NSFW]

By Bla1ze on 24 Apr 2010 10:17 am EDT

Oh my. This is a commercial I'm sure a few can appreciate. The folks behind the commercial, Lane Bryant created the commercial only to have it cancelled/chopped down by the TV execs at Fox and ABC. Now that it has been pulled, it's getting more exposure than if it had run in its entirety.

While the circumstances of it being pulled are undergoing scrutiny, we here at CrackBerry see nothing wrong with it. A beautiful woman, who happens to be a BlackBerry 8520 user. What's wrong with that? Nothing. Unless of course, the sight of a few curves scares you. Around here though, Curves are always a welcome sight. ;)

Source: IntoMobile

Via: Lane Bryant

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BlackBerry Curve Shown Off In Commercial Deemed Too Sexy For TV [NSFW]


I dunno Kevin, this blog posting might not be "family friendly" enough for this site. Bla1ze, did you check in with Reed before posting this? lol :rolleyes:

She's not a twig like in Victoria's secret commercials. She's not even big either so it really is confusing what basis the networks discriminate by.

Yeah. I noticed the BlackBerry a few days ago when I watched this vid. But it was an 8500 series so I didn't get too excited. Should have been an 8900 then I would have been excited about it.

Btw. Loved the puns in your post!

Maybe they did it on purpose knowing that it would get more exposure (and for cheaper) with controversy?

I'd love to know who the prudes that pulled it were, and why they are so scared of women? They need to come to Europe and watch some adverts. Lol. They'd have to pray for 30 years and gouge their eyes out to avoid hell, or Batman, or whatever they are so scared of.

There's always cable, I suppose.

CrackBerry is once again keeping us abreast with all the latest BlackBerry news!

(And kudos for women who don't look like malnourished stick insects! I've always said that God intended for women to have curves, and that when a man holds a woman he wants to feel hips instead of hipbones.)

Victorias Secret has had worse commercials and this was really good, done in great taste! i saw nothing wrong with it...

The model doesn't fit the typical mold for a lingerie ad. It's too bad that we have come to this point in society...having curves is healthy, being waif thin is not. We do nothing in society to boost a person's self-esteem if they have curves, in fact we encourage young men and women to make themselves sick, or starve themselves to achieve perfection. So sad that this beautiful woman and this very tasteful commercial doesn't make the grade for fox and abc. In my book it's more tasteful than the VS commercials.

My momma raised no fool....this woman fits me just fine.

Oh yea, and the BB ain't too bad either.

I'd watch the commercial for an hour...who needs most of the trash on tv anyway?

That lady looks gorgeous, much better than all the pseudo-celeb lollypop head girls in the magazines these days!

My wife and I are speculating that it might be the end of the ad is the reason it got pulled - she didn't put on clothes before taking off after getting a "meet me" message. Might be sending the wrong message to the "younger viewer", if you catch my drift. That's the only difference between this and Victoria's Secret ads, aside from the fact that she's incredibly gorgeous which my wife also agreed with. If they had left out the booty call bit it might have been allowed to air, which would be awesome - we need more ads like this so kids stop getting the message that anorexic waifs are the beauty standard. Not one person commenting in this post thinks she's ugly by a LONG shot, so mebbe there's hope :)

I'm thinking you're on the right track. This commercial is nothing close to Victoria's Secret ads so I can't see ANY reason to pull it except the ending. She gets the lunch reminder & then just throws on the overcoat & nothing else. She's smoking hot so there's no other LEGIT explanation as to why this wouldn't get any air time.

While it is very possible the ending of the ad had the censors blushing... but with all the soaps and movies and shows where people are jumping into the sex act at the drop of a hat, leaving nothing to the imagination, I don't think the "leaving home with undies under a coat" was it. Because the younger viewer already gets the idea that sex is something you just do, the subtle messages of meet me at noon at the no tell motel, is really going to be lost on them, compared to seeing skin, with simulated bumping and grinding.

I seem to remember a jewelery commercial a few years ago, that went along the same lines. Woman gets home, sees flowers and a gift, the gift card says to meet at a restaurant and she looks for the perfect outfit and ends up wearing nothing but sexy underwear, the gift and an overcoat, as she heads out the door. The only difference in the two commercials was, the older commercial, has the woman closing her over coat before walking out the door.

OK I have watched it several times and I am loving curves more and more!
P.S. and I am SURE loving CB more and more!

I am a curvy woman so i love the add and i find nothing wrong with it and best of all i to have a curve also. Sexy curvy women use Curvebb lol.....

Bypulling this ad network television is showing how prejudice they are. I have seen many worse commercials than this. Everyone knows they pulled this ad because the girl was not 110lbs soaking wet. Personally I'd rather see this commercial than any Victorias Secret ad, at least this woman is real.....

@genomos - I agree with what you said. With all the craigslist killer, some isolated facebook incidents and all the online booty calls that lead to some people getting assaulted or victimized, the fox and abc execs are looking out for their asses not promote booty calls. As for the ad itself and the idea behind it was pure genius. Killing 2 birds with one stone by advertising the BB curve and also by putting it out there that there are still some of us that appreciate a woman's curvaceous body.

A lingerie commercial for fatties has the nerds all worked up... Don't worry guys. There's enough of her to go around. She'll be back to get your pin as soon as she backs away from the stove.

She may carry some extra weight, but she clearly works to keep herself in shape.

By the way, how does your mother look in lingerie?

Sorry to offend you; I was out of line. I forgot about keeping it in the family. Here it's not common practice for one to put his Mother in lingerie. To each his/her own I suppose. Tell mom I said "hi".

It's far to say this is why we are all fans of CB! Not only are we kept up to date in BB news, we also have some ideas for our sexy, curvey ladies as mother's day approaches! For all you married men with kids, get your wife one of those as seen in the commercial and enjoy some real curves!!

For the ladies of CB, any thoughts??

I seriously don't get what the big deal is. She has more on than half the ugly women at the supermarket in the Summer. And she is CERTAINLY more covered up than a LOT of what we see on TV. The only difference is this woman is absolutely gorgeous.

That model is absolutely gorgeous, as are many of the Lane Bryant and Cacique (their lingerie store) models. I love the fact that my wife is curvy, and while she is about one size too small for Lane Bryant's clothes, she has to buy her lingerie from Cacique, as she is too, ahem, "well endowed" for Victoria's Secret. Therefore, we receive a monthly catalog from Lane Bryant/Cacique, and I can honestly say there is not one model in that catalog that isn't beautiful. I am a firm believer that women were meant to be curvy, and that the Romans had it right when they were carving their images of beautiful women. All were curvy, no twigs. Thank you Crackberry for bringing this issue to light, and all the users who agree that curvy women are beautiful. Society has women's minds so screwed up to think that being emaciated looking is what is hot. Being a rather large man, (6'3", 260) I totally disagree!

to hear that so many of you appreciate a few curves on a woman. After the whole Jessica Simpson thing- I was sure that everyone over a size 4 or 6 would have to be stoned or something. I am a short and curvey woman and I like seeing curves on other women and wish designers would start really designing clothes for all of us. I used to wear a size small- funny without gaining weight- a shirt in a size small strangles me now.

This commercial is far less offensive than listening to all the erectile dysfunction ads. After this commercial you don't have to explain to the kids what an "erection lasting longer than four hours" is. Of course, this commercial may have similar side effects...

I wish people would quit twittering about this ad. Everytime I see a reference to it, I have to go and look at it to find the BlackBerry you people keep prating on that is in the ad. I agree with google123 that you people are seeing things. There are some very gorgeous curves in there, but none of the BlackBerry variety. Oh, okay, if I have to go and look at it again to prove you wrong......

What are the execs at ABC and Fox all gay or something? I mean who would not want to air that? Oh and the BB curve was cool too. ;)

Nothing wrong with that ad ABC/FOX you show more trash on your network shows than that ad. Huge score for
Lane Bryant... HUGE!

I think it's far more interesting than any stupid Victoria Secret adv. Sure she's leaving her place with hardly anything one but who hasn't had their girlfriend/wife/fiance leave to meet them with barely anything on? Nobody? REALLY? WOW!!! I think it's pretty sad a person can't be wear a bra and panties on TV anymore. Has anyone looked at the newspaper adv lately? JCP and Kohls has young ladies in two piecers. GROW UP TV Sensors!!!

There is nothing wrong with watching a healthy, beautiful woman! It was tasteful compared to some other TV ads I've seen.

I'm a chic and didn't even notice the BlackBerry. Hubby and I were drooling..Lol

I agree, that because she isn't skin and bones that they pulled it. When we all know how much the VS ads show. Oh and the Hanes commercials. It's down right bull crap.

@bigwill5150-You're a douche!

Awwww. Resorting to name calling? :-( Hey, if you're still drooling over her with your hubby I'm sure you two can arrange a little something with the chick from Lane Bryant. Probably only cost you a cake. Good luck sweetie!

Now THATS a woman!!!!!!!!
Shes gorgeous!!!

Wait, this has something to do with Blackberrys??

probably not allowed because they don't want to influence teens to wear just lingere under their coats...also they don't want to influence the young ones to pick lingere out for a lunch date as if they are coming back to her place after

What?There was a Blackberry phone in that ad? lol,,,sweet commercial and nice to see beauty and curves that happens to be a crackberry addict :)

It's ashamed they pulled it because it is supposedly too hot for "family time" television. What about the lingerie bowl? How is that okay to air? Victoria has a secret...

The model doesn't fit the typical mold for a lingerie ad. It's too bad that we have come to this point in society...having curves is healthy, - wholesale name brand electronics
being waif thin is not. We do nothing in society to boost a person's self-esteem if they have curves, in fact we encourage young men and women to make themselves sick, or starve themselves to achieve perfection. So sad that this beautiful woman and this very tasteful commercial doesn't make the grade for fox and abc. In my book it's more tasteful than the VS commercials.

I hate to be a stick in the mud but the bb featured is an 8530, not 8520. Also, this is a gorgeous woman and I kinda wish i was her size instead of a bag of bones

I hope that other networks will pick up this ad. She is beautiful. I hope this is all over the news. Fox and ABC just made themselves look really stupid, and bias towards curvy women. If you ask 100 guys, 90 of them would prefer her over a skinny girl. Remember, skinny girls freeze faster.

How Many times was this AD analyzed before we a figured out it was a BB? what type of BB? and finally the fact that all of the guys can not take their eyes off of her?

This commercial is brilliant for a lot of reasons but it will never air because it might offend someone. It might offend some religious group of radical fuck heads and propel a media shit storm for some ass like Jimmy Swaggert who was a TV evangelist for years before he got caught running around town with his pecker hanging out of his sweat-suit so he could screw hookers. Anyone who would truly be offended by this add is unstable and dishonest and should be ignored, not catered too.

They think that is too sexy for TV? Then why do we constantly see practically naked Victoria Secret models on our TV showing off unattainable bodies? My hats are off to Lane Bryant for showing us that you don't have to be anorexic to be sexy. And to that comment about this being a family friendly post? I guarantee your kids have seen far worse. Great commercial!