BlackBerry Curve 9380 Hands-On Video Walk Through!

By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Nov 2011 10:35 am EST

Following up our hands-on walk through of the BlackBerry Bold 9790, I spent some time at BlackBerry headquarters with the first touchscreen in the Curve franchise, the BlackBerry Curve 9380.

The Curve 9380 is clearly the sister of the full qwerty BlackBerry Curve 9360. With both phones lying side by side with fronts facing down, it's difficult to tell which is which. The only noticeable difference is the location of the microUSB port - on the 9380 it's a little lower, centered on the left side of the phone.

The big changes are all up front, with the Curve 9380 scrapping a physical keyboard in favor of a bright 3.2" display delivering a resolution of 480x360 pixels. Otherwise, the tech specs are pretty much on par with the 9360. You can check out the full BlackBerry Curve 9380 specs list here.

First impressions with the Curve 9380 are that it's a snappy little device. Very "pocketable". The big question most folks are pondering though is why would one buy the Curve 9380 over the more fully loaded Torch 9860 / Torch 9850 which has a faster processor and higher resolution display? The answer is cost. In markets where carriers do not offer contracts that lower the upfront purchase price, the new Curve 9380 will deliver a full touchscreen BlackBerry 7 experience without breaking the bank.

The Curve 9380 also marks a nice rounding out of the BlackBerry 7 Smartphone lineup - now every current family in the BlackBerry lineup -- Bold, Curve, Torch -- offer a touchscreen device model. We'll be following up soon with our full review. Stay tuned! 

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BlackBerry Curve 9380 Hands-On Video Walk Through!


I love crackberry and all but the 8 second intro was too much.

The last 1 - 1.5 second of it would be good enough.

Yup, that was like a Trademark,.. Always knew when a CrackBerry Vid was Fired up... Just not the same..

how come the 9850/60 dont have the NFC and this crappy curve line has has it? i have sprint 9850 and it doesnt have NFC, the battery drain quick. it seem like all the other phones got updates but not the 9850.

Don't worry, the 9810 got left out too. And don't say it's an AT&T thing because the 9900 still has the hardware for it, just disabled in the software.

What I find funny though is that there's an open icon in the right tray that looks like the NFC icon should be placed there. Basically an open spot between the WiFi icon and the Bridge icon. Could just be that OS7 is the same across the board without device variation for those that aren't NFC lucky...

BlackBerry 7520i > 8830 > 8330 > 9630 > 9550 > 9650 > 9800 > 9810
BlackBerry Playbook 32 GB

I don't understand why there are so many models of Blackberry phones, I honestly find it all very confusing.. IMO RIM should focus on two Phones instead of 5..

One based on a full size touchscreen and the other with the tactile keyboard, that should be it..


WAY too many models in a year. i mean, the 9790 is kinda redundant. it looks like a curve, and why create a cheaper bold when the 9900 is to many of us as the flagship of the blackberries, and gives abit of exclusivity for the bold owners.

if you want a cheaper version, get the curve - that's what it's for.

i own the stormIII and the only problem i have with is that its slippery. but this one, it diffidently smaller and lighter so i can't wait till it comes out, cause im definitely gonna check it out, we'll see how it's to type on it. :)

RIM has conveniently kept mum on the
Auto Focus feature for 9380, which
makes me believe that this one too is
sans focus.
Any ideas/ heads-up anyone?
PS: RIM worshipers who believe that
since this is a curve, it's justifiable to
have a non-focusing lens, please keep
out. This is an almost $400 (off
contract) phone, which is not
considered cheap in the 'real' world..

"The big question most folks are pondering though is why would one buy the Curve 9380 over the more fully loaded Torch 9860 / Torch 9850 which has a faster processor and higher resolution display?"

Personally I think i'm leaning towards the 9380 just because of the more compact size. The Torch 9860 is really nice but I have a Playbook and would rather carry it around with the smaller Curve 9380.

I have a Bold 9930 on Verizon that I'll trade strait across for this. Loved the Storm line and this fits right in with them. Jus wish that clicky screen would come back :-(

I don't understand why the Storm is not being mentioned in comparison to this device. It looks virtually the same. For current storm users, whether the original or the Storm2, I think it would be nice to know what is better/worse on this device.

I mean. I had my share of issues with both the Storms. But still loved it. This Curve will def be better OS wise then the Storm. Thats for sure.

I've had every model blackberry you could think of (except the storm) and I've always been a fan of the curve line. RIM looks like they've done a good job on these new bb7 curves. They look really nice to be entry level.

Rim should have 3 Form factors. Only 3. The only way they should change is if they go Android style and only develop the OS and leave the hardware manufacturing to someone else. But for now, if they are producing both hardware and software this is what they should put out:

Bold (Flagship, currently the 99XX series)
Full Touch (currently Torch, no slide out keyboard)
Curve (budget line, currently 93XX series)

Enough of blurring the lines. I get that you want to be able to market to everyone... but you get to a point where everything is so comprimised and watered down that instead of doing 3 things really really well, you do 5 to 10 things somewhat average.

RIM, you used to be known for a few things, and doing them really well
Rock-solid, durable, reliable hardware
Great push email
Solid OS (minus the memory leaks)

Now you're known for data outages, slumping stocks, and floundering managment. I hope you guys can pull things together. I really do. But for my next device I'm probably going elsewhere in hopes that when I'm due for an upgrade a couple years down the road that RIM is back with a vengence. If you're not... then at least I didn't go down with the ship...

Don't get me wrong. This looks like a great device. If my carrier picks it up I'll have a closer look. If it's priced like the rest of the curve line has been (usually $50 on a 3yr here in Canada) its going to have some fans for sure.

Surely a Global company which is going for various Markets needs different versions to meet different needs? The slightly beefed up specs from what say a 2010 Torch has inside compared to this means it can run bb 7 but yet doesn't break the bank for those who can't or don't want to spend out what a 9860 costs..