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BlackBerry Z10 Buyer's Guide - UK Edition

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The BlackBerry Curve 9380 going cheap on Orange in the UK

By James Richardson on 2 Jan 2013 08:08 am EST

If you are in the UK and are in the market for a new Pay As You Go BlackBerry you may want to consider the Curve 9380 from Orange. I'm not entirely sure when they started selling the touch screen Curve but I have noticed today that it's a cheaper alternative to the BlackBerry Curve 9320.

Orange is offering the 9380 for £99.99 with a £10 top up which will save you a few pounds over the 9320 which is retailing for £119.99 with a £15 top up. The all touch BlackBerry Curve 9380 may not be as popular as the hardware keyboard variant, but for some folk it provides them with what they need in a small package.

The BlackBerry Curve has a 3.2 inch touch screen display, giving it that comfy feeling in the hand. Running BlackBerry 7 you still get all the features you do on all of the other BlackBerry devices, (minus the hardware keyboard of course) including, BBM, social networking apps, email just to name a few. Those of you with Christmas money still to spend may want to check it out?

Order the BlackBerry Curve 9380 from Orange UK here



First! Finally! I wonder if we will see pay as you go on bb10 devices? That would be great!


I think I have only ever seen one of these all touch curves twice in the wild.


EVER?... You must be really young :-). Curves Ruled the earth at one point. #GoodOleDays


He said he'd only ever seen one of the all touch curves, not curves in general. I've never seen an all touch Curve, and I used to have have a curve when they ruled the world.


You've seen one more than I have !!!


At this point Curves should be free...


But they are not, which is WHY not to many have been seen.


Nice ^^ I will change my odin to this orlando or monza first before getting a bb10 ^^


I have a 9380, it's been good to me :)


I picked up a 9320 on TM/EE for £96 + £10 top before xmas, phones4u + free cloud wifi for a year


I got one of these as a fill in while waiting for zed 10 after destroying my much loved and patched up pearl 3g and to tell the truth I'm very impressed, even friends with i phone 4s and galaxy 3 have commented what a nice little phone it is. I may now wait and see what the new curve is like in bb10.


Just ordered. It comes with a free WESC headphones!!!!


they are selling them off as they are End Of Life, same as the 9360, i feel sorry for anyone that buys it as i tested it for 3 weeks for o2 and the small 844mhz processor cannot handle the Touch OS and it constantly hangs even when new.

9360 is the only workable full touch BB fact

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