BlackBerry Curve 9380 debuts in its very own silent film

Curve Comparison
By Jared DiPane on 15 Aug 2011 04:57 pm EDT

A few days ago one of our forum members was lucky enough to show off some pictures of the BlackBerry Curve 9380 for us all to see, and now the folks at have taken it infront of the camcorder to show it off a little bit more. The video shows off just how small the device is in comparison to some other devices, and while we are still boggled by the naming scheme that RIM has chosen, the device does look like one that will interest quite a number of you. The 3.25" display is powered by a 800MHz processor with 1GB of flash memory and 512MB of RAM on board. Hit the break to take a glance at some more pictures.


Curve 9380 

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BlackBerry Curve 9380 debuts in its very own silent film


I'm glad I'm not the only one to think that. I'm pretty dead set on the 9930 but if i had to choose between the 9380 and the 9850/60 I know what I would choose if I based the decision solely on looks. The curve just looks smoother and better crafted.

and you can hear the buttons clicking when he presses them. f*cking! awesome! lol. non of that old school torch 9810 bull-ish.

Quick translation for those who don't understand German:

- Handset in question is BlackBerry Curve 9380 (codename Malibu)
- It's a touch screen BlackBerry with a single convenience key on the side
- There's NFC support, but no compass (magnetometer)
- It has a 1230mAh battery, similar to that of the Torch 9860
- 800Mhz CPU, 1GB embedded storage and 512MB RAM
- 480x360 resolution LCD and 5MP camera
- Reviewer's conclusion: it feels good in hand


you sexy mofo! bring it on. so Oct 1, 2011 in North America for the new Curve family + Bold 9790 Touch??? NICE. Merry Christmas to ME.

Piece on Earth!

That's what I was thinking too. I don't know if the guy was not holding it correctly but it took a couple of seconds for the screen to switch.

I think the Wikitude might end up working with the GPS on this device, but not sure if it does not have magnetometer, but I think it does have one. We will find out soon, though.

How will they fit OS7 there if all new phones have 768 MB RAM with only about 200 MB free? so basically with 512 MB you will either loose some functionality or you will not have space at all for apps...

If this turns to be a memory starved phone like the Storm 1 I foresee some big FAIL...

I'm thinking it doesn't have the dedicated memory for graphics. It should "work" with the RAM they have given it then. I hope it doesn't end up like my 9700 on OS6...

This is more of a Storm 3 than the Torch 9800's. Given the recent pricing of the Bold Touch and new Torch models, I can see this one coming out under $100 US on contract and being big in emerging markets that don't have contract-subsidized pricing.

Maybe a good upgrade for my wife when it rolls around, but I'm still looking for the VZW9850...

if you look closely the wallpaper makes the screen look smaller, because of how it's blurry around the edges and focused in the middle. goofy in my sexy opinion.

i STILL dont understand why they went with the other buttons on the 9850/60...these look so much better

because of the big screen on the 50/60. if you're using the phone with one hand, it's going be very difficult to depress a button that is that far away from the screen. your thumb will be fully extended and will not have much strength in it, therefore making it very difficult to press hard for a button. whereas with buttons that stick out, you can probably just even tap on the corner of that button and it will register. that's much easier to do with a fully extended thumb and make it count. Because people have different sized hand, they tried to appeal to people with cute baby hands, awwwww lol, and giantgentor(1st "t" is silent) who can crush that phone in one hand. neither of them should have problem pressing anything on it. :)

i think this phone will get some of the worst reviews rim has ever seen the screen has terrible resolution the ram is a disaster the camera better have auto focus no compass this in the same way the porsche boxter is the younger brother to he 911 this will be to the 9860 if i was given the money to buy this or the 9520 id buy the storm two and keep the change to add to the 9850 fund

Just remember, this is a low end device for novice users and people new to smartphones. It's nothing more than a Storm with more horsepower to attract low end buyers.

This is an entry-level curve model and the resolution is just fine for that, it is the same as the other new curve, beats a number of the entry-level android devices like the wildfire s or those facebook phones.

While this device is entry-level, the specs and design clearly destroy the 9520 and you would be a fool to choose one of those.

its proly an edge device which will really suck. lets hope they make the other one edge and this one a 3G curve.

Still not getting the NFC in the low end Curves, the flagship Bold, but the 98XX devices zippee. Maybe a good phone for my kids depending on the pricing.

IMO, having the NFC on the low-end curve and the smoother looking buttons (compared to the 9850/60) makes this curve appealing. If the 9850/60 were to have both these features (+ the bigger screen), who would really want the curve? I know I wouldn't...

you have your facts completely backwards. are you paying attention to what's happening? Both the low cost Curves HAVE NFC and so does the flagship BOLD. it's at the 98xx devices that DO NOT have NFC. come on man. read a bit, lol.

Who are you responding to? Your response doesn't relate to any of the two messages above yours. Maybe you should work on understanding what you read :-)... Come on man, work on your comprehension a bit. LoL

Tip: disregarding the words inside the parenthesis might help :-)

"Still not getting the NFC in the low end Curves, the flagship Bold, but the 98XX devices zippee." <- you wrote this, yes?. To me it means that you claim you're not getting nfc in the low cost curves and the bold. And I don't know what a zippee is and neither does my thesaurus. When In fact the truth is the complete opposite so next time you post something, make sure it makes sense to everyone and not just to yourself.

The bold and the curve are new designs so nfc was probably fully included from the outset, the 9810 reuses a lot of the 9800 so redesigning that one to include the extra antennas probably wasn't feasible.

As far as the 9850/60, the earliest leaks of this generation of devices were of the storm 3 so perhaps it was simply the last new design to not include nfc.

I personally dig this phone. We all know the curves are the lower end devices. The OS was not super laggy. and it def looks nice. I think RIM is did with give people options. although from what im seeing the 9860 is 150$ what is this one going to cost 50$... I think its a great device those of you who want a higher end one go to the 9860.

Why is the Curve 9380 look so much sexier than the the Torch 9860? Major fail for the Torch 9860 design team.

This is retarded, there's no need for this device with the Torch already on the market. RIM is already going to have a hard enough time getting back their market share in the current climate, they don't need to be confusing customers.

there's a really good reason for this phone because as a torch owner you can bet ur bottom dollar this will be my next phone. The torch is giant (when extended), bulky, heavy, and unconformable to use. i'm surprised it survived 2nd round but will not be here for the 3rd because with the 9900 and the 50/60, the torch 9810 becomes irrelevant. and if you're talking about the torch 9850/60, this is for people who don't want a giant phone. i don't want a shoe in my pocket. i want tiny ass small mean f*cking phone...intro the curve 8930. As long as it's 3G. otherwise it's the 50/60. :(

It depends on the markets where it is sold, in most european countries the carriers like the curve models on pay as you go tariffs so this in combination gives them an updated range at that level, which will be popular with them because a number of those carriers continued to sell the 8520 alongside the 9300 so they had a range.

Additionally, this device will tend to work as a gateway smartphone in a similar manner to the pearl did in the past, it is similar to the typical feature phones people are still using so it makes for an easy transition.

It actually looks like a none slider torch 9800, and better tham looks better torch 9850/60. Now that's a original blackberry device
But I'm not a fan on the curve family

I think when rim puts track pads on full touch devices their slightly not confident in the touch performance if you get what I mean

Based on the space between the bottom buttons and the bottom of the phone and the fact i hear a "click" when he pressed the buttons my guess is that this has buttons similar to the 9550...? anybody can confirm this??

To me, this looks like a storm3.
I'm not totally against the buttons of the 9850, I will admit this device looks much sleeker in terms of the buttons. I'm still getting a 9850 though.