BlackBerry Curve 9380 caught on camera

By Adam Zeis on 12 Aug 2011 08:15 am EDT

BlackBerry Curve 9380BlackBerry Curve 9380

One lucky forums member has posted up some fun Friday pictures for your viewing pleasure. The device known as the Curve Touch is actually the BlackBerry Curve 9380. We haven't seen this device at all really aside from our 2011 BlackBerry Smartphone Roadmap, so it's good to have something join the rumor mill again right after some fresh device releases. There hasn't been much talk on the Curve 9380 up until now either, so we're still not sure where or when it will show up for real. It could be down the line with the Curve 9360, so hopefully we'll be seeing more of this guy very soon.

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BlackBerry Curve 9380 caught on camera


That's right but half the size which is f-ing awesome! Next to the pearl 9100, it should be the smallest blaclberry which is like totally irie. :)

yhea it seems like a baby torch lol thats wired. So if this is the curve what is the 9790 going to look like touch with out a keyboard hummm.


But it's ok, this guy is a "non-conformist", so obviously he owns a first generation Nokia sidekick and wears his mother's mauve colored pants to be different.

Its a touchscreen version on their "Curve" Device..They will have 3 curves (well 2) the Curve 9360/70, these will but full Qwerty phones, the above phones is the 9380, its like RIM's version of a cheaper touchscreen device. That's what the curve series is "RIM line of cheaper BB's" they just finally added a touchscreen device. That's that I think the "Bold 9790" will be "RIM's cheaper Bold"

Wrong! Curve series is awesome. Although I'm getting a Bold 9900. LoL. This is perfect for a BlackBerry newbie who doesn't care for front facing keyboard.

I'd actually buy this...once the specs are close to what the Torch touchscreen has. I like the look of no physical buttons. But im guessing it will be underpowered if it even sees the light of day. Might wait for QNX next year but im soooo impatient!!!

I once read it will have a little less MHz and memory compared to the high-end models.
Which is only logical considering the curve's pricing

Why is it that no one can seem to take clear pictures of these leaked devices? They are always fuzzy/blurry/out of focus/whatever... seriously.

Heh heh.

I've been very very curious about this one ever since I saw it on the "roadmap" earlier this year. Don't get me wrong I'm not gonna hold out for months and months and months to get it. But I'm content to wait till closer to the end of the year to see if there's more news. If not I'll likely get the Torch 2.

tbh looks fake.. (look at the stretched logo on the back...) looks like another made in china for me

a mini storm / torch will be awesome and very popular !!

a good move from RIM

yes nothing new but this is what the kids and girls will want so gotta give it to them!

cant wait to grab one!

This WAS the Storm 3, but it got demoted to curve status. LOL.

But doesn't it make sense, its like a more incremental upgrade to the Storm 2, same aspect ratio, slight processor bump, same capacitive buttons, probably 512 mb of memory...

If you just look at the picture, it just SCREAMS Storm 3 but with a trackpad. There is honestly very little difference, except this one with actually run smooth.

question is, what sort of reliability will this have seeing as the "top-notch" 9900 only has 180MB free out the box. What will this have seeing as its expected to have lower specs....

I see no reason for this device to work. Sure, wya back when, the general cost difference of the phone was important. But most devices come in around the same price now, and perhaps, one might get discounted sooner.

The way I see it:

QWERTY Form Factor Big Keyboard - Bold Gretzky
QWERTY Form Factor Different Keys - Curve
Slider Form Factor - Torch
Full Touch Screen form factor - Torch Touch/FiddySixty

The Curve Touch seems like it is superfluous and would just be an "underpowered" Torch Touch with a slightly different shape.

You seem to be assuming that every country prices them in the same way, in the UK for example they are currently still selling both the 8520 and the 9300 alongside each other on pay as you go tariffs, so the combination of this device and the 9360 would be ideal for those carriers who would continue to sell the premium devices on contracts.

fake the buttons on the side stick out more on the right picture than the left this is a torch 9850 on the left and the new curve with the keyboard on the right clearly the phone on the right is wider than the left the buttons either appear to be flat because the photo is fuzzy either that or the photo is altered

I love this phone! There is no 'cheap' physical keyboard!
Even it has a smaller screen and lower processor and RAM.
RIM make a big step to the curve line! Even 9360/9370 has higher specs than Bold 9780/Torch 9800

I'm so excited to see all this excitement over this phone. I truly thought I was the only one lol. The only down side is as one poster above me commented, are the touch capacity buttons which is unfortunate but on such a small device (yeeey), It shouldn't hinder the experience. Though I wish they would've put the 50/60 buttons on it. And two, the 800mhz processor. Not sure how it'll handle os7 as the current 624mhz pro has issues. So...we'll see but otherwise...yeeeey! Lol. #ff #followfriday!

While this device wouldn't be for me as I'd find it too small to type on just like I did the 9800 with the slider closed, this will probably be a huge seller for rim assuming it is in the shops for xmas just like the current curve models are for them or the wildfire is for htc.

im i the only one thinking this is just a picture of the torch 9850 just a little distorted next to a picture of the back of a curve!?!?! The "Pre-Released" test devices of the torch 9850 had buttons flush to the surface, look at the videos if you dont believe me! <--- He pans down and the buttons are flat, and the other picture is just a regular un announced curve from the back,