BlackBerry Curve 9370 appears on Verizon document as LTE enabled?!

By Bla1ze on 3 Aug 2011 07:42 pm EDT
Leaked Verizon Doc

Amidst all these new BlackBerry devices being announced, we mentioned that the BlackBerry Curve series was missing and speculated on some reasoning as to why. It being the more cost effective device in the line up comes to mind first, with the other devices being top tier devices but walk with me here while we take a look at the latest leaked Verizon document.

It is of course littered with Android devices but if you look carefully you can see a BlackBerry Curve 9370 listed amongst the mix and looking to the far right, ignoring the launch date of 9/8/11 for a second you'll see a section that says "new to report 4G smartphone". Now, this could be a typo or it could be dead on accurate -- either way, it's interesting and has us rethinking why the new BlackBerry Curve devices were not announced like all the others.

Source: IGN; via: Android Central

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BlackBerry Curve 9370 appears on Verizon document as LTE enabled?!


There is no way the curve will be LTE enable without the bolding having it also and we know that's not the case.

I hope 9/8/11 is also a typo. Here's a good one, where is the 9930? I'm not having a good feeling about this. Something tells me that Verizon is on the same time table as Sprint. Wow, that sucks more than dyson. Well, no use complaining, me and my 9650 will wait it out.

I'm assuming VZW will advertise their Bold 9930 and Curves as LTE Enabled just as the other companies advertise theirs as 4G. Even if its not true, they wouldn't want their models to seem under powered.

The Qualcomms on the new BBs (Bolds/Torches) are the same that are in the Thunderbolt. They can support LTE. I just don't know if RIM went this route. Wouldn't that be a great surprise :)

You can look at this as a blessing in disguise.

Being this is a list of devices to be launched from 9/1 and later, and there is no sign of 9930 and 9850. This means they would have launched already. :D

Being very hopeful right now!

Didn't think of it that way but now that you mentioned it, I can see how that might be true. I am so hoping that it is.

I think they messed up.. That meant to say "on the worlds fastest 4G carrier" to mirror their video [; Stupid Verizon :P I hope the 9930 randomly goes to 4G if this "cheap" curve is getting it.. If not, idk wth they were thinking!

This would indeed be an interesting development if true (and at this point, I've taken so many grains of salt, my normally tanned exterior is a powdery white)...

Would you get the pricier, sleeker 9930 w/o the LTE? Or would you take the cheaper 9370 w/the LTE? (Doubly irksome to those who bought into the grandfathering in of unlimited data!)

I can only imagine the backlash from those of us who were waiting on the Bold to be the "end all BB" until the QNX units made their way to market (if ever).

RIM. You make great products. You must fire your ENTIRE marketing staff and rebuild that side ASAP.

No, at this point there is no 4G BB, AT&T and T-mo are calling their's 4G on the basis of HSPA+ which is not true 4G.

With the rumor of NO Torch 9850 coming to Verizon and now a Curve 4G coming next month?

Verizon NEEDS an official announcement, fast!

Has to be a typo.No way the Curve gets LTE but not the flagship Bold 9930. Now the GSM Curves might get the "4G" title (HSPA+),like the Bold 9900, so that might be what's causing the confusion.

It's a fake! All of these screen shots and leaks and road maps are BS! They're very easy to forge and THEY'RE NEVER ACCURATE!!! I'm so sick of these baseless rumors.

It would make complete sense if these new phones were lte enabled. First of all, if the chips can handle lte why not go for it. RIM will sell a lot more phones and can charge much more (like $300 shown in that rumor) as well. RIM has always been business minded, hopefully they made that choice. This would also explain why we've been waiting so long for these phones as lte is brand new technology and I'm sure RIM wanted to take the time to get everything right.

An LTE curve. You're serious? And the battery would be killed, which is the opposite of RIM's philosophy. And the curve is too thin and small for the LTE radio, anyway.

I'm looking at the posted picture camera531, so yeah I'm serious. Sorry for being hopeful. You say the curve is "too small and thin for the LTE radio anyway" - the bold 9900 will be the thinnest Blackberry to date, so if the 9900 has the proper chip, why can't the newest curve which will be chunkier?

Also, concerning the battery, I mentioned that the switch to LTE would take a lot of time, especially if RIM wants to keep the battery life up to what it has always been. This could be the reason why its taking so long to get to the market. Seeing that other leak on how RIM may charge $300 for the 9900 makes me believe its going LTE as well, as it would be stupid to sell it for that much if it wasn't LTE enabled.

RIM needs to catch up, and if they're going 4g and now have NFC, they're on the right track. It'll hold them over until the QNX superphones are ready. I understand if you're tired of rumors, because I am too, but it can't hurt to be hopeful.

It's great to be hopeful, but it's also good to be realistic. I'm 100% positive that the new curve will NOT be an LTE device. RIM hasn't jumped way ahead of HTC, Samsung and LG in the 4G tech department. All of the other so called 4G blackberries are just HSPA+, which is 3G technology.

The $300 price rumor for the 9900 was also from T-Mobile, and it's probably not legit. Again, there's a lot of false info floating around. People like to see themselves published on all these sites and it's not hard to create a "roadmap" or "leaked screen shot".

You can be as hopeful as you'd like (and all the power to you), but I'm going to stay realistic and avoid falling into that barrage of disappointment.

Not sure why people are giving this so much thought. Not to be a downer but I really doubt Vzw has some sort of bush league excel spreadsheet like this with their next phones to be released.

It's just a fake Word doc. (or excel). It's apparently VERY easy to throw something together and get it to go viral on the tech sites.

anyone notice it says Blackberry Playbook at the very bottom? goddamn IGN logo makes it hard to read the note attatched... New playbook? maybe 10"?

noticed that too. Probably the 4g version...that would explain the "TBD" date.

I can't imagine this being the 10 inch version when there was all that talk about it being put on hold / cancelled.

Besides, between the 10 inch and 7 inch 4g version, the 4g would be closer to release and more relevant for big red...

Wow ! Details on any specific phone aside; there have been numerous announcements this week from AT&T, Sprint, Rogers, Telus, T-Mobile and RIM itself ,but where in the hell is Verizon ? With all the new BB's coming out they go quiet(probably reviewing more new Androids). Jeez it may be time to exit Verizon for a company that actually supports RIM products ! I have band-aids on my Storm2 thinking Verizon would be carrying new BB's only to be possibly let down again by Big Red !

I can't wait to get this 9370 and honestly what's all the hype about fucing 4G when in reality there isn't no 4G. It's all on 3G. Marketing schemes people...