BlackBerry Curve 9360 Unboxing Video!

By Bla1ze on 26 Aug 2011 05:39 pm EDT

With TELUS and now Bell, rolling out the still freshly announced BlackBerry Curve 9360, we had do to make sure we covered all bases in the BlackBerry 7 line so I rushed out today to TELUS and picked one up. As always, picking up a new device requires and unboxing video of sort -- and this, is the unboxing video for the sexy new Curve. Surprisingly enough, even only after minimal use today -- I'm quite impressed with the BlackBerry Curve 9360. It's no BlackBerry Bold 9900 but it's still quite an upgrade for what we know of the Curve series of devices now. I'm working up a full review of the device for you all but in the meantime, go ahead and check out the unboxing.

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BlackBerry Curve 9360 Unboxing Video!


Nice !!
Hey Bla1ze u said its a 800Mhz processor and is not a Qualcom one like in other devices, but look like RIM forget the Logo in to the Device or this is a part of the OS7.

Hey guys ..... this is no word of a lie ... and you can ask Kevin as well.

I had the BOLD 9900 for the past 2 days now .... this thing is AWESOME .... AWESOME .... YES AWESOME !!!!!!!

The keyboard will make you a speed typer. Wikitude is out of this world.

I don't care what phone you have now .... even if it is a previous BB .... anything else does not compare to the NEW BOLD 9900. I can't believe this thing ..... OMG !!!!!

It's no wonder why RIMM's stock has gone up so much since these things came onto the market. Everyone is going to buy one of these things.

dude... it holds the phone for transport and storage until the consumer opens the device and starts using it. After that, the box is garbage... what's the point of having a nice pretty box?

King might have been happy if the box had an LED touch screen to display the user guide :o).

For what I care, keep the box and give me the prices of the device as low as possible :o)

nope. Its the first part of the 'blackberry experience'. Everything that the consumer touches or sees must feel and look pristine. Cheap cardboard, plastic-wrapped accessories with barcodes... its like opening a PC vs Mac for the first time.

Buy an ipod or an iphone, you will know what I mean. I sure you do already, you are just ignoring the importance of product presentation.

Is anyone forcing you to purchase Blackberry products? Go on to Apple :o) don't waste your time with us!!!

You're right, Packaging is part of marketing.

Would you agree that excessive and unnecessary "marketing" reflects on the increase in price of the end product?

This curve (on contract) will cost less than a iPod Nano, keep that in mind!

Ftr, the box is now in my closet.. likely never to be seen again. I couldn't care less about the damn box. Sure presentation should be a fine point but to what end, the device looks good in the box and the contents were laid out neatly.. Beyond that, whatever.

It's really a suprior way to argue like that.
However, I agree with you.

Marketing should fit the product itself. Overdo advertusement will make comsumers either have over expectation about the product or doubt the company's confident in its product.

The "ugly" cardbroad boxing package just let you realize that I have bought this phone at the exact price it is worth! And that's why I choose a curve but not a bold or iphone.

Still, I'm very disappointed about the edof camera. It is the Achilles's heel for this device IMO.

Um, I have purchased 3 iPhones and one iPod Touch. There packaging is not exciting. It is a cardboard box also. I actually like that RIM is using a plain black box, it is understated elegance. And like the rest of us, it is what is in the box that counts.

On one hand I want to agree with you. Packaging sets the tone and is a marketing tool. On the other hand, IT'S AN ENTRY LEVEL DEVICE. There is nothing premium about this device, and it is not marketed as such. The only way this packaging is mediocre is if you had expectations of a premium device, in which case you would inevitably be let down by the device itself if not the packaging.

Yeah, packaging should look nice, help push the product. For what this product is, I think it looks good enough to accomplish that. I agree with you on the importance of product presentation. I'm not ignoring that. I think you're paying attention to the importance of product presentation but completely ignoring the context of the device itself and the level of the "Blackberry experience" that it is supposed to offer.

Dude are you high? Its a curve. Of course that's what you get when you shell out 50$ its not a high end device nor a high end box. Like blaze said, its never to be seen again. The only reason I have my boxes is to return or to resale the item

looks nice! I want one!! I want to try the liquid graphics so bad! Finaly we are getting a fast blackberry. I also saw a speed test at and it is sick! haha

Thanks for uploading the video crackberry! keep it up!

gah too many choices! was set on the 9900, then got to looking at the new torch with the big screen... now this? argh!

i must admit i thought the bold was a lot bigger than the curve, but apparently not. In a way that's kinda pushed me more towards the bold again. Roll on december when my upgrades due :D

Hello Bla1ze,
Watching your reviews I have to say that you are a purist and very informed reviewer. However, I would like to say this:
This device is the entry model of the new BB line-up. Just to see how it BB is picking up their game, this base level device is actually 20% faster than the previous generation top of the line devices (aka Torch1).
RIMM is also investing in a 5MP camera which is a significant improvement from the 2MP or even the 3.2MP previously carried. Also, the device is NFC capable.
The 9370 variant is a world phone so that is better than most droids and the iPhone4 on Verizon.

After watching all the reviews I got the bold 9930 and was super impressed with it. The screen resolution, the camera, the video recording, the keyboard and the speed. I actually feel the 9930, also being a world phone is the best phone out there for me today. However, this device is an awesome introduction to entry level smart phone users or people that are know whatthey want and need no more. Besides BB's are built like tanks.

Totally agree.. much like one of my other comments, at the time of unboxing.. I had not used the device EVER.. now, I see what RIM is doing here, and I like it. Review will be done over the weekend for Mon - Tue post, stay tuned! :)

Lol Bla1ze always sounds extremely tired sidenote: the 9900 has him spoiled you can hear the judgment in his voice when hes saying the specs of the Curve lmao

Kind of.. but you have to consider when I did the video -- I NEVER used the device, right now I have nothing but nice things to say about it. Stay tuned for the review! :)

Also, I don't sleep very much lol.. instead, I stay up all night scouring BB news for you all. :P

I used to be a Curve carrier. Would definitely go back to it before I ever carry the style again. Long story short, I'm totally in love with my 9930. Had some software issues but it is either fixed or I will be getting another new one.

For how much it is considered an "entry level" device, my wife loves hers. The only issue is that sie is probably not going to let me order her one until it is in purple or pink.

This video made me realize somthing. I DIDN'T GET THE RANDOM PIECE OF WHITE PAPER. How dare Telus cheat me out of this essential piece of equipment. I feal robbed... :( sad face.

This phone looks good. I believe this will be a top seller; you can't go wrong for the price; plus Telus is always offering specific blackberry plans for the Curve. Just last month the BB plan was $35/mth, perfect for the student.

Just curious about the white piece of paper, because I had one in my torch box but it actually has a clear round sticker on it. Is this the same white piece of paper?

Also, regarding the packaging comments above. This is the same box the Torch 9810 came in. This may be a Telus specific package, not Rim, can anyone confirm?

Wow, this phone is impressive, considering it's a "budget" version of the high-end Bold 9900; it's even got the NFC antenna!

~It is quite thin.
~Its CPU is quite a bit faster than previous Curve.

***Anyone know if it's the exact same Blackberry OS7 upgrade, or is it a crippled version of OS7 ?

This phone is really cool but i am having a issue selecting 3G, i am able to select 2G and 2G&3G, but not 3G, i am using a 3G sim, could there be an issue with the radio?

... It has nothing to do with the radio, carriers lately have been fawking around with the settings. Its a restriction imposed by lots of carriers now. Only 2G and 2G&3G option, without the 3G only one.

I think this was the first time I actually was able to watch the video right on the page without having to go to Youtube page! This will be a nice phone for those not looking for the top of the line.

If this device can run a non-touch version of BlackBerry 7 with an 800MHz processor and 512MB of RAM, then why wouldn't it be possible for a Bold 9780 with pretty much the same hardware specs to run a similar version of the new OS? I know RIM have said they won't be rolling out BB7 to the older devices, and 147MB of free app memory is pretty feeble, but it ought to be possible to do it, surely?

Nice video Bla1ze, this Berry looks good. I'm already planning on upgrading to the 9900 when possible but glad to know my wife won't be jipped when she wants to upgrade. She currently has a Curve 8520.