BlackBerry Curve 9360 now available from Orange

By DJ Reyes on 11 Oct 2011 11:33 am EDT

BlackBerry Curve 9360 

The thinnest Curve device in the family is now available from Orange UK. The Curve 9360 is slowly making its way around the UK networks with Orange being the third network to release the BlackBerry 7 Curve smartphone.

It is available on contract for free from £20.50 a month. It is also available on pay as you go for £249.99. If you're on Orange and you've been waiting to get the Curve 9360 then pop in-store today or check out the deals online.

More information/purchase from Orange 

Reader comments

BlackBerry Curve 9360 now available from Orange


£249 PAYG Bargain!!!!

hopefully this will mean the death of the 8520 running 4.6.1. that everyone sells in the uk still !!!!

The Curve 9360 is a fantastic phone and is worth every penny !
I`ve been using the curve 9300 for a while and although it was fine and did the job the new 9360 really has just taken it to another level in being simply PERFECT !
Check out crackberry`s review on utube but defo recommend the curve 9360 to anyone .MaxsoundCarAudio Uk

I work for Orange UK. Our internal product release timeline also said that the 9360 had a "3.7 'finger sensitive' touchscreen".

I also wanna point out that the 9360 is free from #20.50/month, not on all tariffs.

I presume there is neither digital compass, nor accelerometer in this OS "in fact" 6.1 device? Or both features are closely related to BIS which is being down now in the UK but some day will be available... :)

there is no 6.1 its 7.0 ......

and yes the UK is looking forward to getting BIS should be a really cool new feature for BlackBerry to add !!