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BlackBerry Curve 9360 – Hands on video

By Bla1ze on 23 Aug 2011 02:41 pm EDT

While we never attended the London event earlier today, we did however have a friend of CrackBerry on location and luckily he managed to get some hands-on time with the BlackBerry Curve 9360 for us all to enjoy. The latest announced device from RIM is looking pretty good in the video, so sit back and enjoy. Big thanks to James for taking the time to bring us a hands-on video!



It has an 8MHz processor? Did I hear that correct? :D


I know it only loaded mobile site when he opened but that loaded pretty fast.


Wow 1998 sent a phone to the future.


What's so 1998 about this phone? It's an entry-level phone, so the specs aren't supposed to be anything to write home about. At the same time, this thing packs a punch for your money. That web page loaded incredibly fast for an entry level device in my opinion.

Not everyone wants or needs the highest spec device just to say they have it. The Curve series has never been about that. It's for basic communication, which it achieves. Don't like it, move on.


WOW! Iphone 4 was running 2Ghz Quad core Proc and 8GB RAM in 1998.


As good as this is (and a huge jump for the curve), if you need a physical keyboard, I don't know how you can pass up the 9900/9930 (unless you're strapped). It's just that much better.


Or what about the 9810? AT&T has it for $50, which is a lot cheaper than the $79.99 Sprint will sell the new Curve. Moreover, the Sprint price reflects a $50 rebate. I like the new Curve, a lot actually. And as somebody comtemplating getting back into the BB world, the 9810 looks to be the best bang for your buck.


Good point. Can't argue with that.

phoenix raiden

This dude doesnt even know how to sell this Blackberry to new buyers!! geesh what a waste!


He is on WIFI that's why it loaded that fast. Look again

Emu the Foo

Sad that this thing is better than my 9800 in all ways pretty much


Looks pretty sleek in my eyes... too bad they didn't throw a touchscreen on this badboy as well (obviously to keep the costs down).


I'm wondering how the keyboard feels.

The camera is an autofocus... so that's the upgrade, in essence, from the new Bold. I need the closeup focus so that I can use my phone as a mini-scanner. I scan paper documents, shred the original... and operate paper free (no need to carry around physical files and papers). I might be forced to go with this Curve just on that alone. The mini-scanner feature would be sorely missed on the otherwise more desirable Bold.


all the chat on the cb foums say this is not an auto focus camera.


Happy with my 9930 :D


I am so glad I dumped Awful Telephone & Technology more than a decade ago.


@bla1ze for browser zoom hold left shift and scroll up/down trackpad!