Orange & T-Mobile UK offer up the BlackBerry Curve 9320 at a very reasonable price

By James Richardson on 19 Jan 2014 04:28 am EST

For those of you in the UK that may be looking to pick up a low cost smartphone you'll be pleased to know that the BlackBerry Curve 9230 is sitting at a very reasonable price these days from Orange and T-Mobile on Pay As You Go. You can pick one up for just £59.99 with a £20.00 top-up. 

It may not be all singing and dancing like the newer BlackBerry 10 handsets that most of us have become accustomed to, but if what you want is a BlackBerry powerhouse for getting stuff done then you can't really go wrong. The legacy BlackBerry's are still fantastic at managing email, social networking, instant messaging (BBM) and a whole bunch of other features. 

With thousands of businesses still rocking legacy BlackBerry smartphones this could well be an attractive offer for them too as well as the consumer?

I know that in the comments most of you will favor BlackBerry 10 and that's understandable. But in the real world, especially here in the UK, the likes of the 9320 still does pretty well in terms of sales. Plus, it's nice to see BlackBerry pricing being inline with some of the lower end Android and Windows Phones. 

Orange and T-Mobile have a variety of Pay As You Go price plans aimed at talkers, texters and for those of you that spend a load of time online. In fact their data deals are quite generous. 

Order the BlackBerry Curve 9320 online from Orange

Order the BlackBerry Curve 9320 fro T-Mobile

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Orange & T-Mobile UK offer up the BlackBerry Curve 9320 at a very reasonable price


Just want to be the FIRST to say, the 9320 isn't exactly an all-singing, all-dancing smartphone, but is still a very capable BlackBerry - I own one that I won from BlackBerry a couple of years ago (and built entire websites on it!)
I would recommend this smartphone as a first BlackBerry (good for kids or non-techy adults), or for those who are unable to afford the substantially more expensive BB10 handsets.
At £59.99, these are sure to sell well, although I have to say I'd prefer to see the UK carriers pushing BB10 over legacy OS's...

This is a great backup phone if anything happens to your daily driver. Bought my son one of ebay second hand while his Q5 was away for repair. He didn't grumble once and said it worked really well. Since then his mother now uses it for the BBM. If you want a basic communication device with email, you will be hard pushed on any platform to beat it. Very very reliable!

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Websites are basically collections of text files (".txt") renamed as ".html"... Thus, you can build websites with a text editor (I used BBNotepad on my 9320), and an FTP app (to upload files to the Internet). It does mean coding the Web pages by hand, but it's pretty easy once you get used to it (and now I use AZR Text Editor on my Dev Alpha B to code Web pages for WebWorks apps!!)

Great phone and not a bad price but I can't understand why someone wouldn't get a Z10 free on Orange via the CPW for £10.50 per month instead !

Unfortunately, there are still people who would rather have a non-contract phone through choice or are unable to have a contract as a result of poor credit history...

Might consider getting one as a second device. No wonder bb10 isn't selling as much as legacy.

Means it's £30-40 off market, price is a big reason legacy selling more than bb10

TechCraze C0008DDD1 :)

My wife uses a 9320 on the cricket service in the us.shes not the most tech savvy lady, and the curve is perfect for her. They are good phones to have!

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If BlackBerry can make a budget smartphone using BB10.2 this is the benchmark by which time measure the success of budget legacy devices.

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The ram that's needed to power BB10 is the real stumbling block on a more budget device. Things like built in android runtime are very intensive. Part of the reason why things like Ebay app really drain the battery. Will be interesting to see if foxconn can pull this off. I really hope so!

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Yes agreed on that. It's definitely used more as a business-orientated phone in London, just judging by the appearance of the folk one often sees using it. Additionally, I'd say, this is the handset I see most frequently being used by someone who is also carrying another brand of smartphone with them, normally an iPhone. I guess that would also back up the idea, circumstantially, that, in London at least, the 9320 is often supplied by companies to its employees. (Not all cos support BYOD, I guess).

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

IMHO the curve line is by far the worst of the phones that BlackBerry offers. I wish they would stop making them all together.

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You might also consider Curve 9360 with better specs, also available for only a little bit more money (20-30 more)

Posted via my BlackBerry*Q10, Germany

If you want check your email, socials networks and texting, this is the perfect device! I had one!

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We can get a Q5 for that price plus a better phone...yes on contract i should correct myself ! but still

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I've got one of these as my work handset. I'm sure they are capable little phones, battery life is good too. Downside is my employer cripples the device by locking it down so much it's nothing more than basic phone with txt and receive a corporate emails.

I'd certainly consider one as a backup (only downside being constant sim pulls between devices).

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Sure beats paying more for a "feature phone" (that goes less, but costs more!).

Posted via CB10 on BlackBerry Z10

Today I call AT&T to ask a question after talking to the customer rep she told me a can change my plan to pay less than the $245.00 I pay for two smart phone and a non smart,after considering what she said I give up my unlimited data on my blackberry and 700 minutes to pay $145.00 for unlimited calling and tex plus 1G of data, I figured since most time I use Wi Fi the unlimited data would not matter. I comment here since the post is about savings on phones.

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I love ready this post. Man I don't know what I like more the articles or the comments. It's just so funny see people talk to each other like they know each other and I feel like I know everyone. O man I love this CrackBerry nation. Much love you guys. From The Zeta Beast.

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I have a Z10, had aQ10, had a Q5, had numerous curve 9320's.
I can say without a doubt, I will be getting another 9320 Curve again.

One reason being, that a person can back up on the fly, using BlackBerry Protect. Something a Z10 still cannot do, and it costs about ten times as much as a Curve 9320. LOL.

What's up BlackBerry? Don't you think we should be able to have this feature on a $700.00+ phone? The friggin' curve is $80.00! And it does this!


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I just want to say that I didn't know my Z10 doesn't exist "in the real world". I knew this phone was good. I didn't know it had trans-dimensional qualities too.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system