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BlackBerry Curve 9320 in red coming soon to O2 UK

BlackBerry Curve 9320 in red coming soon to O2 UK
By DJ Reyes on 10 Aug 2012 06:38 pm EDT

A week ago we saw Vodafone introduce a few new colour ranges to the BlackBerry Curve 9320 line - Vivid Violet and Classic Blue, with Pink releasing later in the summer. The Curve line has always seen a variety of colours so it's no surprise that there are a range of colours available for the Curve 9320. O2 UK will be releasing a red version, a colour that has been quite popular in previous Curve models and should sell well for the 9320 too.

O2 UK's coming soon page slates the red Curve 9320 as coming in August. Since we're already in the month we should see it be released very soon. The Curve 9320 is available for free on all O2 UK contract plans. It is also available on Pay as you go for £129.99 subject to a £10 top-up.

That will give O2 UK two colour variants - black and red. The Curve models have always been the very popular here in the U.K. especially with teenagers, with the Curve 8520 topping the bill back in 2010. The Curve 9320 is definitely a great successor and is definitely a BlackBerry device that I recommend for those looking to get their first BlackBerry smartphone or for teens.

Check out the images below for the red Curve 9320.

Red BlackBerry Curve 9320 front view

Red BlackBerry Curve 9320 back view

Red BlackBerry Curve 9320 left view

Red BlackBerry Curve 9320 right view 

Source: SoMobile 

Reader comments

BlackBerry Curve 9320 in red coming soon to O2 UK


Looks like black with red accents and battery cover, to me. I think a colored BB should have the matching keyboard and screen bezel, too... But as it is, being black with red accents, it is pretty.

I agree, would prefer if these colour version would get the full makeover, much like the white version does, granted the white version will still have the grey lining but at the front area and keyboard are also white. Previous models of the Curve have had this but it seems only the white one gets a full make over