BlackBerry Curve 9320 now available from WIND

BlackBerry Curve 9320 now available from WIND
By DJ Reyes on 17 Aug 2012 11:30 am EDT

Another Canadian carrier jumps onto the BlackBerry Curve 9320 train -- this time around it is WIND Mobile. The Curve 9320, aimed at the socially connected market, is available on WIND Mobile for $199 if purchased outright or $0 if taken on their WINDtab plans - $25, $29 or $40.

Don't be fooled by this entry level model. For 'entry' level, it is a pretty decent device and packs a punch for a small model. While we haven't had a full review on the Curve 9320, Adam gave us a pretty solid 8 out of 10 review for it's CDMA version, the Curve 9310, which essentially has the same hardware. It certainly is a device for the socially connected, with it's BBM hotkey, pocketable size and good battery life.

For more information and to purchase the BlackBerry Curve 9320 from WIND Mobile

Source: WIND, via MobileSyrup 

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BlackBerry Curve 9320 now available from WIND


My 9320 freezes up a lot. Especially when taking it out of the holster. The the phone is still operating as you can see the time changing and the data arrows going but the input just freezes. Most of the time it comes back with waiting. A few times I've had to do a battery pull. I raced the 9320 from completely off to start up against the PlayBook and the 9320 lost. LOL

Other than these two issues, it has been a wonderful upgrade from the 9700. I use the hotspot all the time. And at $150 from Virgin Canada (no contract), it was unlocked and running on Rogers within 4 hours of purchasing (waiting for free code as too cheap to pay for it).

I don't know what you did to your 9320, but mine has been absolutely stellar in performance and reliability. It's never frozen, hung, or farted and I've never had to pull the battery. Starting the phone from fully off takes about 3 seconds, so I really have to wonder what you did to your 9320? I also bought mine at Virgin and it now runs on Telus. For $150 it's a great little communicator and I have no complaints except my RBC banking App won't run on it; if it did I might actually consider selling my 9900.

With all electronics, YMMV. I'm happy that yours runs perfect. (I didn't do anything to it). When I take my battery out and put it back in it takes some time to completely start back up. 3 seconds would be a dream come true. Maybe I should send it in for warranty but its not worth the trouble.

Anyhow, this was supposed to be just a temporary phone until BB10 came out but......

Ok, we're talking two different definitions of "fully off." You're talking a battery pull off, I'm talking a powered down off. After a battery pull I don't know of one phone ( as in a phone I have actual experience with ) that doesn't take forever and a day to reboot and in that regard I wouldn't expect the 9320 to be any different then any other phone. In fact I just did a battery pull on mine and it seems like a typical 3:00 min reboot to me: not very fast, but hey the whole system has to reinitialize and it takes time for that to happen with any phone. So I wouldn't send it in for warranty work, because they'll just look at you funny.

Later, Rob

Wipe, reload after making a selective backup keeping only what you REALLY need (bbm, browser bookmarks, memopad, address book, calendar, etc) and it'll be faster. Everything that was carried over causes clutter and frenzies.