BlackBerry Curve 9320 now available from Three UK and T-Mobile UK

By DJ Reyes on 9 May 2012 03:03 pm EDT

Update: O2 UK also have the BlackBerry Curve 9320 available through their website. You can get the Curve 9320 on O2 UK for free on all tariffs.

Today RIM officially announced the BlackBerry Curve 9320. Straight off the mark T-Mobile UK and Three UK have both announced through their respective Twitter accounts that the latest Curve model is available on their network. T-Mobile UK, usually a network that releases BlackBerry smartphones a lot later than other UK networks, had previously outed the Curve 9320 by showing that it was coming soon to the network before RIM even made an official announce of the device.

T-Mobile UK already has the BlackBerry Curve 9320 available to purchase through their website. You can get it for free from £15.50 per month on a 24 month contract. Three UK on the other hand lets you get your mitts on it for £140 on pay as you go, although it is yet to appear on their website.

The BlackBerry Curve 9320 comes preloaded with BlackBerry 7.1, has a 3.2 megapixel camera and an FM Radio, to name a few of its features. Don't forget it also brings back the left convenience key in the form of a dedicated BBM key, though it does seem like this is configurable to launch any application you want. Three UK gives a video sneak peak which you can watch above.

For more information and to buy from T-Mobile UK
For more information and to buy from O2 UK  

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BlackBerry Curve 9320 now available from Three UK and T-Mobile UK


£140; that's just over $200 Canadian. Not bad. Think I might just ditch my old iPhone and buy a 9320 to hold me over until BB10 devices hit.

Let all the whiners whine, but I think this is one hell of a good phone - especially if it's in the $200 Cdn price range. I hope to see it in Canada soon (lucky Brits) and I hope people realize what an excellent little phone RIM is offering. I'd like to see NFC added for use with Hyper-Wallet (when it comes) and I'd like to see HSPA+. Other then that, it would be a great phone for the pocket of my jean jacket.

x2, this and the 9220 are the only BB7 devices with 2 convenience keys, now if only they would get rid of that low res screen this would make the perfect upgrade to my 9300

i think it was a wise choice for battery life concerns to use an 800mhz processor on this device.

In fact I underclock my samsung galaxy s2 to 800mhz just so i can get two days of battery life out of the device.

Yeah deff an underated device, seeing as some low entry level Android devices are still shipping with 600 mhz processors and running 2.3 which is obviously a bigger hog than bb 7.1, im telling you man if Blackberry had that android or ios app market the tables would be turned so quickly :)

OK - It's really time to ditch the 8520 line now, isn't it?

I can't believe that it's still being sold!

A great basic smartphone. I wish BBM was cross platform it would be king! Probably 10 million downloads on day one. Even for those who switched to iphone, who didn't like BBM?

Also for the kids, THIS WILL BE SO BLOODY AWESOME!!!