BlackBerry Curve 9320 lands on Bell January 11th

Curve 9320 Bell
By Adam Zeis on 3 Jan 2013 03:43 pm EST

Earlier today it was announced that T-Mobile will be releasing the Curve 9315 later this month, and now it appears that Bell is also dishing out another Curve as well. The BlackBerry Curve 9320 has been widely available for some time now, but any Bell customers looking to grab one will be able to do so on January 11th according to a leaked internal doc. The entry-level Curve 9320 is sporting a 3.2MP camera, wifi, Bluetooth, GPS and FM Radio and should be $199 no-term.

Source: MobileSyrup 

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BlackBerry Curve 9320 lands on Bell January 11th



Stop these BS phones in North America. Most people dont know the difference between phones and will think these are fully speced BB's. I bet you a majority of curve users will never use a blackberry again because that phone is JUNK!

Because you won't get a cheaper "up-to-date" Blackberry? BB10 devices will launch at a premium price-tag. Not everyone needs or especially wants a 500$ phone.
In addition the 9320 is a pretty decent addition to the BB series.

Telus has been selling it for $120 for a while. Is that Bell not doing its research? Or Bell betting customers wont do their research?

The Virgin version goes for $100 at Walmart, and should work on Bell without even needing to be unlocked.

It makes no sense why they are releasing this, unless it is for prepaid?

Other comments indicate this device can be purchased cheaper. They (along with Telus) also apparently don't know what they're doing since Rogers is the only Canadian carrier currently accepting preorders for BB10.

Mobilicity had this for $100 over Christmas and currently have it on sale for $130. I always thought the MSRP was $150, I bought one for my daughter at that price. It's not a bad little phone for what it is.

If there is any allure to this device, I suppose it would be that it is almost certainly the last BB7 device to be released.

It's never a bad thing to have a good selection of BB7 phones around for the developing markets, but man.. give them a touch screen at the very least.

There won't be any low end models right from the outset of bb10, so one like this would be handy for carriers to have as an option while they phase out the dearer models that will be replaced by bb10 hardware.

Depending on how quickly they can drop costs on bb10 there could be room for a bb7 at the bottom end of the pricing for quite a while.

The Cuve 9320 has multiple allures:
First the price-tag, it is the cheapest OS7.x device you can get. It comes preloaded with a fairly mature OS7.1 firmware, in addition this thing packs a pretty good 1450mAH battery. It still has a ~800 MHz CPU, while not being as powerful as the better Bolds or Torches, it still handles the OS better than previous Bolds, the 9780 for example.
You also get the complete OS7 BB experience, including BB Bridge, BBM, BB Protect and so on.

For users who are *very* price sensitive, this is a nice device. My only gripe is the display...wish they would've at least used the 9360 resolution on this one.

Firmware is a single file. I think you meant device software, which can be slimmed down (shrunken) during the time it gets updated via apploader or desktop manager.

When tired eyes skip a word here, and skip a word there, this comment gets real wrong, real fast.

could be part of a BB10 deal, Bell might get a better price for BB10 the more Blackberries overall they sell, who knows, but that could be a reason

As I look at the launch, order and shipped dates I wonder if it'll be the same for BB10. If so that's not a bad timeline for getting BB10s in hand.

If it is as good as my almost 3 year old Curve it is a darned good phone and I have often wished mine had an FM radio built in. If I wasn't waiting so impatiently for a BB10 I might have bought another Curve.

I got one of these for my daughter for christmas - $0 from virgin on a tab, and they gave me $100 credit in-store.. and the first month was free. to get off the tab it's $150. I jumped at this. Anyone who doesn't think this is a decent device at a good price should give their head a shake. Way better than anything that ran os6.

she got a white one. Fits in well with my black 9790 and moms silver 9810. i forbid her to own anything other than a blackberry.

Lots of low end phones, but nary a 9810 in sight...

Keep it up, Bell!

(I will say that phones like the Curve are great for kids who are rough on phones or lose them)

Only a few naysayers, especially the first commenter, who should get a slap in the face with a slippery wet fish.

That's actually not a bad deal for a berry!!! I might just get of of them to be used only for travel (Europe, US, etc). Can always pop-in my regular account SIM if required, otherwise have a local # on pre-paid.