BlackBerry Curve 9320 First Look

By Adam Zeis on 29 Feb 2012 10:10 am EST

Hands-on Photos of the BlackBerry Curve 9320!

BlackBerry Curve 9320

We first saw the BlackBerry Curve 9320 nearly a month ago when it was first leaked online. The device looks to be bound for India and other emerging markets and now the first images of the Curve 9320 have surfaced online. Nothing fancy here really -- It's a Curve through and through. The 9320 is sporting the "tic tac" buttons we've seen on the Bold 9790 and the Torch 9850/9860 and a classic Curve style. A silver bezel outlines the black hardware and almost reminds me of the Curve 8900. What's new (and very cool in my book) is the dedicated BBM button on the left side of the device. While we've seen the dual convenience keys disappear from the most recent devices, it's good to see two back in place here. The BlackBerry Curve 9320 features 3.2MP EDOF camera, 512MB RAM, Bluetooth, FM radio and more. Keep reading for another shot.

BlackBerry Curve 9320 First Look

BlackBerry Curve 9320


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BlackBerry Curve 9320 First Look


Never underestimate a Curve, these things brought RIM and BB to glory. This should enable them to capture the budget market easily.

Should be quite a useful model as it will allow them to stop selling 8520/9300 and shift the entire current range onto os7 or os7.1.

Emerging markets are key for RIM, get in there with cheap phones. As people upgrade - they can go BB10.

It would be really good for people here in Uganda, blackberries are really picking up! But the back battery door looks so plain, I know its meant to be an entry level phone but come on RIM, style it up a bit!!

I like the idea of bringing the Curve family up to speed with the current OS. There are people in the world with different preferences who prefer the smaller sleek curve models with just enough speed to do everyday tasks and this would be the phone for them if priced well.

Buf, another curve.
Ok, I am a BB fan, I have owned two pearls and two storms and loved them. Then I got an iphone 4 and although it is a great phone, I just missed blackberry.
I will be moving out to a different country in two weeks, so I sold my iPhone 4 for a good price in order to pay for the cancellation of my contract and borrowed my sister's Curve 9300 until I get my own phone when I get to my new destination (likely a torch 9860).
I know curves are said to be entry level phones in developing countries and blah, blah, blah... and I am not comparing the specs of a curve 9300 against an iphone 4's, but I reckon RIM should take the following into account:
1. Non-touch screens do not make sense anymore (anywhere, developed, non developed or developing countries) Android will take over as soon as it hits.
2. Small screens do not make sense anymore (anywhere, developed, non developed or developing countries) Same as before. And I am talking about curve and bold.
3. More and more people think pressing keys or buttons do not make sense anymore... And believe me, typing on a glass is so much quicker and comfortable (IMHO).
4. Most people do not know about 9900/9860/9810, they just think blackberries are oldfashioned, outdated phones that just do not match iphones or android phones. They do not care about specs or features of brand new models: blackberries are old.
5. I am from Spain, one of the countries with the highest penetration of state of the art smartphones and I still see ads and promotions of old curves 8350. People who get one of those are going to get so deceived when they compare their phones against brand new iphones or samsungs, LGs that they will talk s+^t about BB (get rid of those model straight away, that is also marketing strategy RIM)
6. It is getting really late RIM, catching up will be very tough when you release BB10 phones "later 2012". I am a BB fanboy and am considering giving android a go.

The beauty of having so many models to choose from is there is something for everyone. Just because you don't like a physical keyboard or a smaller screen doesn't mean someone else wouldn't want one. The difference in prices of all these models allows smartphones to get into the hands of more people. Not everyone can afford an iPhone or the latest Samsung. And with Curves being in the entry-level market, consumers can upgrade regularly without breaking the bank and with a feeling of getting the most for their money.

You might be right, but I have just stated what has been happenning to RIM during the last 2-3 years. It is the market talking: My sister got her 9300 as an entry-level smartphone and has indeed upgraded... to a Samsung galaxy SII (she is pretty happy and keeps saying "do not get how you like BB, BB is crap"). I can tell you eight or nine more close friends who have followed a similar path, actually 90% of my closest friends have gone iphone, I am the 10%. My other sister and my two inlaws are android now.
Physical keyboards are good for some people, small, non-touch screens do not make sense for anyone, anywhere, anymore.
My suggestion is (worldwide): One flag-ship full touch, one flag-ship touchscreen/keyboard for hardcore keyboard users, one entry level full touch, and one touchscreen/keyboard entry level. And that might be too much.
Apple has no entry level, well it has: their former flagships, they do not need anything else.

I agree agree agree. here we go again sugar coating info that is useless. A curve nobody cares You can sell all the phones you want in India. China is about to be Iphone crazy Korea is samsung and other droids and the US is Iphone . RIM I love you guys but these products and post are boring.

What RIM need to realize (and I think they already have) is that they will sell millions of those entry level phones in India or Indonesia in the short term, but without the right product (BB10 or whatever) in full force, they will be wiped out from any market in one year as most people will upgrade to bigger touchscreens with cooler apps as soon as they arrive. That trend seems to be global. People would rather get a a crappy Galaxy Ace than a Bold 9900, even for the same price; they do not know what a bold 9900 is or means, they follow the mob and the mob says "BB's are crap".
C'mon RIM release BB10 phones globally no later than September 2012 and let people know you are back before Christmas. Everything should be smoother afterwords. Later could be too late.

For someone with a Curve 8530, if I could get one in the states for ~$250 unlocked, it might be a worthy upgrade.

Okay well what I don't get is the new curves already have a flash with a 5.0 camera.. How come they are saying that this one is only 3.2 it seems like rim just keep backtracking and nothing is really improving.. That is a reason why everyone is switching off their blackberrys for other phones.. Right now all I am waiting for is to see when rim finally have a front facing camera for facetime.. Blackberry needs to catch up!

What is it with the cheap looking battery doors on the majority of new models. The 9900's door is pretty cool and sleek.

As a blackberry user and abuser for the last 6 years I'm fairly disappointed with the quality of the housings they release. OS7.1 deserves to have something nice built around it.

Let RIM decide what to offer and what not to offer. If your choice is available buy it, else move on. No one has any obligation towards the survival of RIM. It is a going concern and can decide based on market semantics, what should be included in its product line.