BlackBerry Curve 9320 to feature dedicated BBM button

BlackBerry Curve 9320 Dedicated BBM Button
By Adam Zeis on 26 Jan 2012 11:16 am EST

This is a pretty sweet feature I didn't see coming. Just when we finished complaining about newer devices losing the left-side convenience key, it looks like RIM was actually listening (kind of). This leaked slide shows off the upcoming BlackBerry Curve 9320 and it's brand new features - a dedicated BBM button!! The button looks to be taking over where the left-side convenience key left off (we miss you little fella!) and will launch you straight into BBM. I'll admit, it does remind me a bit of the dedicated Facebook button the HTC Status, but hopefully this one will get put to good use. I would love to have this on my 9900 - I think this could be an awesome feature for BBM addicts that pick up this device.

Source: BGR

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BlackBerry Curve 9320 to feature dedicated BBM button


and the BBM button would have been better if it were a second convenience key. On my old 8330, I had the right convenience key set to BBM so the same could've been the case with this phone.

don't you mean "2nd"?
lol & yea I hope they allow you to be able to change the settings of the BBM key...

Presumably they were hoping that carriers would have phased out the 9300 when the 9360 came out, but most seemed to have just positioned that one a bit higher in price, so Rim clearly needs an os7 model that the carriers will be happy to have as a replacement for the 9300 in their ranges.

Even I am confused on these new line up from RIM. May be RIM should STOP producing so many different types of the phone and just make 3 to 5 different form factors with good quality phones.

Pretty schnazzy, however if you turn off the dialing from home screen the N key is a shortcut to BBM... Still, having the convenience key may be pretty cool.

Seems like RIM has just repackaged a long present feature on BB and market it to the 'lifestyle' crowd. Anyway, it looks sweet. I have otherwise configured my convenience key to launch Messages which includes all new messages/BBM/SMS. :)

It is clearly going to be a return of a 2nd convenience key, but with a new default that allows them to make such claims, but on the plus side at least it isn't as obtrusive as those horrible looking fb buttons on those htc phones.

Agreed. Otherwise, it's pointless.

"Here's your convenience key back, but with less convenience!"

I don't know a single person with a BlackBerry, so a dedicated BBM key would be useless to me.

I use the keyboard shortcuts (like "N" for BBM) to launch apps but I guess this allows you to keep universal search active..... I use my keyboard shortcuts way more than universal search though so I'm not sure this gets me as excited as Adam. What they really need to do is promote the keyboard shortcuts more.

From the home screen, hit the menu key, go to options, and at the top there's a Launch by Typing drop-down menu. Switch it from Universal Search to Application Shortcuts. 

i think it would have looked cooler if the button was colored and in the shape of the bbm symbol, kind of like the facebook button on facebook button on that other phone

well I expect a developer will be able to reprogram the key so it could be an extra convenience key. I'm happy they decided to not make it a big bbm logo or something. At least it still flows with the device.

this must be a uk version or some other 9360 is way better than this, and look better, lol wtf are those outward buttons on it ??? thats ugly lol

The 9360 being way better than this and carriers charging accordingly is the reason this one exists most likely, the 9360 didn't replace the 9300.

Cant i just set my convenience key to bbm? Basically all they did was remove it and then setbit for only one thing, bit disappointed butbwe will see how it plays out

Completely and utterly asinine. -_- seriously ? Your going to take away a feature bring back a version of that feature without choices? Burn in hell RIM. I used to love her but I had to kill her.

Be careful, you might get a friction burn if you fly off the handle that quickly, especially when this is almost certainly just a rebranding of the default option on the 2nd convenience key.

Why not set a second conveniance key? This makes no sense. I'm on messenger as much as the next person but I like those buttons for things like pulling up my camera and calendar ( I only have the calendar since there is only one conveniance key.)

I guess it is fit for the curve brand since those phones are not used like the Bolds but why not give the Bold users the second conveniance key?

Is a nice new future for BlackBerry to be honest would be good if we have 2nd key so one will be camera and another one the BBM future.

Right now im using 6Tools for my Keys
Up Volume is BBM
Down Volume is Screen Shot
Convenience Key is Camera(Default_)
Mute/Play is my awesome Quick Launch and from there another Keys Shortcuts to my QWERTY Keyboard.

This new BBM button is a Grate future but im not gonna cry for it, yeah if it was 2conv. Keys yeah that would be Sweet!


I'm still upset thatthey gotrid of one ofmy convenience keys. Not to mention that the PlayBook doesn't have any. I like convenience keys. I hope they stop going for the plain look of the iPhone. I like seeing the trackpad and having the option to use the convenience keys.

You guys do realise that this phone is not targeted to you, right? This phone is targeted for the people who buy BBs strictly for BBM. This is targeted to the people who are leaving their feature phones behind and are now thinking about having a smartphone, why should they have to configure a convenience key when RIM can do it for them.

Simplicity is probably what they are looking for and if you are going to tout BBM as one of the features that sets you apart from the rest, make it stupid easy to access. This is actually marketing. Marketing does not start when the product is finished, it is started when the product is in development, you find your target audience and you build the product that would appeal to them.

I believe that RIM should do is if they are going to market a phone to be a Social media device, they sell the devices with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare preinstalled the same way they have Documents to Go preinstalled. One of the most annoying things is setting up a phone and because our BBs are very configurable, that is a lot of stuff to do.

They need a G+ app, asap.

G+ lol, give up google give up, facebook can replicate anything g+ has in days or less, so there is no point whatsoever to use G+.

Furthermore when Facebook adds search the whole creeking google ship will flounder and sink. Bye bye all that free stuff....

Something to think about if you invest in google: Facebook gets how many more unique page hits per day than google?.... try 400 million, yup you read that right.... scary stuff if you work at google.

The reason I believe that there needs to be g+ app for the BB is the BlackBerry should be positioned as the ultimate communication device and g+ is one of the ways people communicate. There is a myspace app, why shouldn't we have a g+ app?

A cool idea would be if the BBM button resembled the blue chat bubble BBM icon. Maybe it could be like the ring around the light up trackpad, where it appears silver in the light, but could glow BLUE when you have a new BBM. That would be a great little feature to show in commercials too!!

The fact that they don't use the icon or make the button more obtrusive is another indicator that this will most likely just be the 2nd convenience key having a new default rather than something being hard-wired to bbm.