The BlackBerry Curve 9320 dips under the £100 mark in the UK - Perfect timing for Christmas

By James Richardson on 4 Dec 2012 02:11 pm EST

With Christmas only three weeks away now, the good folks in the UK can take advantage of the BlackBerry Curve 9320 getting a price drop with a few retailers/networks. The device is now available for under £100 on Pay As You Go which will put a smile on many parents faces.

The BlackBerry Curve 9320 has already seen huge success since its launch and with the UK market share being so strong for RIM, these new price incentives should certainly give sales a boost in time for the holidays.

You can pick up the 9320 at this new attractive price from the following retailers in a selection of colors:

If you need a reminder of what the BlackBerry Curve 9320 is all about be sure to check our thoughts on the budget BlackBerry.



Tempting... but BB10 phones next year and I am likely getting a Playbook for Christmas... shame.


I picked one up for my mom this weekend at Virgin for ~$130. It's to replace an old Samsung, hope she likes.


Ladies and gentlemen, BabyBerry 9320! =)


here in the Netherlands you have now Sinterklaar (the original Christmas), and i don’t know if it is the same everywhere but my BB torch 9800 was €499 when i bought it then the 9810 came. the price dropt allot during this year till €320 last month. but now in December for Sinterklaas and Christmas they have a "special offer" the BB torch 9810 from €499 for €436 so you are still paying €100 extra. So just look out, better buy it after the holiday season or just wait for the BB10 like i am doing :)


This Curve has hovered around $150 in NA for the longest time.


Missed out on a deal when wind was offering it for $175. My mom could've gotten a gift, but I don't have enough to get her one. I'll have to wait I guess. :D