BlackBerry Curve 9320 coming to T-Mobile according to internal documents

BlackBerry Armstrong
By Bla1ze on 17 Jul 2012 11:48 am EDT

If you fancy the BlackBerry Curve 9320 and are on T-Mobile then you now have something to look forward to. As noted in a document sent to TmoNews, the BlackBery 9320 aka 'BlackBerry Armstrong' aka 'Curve R049' will be making its way to the carrier come September 26th. No pricing details or anything else can be taken from the document but with T-Mobile selling the BlackBerry Curve 9360 for only $80 we're expecting the BlackBerry Curve 9320 to fit in that pricing line as well.

Source: TmoNews

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BlackBerry Curve 9320 coming to T-Mobile according to internal documents


if this is true, this would mean the only new phone for 2012 from RIM in NA will be this 2G P.O.S. now that BB10 is delayed. Whether there is a market for this or not, you cannot abandon the high end for the low end, low exposure devices.

I never though RIM would come to realeasing devices like this in this day and age, but what the heck, it fits their stock prices perfectly!


Please, at least try to get the fact right, 9320 have the 3G option.
As i am from Indonesia and don't have the details on the NA's market, but it sells here in Indonesia. In fact, some of the main distributors has run out of stock.

The link to Features and Specs on the 9320 page takes you to the 9220 page. This isn't a 2G POS. It's HSDPA 7.2, HSUPA 5.76, and TriBand UMTS. With Blackberry 7 and a built in FM radio, it's not a bad cheapie smartphone for people who love keyboards but aren't all app-crazed and spec-blinded

I don't get one thing - why RIM keeps releasing new and new models that are almost all the same and same. I'd release one Curve, Bold and Torch and certainly wouldn't mess with tons of different numbers and codenames. Like I read CrackBerry every single day and I'm confused about all that model numbers everytime someone asks me about a difference between a Curve XXXX and Curve YYYY.


It's not that hard to tell the different if you follow it and read about the product line up a little. This new Curve actually have much different from the previous one. Previous Curves like the (8520, 8530) only run OS ver. 5.0 and this newly released Curve Generation can run on OS ver. 7.1 and that quite a big jump in my opinion.

Regardless, why release this when the 9360 has been out for months and is a much better phone. Do we really need a low end curve and then a much lower end curve? Foolish

Sad to see carriers falling for the less expensive and less capable Curves but discontinuing the more powerful Torch devices!

So sad to see this being released instead of BB10 this fall. If RIM was at least pushing out a 4G Curve that would be something.

Why on earth is T-Mobile (and Verizon) releasing this curve, and why would anyone buy this thing when the much superior 9360 curve has been available for months, is well under $100 and free at almost every other retailer (Best Buy, Amazon, etc.). This is a foolish, wasteful move by RIM. Do we really need a low end curve and then a much lower end curve? This curve was apparently designed for developing countries and that's where it should've stayed.

Maybe it was the carrier's that wanted it, and RIM is just doing what they asked Now the Carrier's will have an entry level BB that is less expensive for them to offer for free on new contracts.

Unfortunately for RIM this device will continue to be the "FACE" for the BlackBerry for many consumers.

the only logical explanation i can think of why RIM releasing 9330 & 9320 is that those are aimed to simple users & new users. by simple users i mean those who have high end gadgets but want a simple device to keep in touch in real time. i don't know how much BIS cost in US but here in my place it's quite a bargain because carriers are fighting with their service price for customers (which is good for me). by new users, it's a bargain i think because they can try this cheap OS 7 first before deciding to buy the high ends line up (torchs / bolds series). i think i want to get 9220 too for my girl, she want to get a blackberry too but since there's no (proper) subsidized phones offers here, almost all smartphones are at $400 - $700 when launched. so 9320 & 9220 are really a great bargain for us here cos it's available at $190 - $290 here.

i also think 9320 & 9220 aren't originally aimed for US markets, rather it's for asian&african market. but there's nothing wrong to sell it everywhere too. more sales is always a good thing right? it can help getting new users & income, so they can provide better devices & services in the future ^^

I think introducing a lower end phone in the NA market will confuse even more the already confused consumer. They will look at this phone and see that it's the 'latest' from Blackberry and laugh. If you're going to pay $30/month for data why wouldn't you get a phone that can take advantage of the services you are already paying for...unless Tmo offers a BIS only service for email and BBM, then this phone makes sense.

I once had a $10/mo BBM/email plan with Tmo on my first Curve 8320 and it was great. They have since axed that plan and I lost it once upgrading to a 9700.

I very much like the idea of a curve. A simple smart phone that allows you to text, BBM, and email. A few extra bells and whistles and an excellent price point. The low price point is attractive and a great way of getting people into the smart phone market. I can tell you that when your forgetful/unattentive daughter/son want's a smart phone, you will cringe at the 700 dollar price point. This is particularly true when you know that it will be lost, stolen or broken in 6 months. In this regard, RIMM logic is easy to follow.

Likewise, I don't buy the argument that an entry level device cheapens the RIMM brand. By this logic, the Honda Civic discredits the entire Honda line. This logic was debunked decades ago.

Ease up haters and naysayers, think about these people looking for their very first smartphones. That curve will be just that if they cannot afford to buy a 700 dollar bold 9900.

Here in holland we already have this phone on t-mobile, vodafone and other carriers.

Its 3G and has GPS, Wifi, and LED Flash light

Well, I'm actually surprised. I love TMobile for their plans which is why I stick with them, but TMobile has no love for the Blackberry. Even their sales reps push you away from BB and push only Android. The 9810 was only for sale for less then 6 months before they took it off their website. I'm glad I got my 9810 when I phone I ever Stores still carry a few, but you can't order online and they are rarely on display. I bet they wont' carry this product for long either.