BlackBerry Curve 9310 Unboxing

By Adam Zeis on 17 Jul 2012 03:20 pm EDT

Fresh off the FedEx truck I have a shiny new BlackBerry Curve 9310 from Boost Mobile. Right off the bat you can see the packaging has been changed up a bit for Boost, but at the heart you still get the same BlackBerry goodness. In the package we have the device itself, earbuds, power cable (USB) and manual. As a refresher, the Curve 9310 is sporting OS 7.1, a 3.2MP camera, FM radio, wifi and more. It's also pretty damn quick and should have crazy good battery life. I've been playing around with the device for a bit and I'm pretty exccited to dive into the full review. For now, take five minutes and check out my first impressions of the Curve 9310 from boost mobile. If you want to pick one up for yourself, you can do just that right now.

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BlackBerry Curve 9310 Unboxing


I picked up the UK version of this for my niece - good phone for a kid or someone want a more basic smartphone.

At least this makes sense. If they're going to bring a phone like this to the US, Boost Mobile is the place. Not Verizon or T-Mobile.

The first unboxing video I've seen where the reviewer throws the phone to the side to concentrate on the manual and paperwork first. LOL

For the review:

Can you explore the different plans available? Specifically, with the BBM option will you be able to access smartphone features over wifi, or does this just become a dumbphone with BBM. I'm interested in this phone for my son, especially if he can do apps and email over wifi.

Also, does this device have an sd card slot like the older Curves?

Thanks, Crackberry!

My question: why this device? isn't the 9360 better/good enough for Curve lovers? Is it just the BBM key on the left? Must be me, but I don't get it.

This piece of sh*t isn't really that much different than the 85XX series-which was released 3 years ago. It's the same recycled screen since the fkn 83XX series. I don't care what BS emerging markets this was built for, it's straight garbage. 1st time smartphone buyers my ass...maybe back in 2008. I can't believe this even made it to market.

You never know this might a glimpse of Rims backup plan. If BB10 dosnt right the ship we are going to focus on real inexpansive devices in 3rd world contries and other emerging markets. Sadly these phones wont cut it in the US or Europe market.

"Sadly these phones wont cut it in the US or Europe market"

LOL Surely you meant to say North America? It’s funny how the US is broke but hey, don’t bring this crap phone to our market….LOL…too funny.

Lol I wasn't comparing the US and Europe to 3rd world contries. I meant that because devices such as this wont fly in the US or Europe they will be pushed elsewhere. Sorry for the confusion. Only way RIM will regain market share in US is with a steller BB10 phone.

Oh man, now you are one person who can never appreciate anything. EVER.

It's a NEW blackberry for NEW smartphone users looking for their FIRST smartphone.

Geez, I felt like I was back in 2008 watching the unboxing of the next latest and greatest BB! I'm never one to come on here and complain but really?

I'm a past BB user that visits periodically to see if anything new develops with RIM. This unboxing appears to be filler due to the fact there's nothing happening with RIM until BB10 comes out. Talk about nothing new move along. Why doesn't CB come out with virtual unboxing of concept phones. That will keep everyone occupied until BB10 comes out next year. That's better than watching a 2008 unboxing of a phone lol.....

I think to add to your concept idea all Creakberry writers should do what Kevinis doing and test out other devices. That way we can have a overall comperasion on BB with the compition. Those would be better articals then this unboxing. But hay I get it Crackberry is in a holding pattern right now.

Crackberry is really whack for this tired video. All blackberries are the same don't feed me the B.S. I'm a bb user and thinks this site is a joke to show this antiquated video and phone. Your readers don't care. No bb10 ok we understand that but don't keep showing us un-boxing videos none of them. We know how this stuff works. BB is not android wit many different phones. They are RIM and the same tired praying for a hail marry RIM.

why does everyone bash blackberry? 9310 or 9320 in canada, is for consumers who need a smartphone to do the basics, not everybody needs a samsung s3 or iphone 4s, RIM has alot of cash, if united states doesnt want blackberry, move on RIM, lots of other countries will support your product. it seems finally RIM is going in the right direction, cant wait to see BB10.

Can you please explain how releasing this device is "going in the right direction". This is the same screen from the 8300 that was released in 2007. I agree with you that not everyone needs a high end smartphone, but this just confuses the average consumer. If you are in the market for an "entry level" smartphone from BlackBerry, and you go to, there are about 9 different Curve models between GSM/CDMA. That's fine for fanboys and tech nerds, but somebody buying their 1st BlackBerry will be well confused. Currently selling on different carriers are 8520, 9300, 9330, 9350, 9360, 9370, 9380(full touch), and now 9310 and 9320. 1st time smartphone buyers have no idea what the difference is between these models and either do the average person who is selling them because salesman don't give a shit about Blackberry Curves anymore. The correct direction is FULL featured BB10 and gorgeous hardware. This 9310 is a fucking embarrassment.

Bitches be bitches.

I for one, love this cute little device.
I have an Evo 3D.

Am I using it? Nope.
Am I using this BlackBerry Curve 9310? Yes.

Heck, it's faster than my old BlackBerry Torch 9800.

Stop being a bunch of babies.

$100 for a phone isn't bad.
I paid $250 for the 8830 in 2010 on Boost Mobile.
This gem is a fuckin' STEAL.